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X-Men Comics Read Order Guide

Before I start, this guide is based upon, added to, and continued on
Rajiv Mote's guide. I originally asked him if he had any plans to update his
guide, in which he replied 'No, but you can if you like' so I did :)

A big thanks to him for allowing me to use his hard, not to mention excellent
work. The following are his details, in case you want to drop him a line to
thank him for the good work.

The following is suggested read-order for everything x-men related.
Although a lot of what is here is correct in terms of continuity, there
will be instances that it is not correct on purpose. (For example,
Generation X & X-Man around the Counter-X/Shockwave issues or Wolverine's
Origin) Then there is issues like X-Men Unlimited #33 that have six, 2 page
stories, which quite frankly, don’t belong anywhere :P
The idea of this guide is to provide an easy to follow & understand
read order for everything X-Men, from the start.
If you would like to know about continuity for certain characters,
please visit http://www.chronologyproject.com/ - a great site.

This is by no means official, or complete, nor is it connected to
Marvel Comics in anyway. It’s just a suggested read order, so
please be gentle ;)
I'll make every effort to update this guide, hopefully time will allow
me to :)
Please note that this order is always subject to change. In particular
at the bottom of the page when waiting to see how certain story arcs
and their characters pan out

Prefix Full Title

*AACH The Age of Apocalypse: The Chosen One-Shot
AFLT Alpha Flight
AFL2 Alpha Flight (second series)
AGTX Agent X
*AMAD Amazing Adventures
AMSM Amazing Spider-Man
AMXM Amazing X-Men Limited
ARCH Archangel One-Shot
ASKS Askani'son Limited
ASXM Astonishing X-Men Limited
AVNG Avengers
AVV3 Avengers v3
AXM2 Astonishing X-Men v2
BATB Beauty and the Beast Limited
BEAS Beast Limited
BFDB Baby's first Deadpool Book
BISH Bishop Limited
BLCK Black Panther
*BKEX Black Knight: Exodus One-Shot
BLAZ Blaze
*BLNK Blink Limited
BLXM Bishop - The Last X-Man
BOAS Books of Askani One-Shot
BRHD Brotherhood
BXSE Bishop: Xavier Security Enforcers Limited
CBLS Cable Limited (Blood & Metal)
*CABL Cable
CAPA Captain America
CAV3 Captain America v3
CHMB Chamber Icon
CMAR Captain Marvel
COLS Colossus One-Shot
CYCL Cyclops Icon
CYPH Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix Limited
DAYD Daydreamers Limited
DAZM Dazzler: The Movie Graphic Novel
DAZZ Dazzler
DDEV Daredevil
DEDP Deadpool
DEFN Defenders
DOMN Domino Limited
DOMI Domino Limited 2
DPLS Deadpool Limited
DPTU Deapool Team-Up: Staring Widdle Wade
DPV2 Deadpool Limited, Volume 2
DSTR Doctor Strange
EKWL Elektra & Wolverine Limited
ENCY Encyclopaedia Deadpoolica
EXCB Excalibur
EXC2 Excalibur vol2
EXIL Exiles
*FACP Further Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix Limited
FACX Factor X Limited
FANG Fallen Angels Limited
FIRS Firestar Limited
FOUR Fantastic Four
GAMB Gambit Limited
GAM2 Gambit Limited II
GBSA Gambit & Bishop: Sons of the Atom
GBXT Gambit & The X-Ternals Limited
*GENX Generation X
*GLMK God Loves, Man Kills (Marvel Graphic Novel 5)
GMBT Gambit v3
GNXT Generation Next Limited
GSTR Ghost Rider
GSXM Giant-Sized X-Men One-Shot
GXHS Generation X: Holiday Special '98
GXUG Generation X: Underground
HEFH Heroes for Hire
HFHP Heroes for Hope
HRRB Heroes Reborn: the Return
HLK2 Hulk v2
HULK Incredible Hulk
ICEM Iceman Limited
IFWL Iron Fist/Wolverine Limited
IMIC Iceman Icon
IGRD Imperial Guard Limited
IMV3 IronMan v3
JUG8 Juggernaut: The 8th Day
JUGR Juggernaut One-Shot
KPAS Kitty Pryde: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
KPWV Kitty Pryde & Wolverine Limited
LGNS LongShot Oneshot
LGSH LongShot Limited
*LPWL Logan: Path of the Warlord
LSWS Logan: Shadow Society
MAGK Magik: Storm & Illyana Limited
MAGN Magneto Limited
MAV1 Maverick One-Shot
MAVR Maverick
MCPR Marvel Comics Presents
MFAN Marvel Fanfare
MFN2 Marvel Fanfare (second series)
MKNX Mekanix
MGDS Magneto: Dark Seduction
MGRX Magneto Rex
MRTU Marvel Team-Up
MORL Morlocks Limited
MTU1 Marvel Team-Up (first series)
MTU2 Marvel Team-Up (second series)
MUTI Muties Limited
MUTX Mutant X
MYSB Mystique & Sabretooth Limited
MYST Mystique
NCIC Nightcrawler Icon
NCRL Nightcrawler Limited
*NMGN New Mutants Graphic Novel
NMLS New Mutants: Truth or Death
NMUT New Mutants
NMU2 New Mutants v2
NWAR New Warriors
*ORIG Origin (Wolverine)
OSEP Onslaught: Epilogue
OSMU Onslaught: Marvel Universe
OSXM Onslaught: X-Men
PACD Psylocke & Archangel: Crimson Dawn Limited
PHNX Phoenix Limited
PPAK Power Pack
PPSM Peter Parker: Spider-Man
PSM2 Peter Parker: Spider-Man v2
PRWS Pryde & Wisdom Limited
PUN3 Punisher v3
PUN6 Punisher v6
QSIL Quicksilver
RGIC Rogue Icon
ROAP Rise Of Apocalypse Limited
ROGU Rogue Limited
SABT Sabretooth Limited
SBTN Sabretooth: Back to Nature
SFCY Search for Cyclops
SGSF Strong Guy Summer Fun Special
SHAD Spider-Man/X-Factor: Shadow Games Limited
SJAM Starjammers Limited
SMSO Sabretooth: Mary Shelley Overdrive
SNIK Wolverine: SNIKT!
SMTU Spider-Man Team-Up
SMVA Spider-Man: The Venom Agenda One-Shot
SMVW Spider-Man vs Wolverine
SMWO Spider-Man & Wolverine
SOLX Soldier X
SPMN Spider-Man
SRDZ Sabretooth Special: In the Red Zone
SSAB Silver Sable & the Wild Pack
SSUR Silver Surfer
STOR Storm Limited
STSF Stryfe's Strike File One-Shot
TAOA Tales From the Age Of Apocalypse One-Shots
THV2 Thor v2
TX2K Team X 2000
UCXM Uncanny X-Men
VNTC Venom: Tooth & Claw Limited
WCAV West Coast Avengers
WCGG Wolverine/Cable: Guts & Glory
WDFP Wolverine: Days of Future Past
WEPX Weapon X Limited
WFSC Wolverine/Nick Fury: Scorpio Rising
WOLV Wolverine
WOL2 Wolverine v2
WPNX Weapon X
WVDB Wolverine: Doombringer
WPDE Wolverine & Punisher: Damaging Evidence
WPRE Wolverine & Punisher: Revelation
WVBC Wolverine: Bloody Choices
WVBL Wolverine: Blood Lust
WVBR Wolverine: Black Rio
WVEV Wolverine: Evilution
WVGB Wolverine/Gambit: Victims Limited
WVHV Wolverine/Havok: Meltdown Limited
WVIF Wolverine: Inner Fury
WVJA Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure
WVKL Wolverine: Killing
WVKT Wolverine: Knight of Terra
WVNF Wolverine/Nick Fury: Scorpio Connection
WVNS Wolverine: Netsuke
WVLS Wolverine Limited
WVRT Wolverine: Rahne of Terra
WVXL Wolverine: Xisle
XASD X-Man: All Saints Day Oneshot (aka Bookshelf)
XBRB X-Babies Reborn
XCAL X-Calibre Limited
XFA2 X-Factor v2 Limited
*XFAC X-Factor
*XFOR X-Force
*XFPL X-Factor: Prisoner of Love
XMAG X-Men: Magik
XMAL X-Men: Alpha One-Shot
XMAV X-Men vs. Avengers Limited
XMBR X-Men vs. Brood: Day Of Wrath Limited
XMBS X-Men: Black Sun
XMCH X-Men Chronicles Limited
XMDC X-Men: Declassified
XMEN X-Men (New X-Men from issue 114)
XMAF X-Men & Alpha Flight Limited
XMFE X-Men Forever
XMFF X-Men/Fantastic Four Limited
XMHF X-Men: Hellfire Club
*XMHY X-Men: The Hidden Years
XMLI X-Men: Liberators
XMMW X-Men: The Magneto War Prelude
XMOM X-Men: Omega One-Shot
XMPR X-Men: Prime One-Shot
XMTF X-Men: True Friends
XMUL X-Men Unlimited
*XSEN X.S.E. Limited
XSOS X-Men: Spotlight on Starjammers
XSTX X-Statix
*XTER X-Terminators Limited
XTXM X-Treme X-Men
XTXP X-Treme X-Men: X-Pose
XUNI X-Universe Limited
XXSL X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land

The following occur before the X-Men start, there should be entries for them in the read order list though.

The Rise Of Apocalypse
*ROAP 1 Baal takes En Sabah Nur to discover Rama-Tut's secrets
*ROAP 2 En Sabah Nur prepares for vengeance against Rama-Tut & Ozymandias
*ROAP 3 Rama-Tut tries to force En Sabah Nur's fealty
*ROAP 4 Apocalypse destroys the Sphinx & enslaves Ozymandias

*BKEX 1 The Black Knight & Sersi witness the creation of Exodus

The Further Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix
*FACP 1 Essex begins experimenting on human mutation
*FACP 2 Apocalypse takes control of the Hellfire Club
*FACP 3 Essex accepts Apocalypse's offer to become Sinister
*FACP 4 Sinister turns on Apocalypse, forcing him into hibernation

*LPWL 1 Logan & Rose team up to stop the interdimensional villain Kimora

*LSWS 1 The Hellfire Club sends Sabretooth after Logan

*ORIG 1 Howletts take in orphan girl Rose to be companion of James
*ORIG 2 Thomas Logan & his son Dog break into Howlett estate after being thrown out
*ORIG 3 James escapes with Rose after his mutation manifests
*ORIG 4 James takes on the name Logan while working in a mine in Alberta
*ORIG 5 Logan vs Smitty
*ORIG 6 Logan leaves to live with a pack of wolves after killing Rose

*Weapon X
*MCPR 73 The Weapon X project kidnaps Logan
*MCPR 86 The Adamantium-bonded Logan escapes Weapon X

*XMEN -1 Xavier & Magneto meet at a concentration camp before parting ways
*UCXM -1 Rachel Summers tries to prevent Madame Sanctity from changing the past
*GENX -1 Emma Frost encounters Banshee and the Dark Beast
*XFAC -1 Sinister arranges for the first, violent manifestation of Havok's powers
*EXCB -1 Margali manipulates Amanda Sefton into staying with the circus
*WOLV -1 Logan & Nick Fury defend themselves against Sabretooth & Hydra
*XFOR -1 Thunderbird & Warpath uncover a plot to control mutants
*CABL -1 Cable's arrival in the 20th century awakens Apocalypse

*WCGG 1 D'von Kray follows Cable back in time

*UCXM 1-66 (Original run of X-Men. 67-93 are reprinted issues, adding nothing new to the reading)

*XMHY 1 Iceman leaves the X-Men feeling betrayed by Xavier's Secrets. The other X-Men are sent to look for Magneto's dead body in the Savage Land
*XMHY 2 Xavier contacts Lorna & Alex after the X-Men crash in the Savage Land. Iceman also decides to help locate the other X-Men
*XMHY 3 Lorna & Alex reach the Savage Land. An astral projection of Magneto appears to Jean Grey
*XMHY 4 Iceman tries to gain access to the Savage Land via charter plane from Argentina. Magneto explains to Jean how he lived
*XMHY 5 When trying to escape the Savage Land Beast finds himself in Kenya, who is then discovered by Storm
*XMHY 6 Jean, Cyclops, Beast & Storm battle Deluge
*XMHY 7 Jean, Cyclops & Beast return home and are attacked by the Fantastic Four
*XMHY 8 The Fantastic Four, with Jean, Cyclops & Beast go to the Z'Nox mobile planet and attack
*XMHY 9 The Phoenix force scans Jean for a possible host
*XMHY 10 Xavier & Beast go to Illinois to track down a little girls mutant signature picked up by Cerebro before being attacked by Sentinels
*XMHY 11 The little girl Ashley controls the half damaged Sentinel, stopping it from harming Xavier & Beast
*XMHY 12 Back at the Savage Land, Lorna, Alex & Iceman battle Sauron
*XMHY 13 Lorna, Alex & Iceman travel back to the Mansion to find it empty
*XMHY 14 Xavier stays with Ashley after being forced to sever her mind from the part that controls her mutation. Beast returns to the Mansion
*XMHY 15 The X-Men try to prevent Warren's mother from marrying his uncle Bert, who killed Warren's father
*XMHY 16 Cyclops, Jean, Iceman & Beast follow Alex & Lorna into the Himalayas to investigate a mutant signature
*XMHY 17 Kraven demands a one-on-one fight with Beast. Beast accepts, to save Avia's life from poisoning
*XMHY 18 The Promise abducts Lorna, Alex & Warren
*XMHY 19 A woman from inside the Promise frees Warren, and tells him that they cannot free Alex & Lorna without killing them

*FOUR 102 Magneto talks to Namor about joining forces against humans, as atlanteans & mutants are both outcasts

*XMHY 20 Jean, Cyclops, Beast & Iceman battle the MoleMan. Xavier discovers Magneto is attacking the Fantastic Four with Namor
*XMHY 21 Xavier disputes with Magneto about their ideals before watching him capture Susan Richards

*MTU1 4 Spider-Man & the X-Men take on Morbius

*FOUR 103 Magneto betrays Namor, holds Susan Richards & Lady Dorma captive
*FOUR 104 Namor returns to his flagship to battle Magneto & rescue Susan & Dorma

*XMHY 22 The X-Men celebrate Beast's 20th birthday

*AMSM 92 Iceman is tricked into fighting Spider-Man

*HULK 150 Lorna arrives at Alex's house, Alex refuses to return to the X-Men. Hulk spots Lorna & mistakes her for his Jarella

*AMAD 11 Hank Mcoy mutates further into the grey-furred Beast
*AMAD 12 Mastermind creates an illusion to make Beast think he killed IronMan
*AMAD 13 Beast battles the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
*AMAD 14 Beast battles Quasimodo

*AVNG 103 The Avengers discover the return of the Sentinels
*AVNG 104 Larry Trask sacrifices his life to stop the Sentinels

*AMAD 15 Concerned about not seeing Beast for a while, Angel is surprised to find a newly mutated Beast
*AMAD 16 Beast vs Juggernaut
*AMAD 17 Beast tells his girlfriend about his origin

*AVNG 110 Magneto attacks the Mansion and renders the X-Men unconscious, then disguises himself as Angel & sends a tape of the attack to the Avengers
*AVNG 111 The Avengers take the unconscious X-Men aboard their jet. Magneto, disguised as Angel attacks them but is soon defeated

*HULK 172 Professor X, Jean & Cyclops help the Hulk defeat the Juggernaut

*CAPA 172
*CAPA 173
*CAPA 174
*CAPA 175

*MTU1 23 IceMan & the Human Torch take on a creature who has both their powers

*DEFN 15 Xavier asks the Defenders to help him against Magneto's Brotherhood
*DRFN 16 The Defenders battle Alpha & Magneto

Second Genesis
*GSXM 1 Xavier assembles a new team of mutants

*UCXM 94 Count Nefaria takes over NORAD and threatens nuclear blackmail
*UCXM 95 Thunderbird dies in the battle against Count Nefaria & the Ani-Men

*UCXM 96 Kierrok, the N'Gari demon, attacks the X-Men

*UCXM 97 Eric the Red forces Havok & Polaris to ambush the X-Men

*AMSM 161 Nightcrawler goes in search of an old friend's killer
*AMSM 162 Nightcrawler learns the Punisher did not kill his friend, Jigsaw did

Phoenix Rising
*UCXM 98 Steven Lang's Sentinels capture some of the X-Men
*UCXM 99 The X-Men attack Lang's orbital platform to free his hostages
*UCXM 100 Jean Grey pilots the X-Men's shuttle back to Earth
*UCXM 101 Jean Grey rises as Phoenix
*UCXM 102 Black Tom & the Juggernaut spring a trap on the X-Men
*UCXM 103 The X-Men rally to defeat Black Tom & the Juggernaut

*UCXM 104 Eric the Red kidnaps Xavier while the X-Men battle Magneto

The Phoenix Saga
*UCXM 105 Phoenix defends Xavier & Lilandra from the Firelord
*UCXM 106 Xavier's dark side attacks the X-Men with illusions
*UCXM 107 The Starjammers save the X-Men from the Imperial Guard
*UCXM 108 Phoenix repairs the damaged lattice of the M'Kraan Crystal

*UCXM 109 Weapon Alpha attacks Wolverine, to return him to Canada

*UCXM 110 Warhawk turns the X-Men's Danger Room against them

*UCXM 111 Mesmero turns the X-Men into sideshow performers
*UCXM 112 Magneto takes the X-Men to his Antarctic base
*UCXM 113 The X-Men escape Magneto, only to become separated
*UCXM 114 Karl Lykos attacks Storm and becomes Sauron
*UCXM 115 Ka-Zar asks the X-Men for aid against Zaladane & Garokk
*UCXM 116 The X-Men defeat Garokk and leave the Savage Land

*UCXM 117 Xavier recalls his first battle against Amahl Farouk
*UCXM 118 Moses Magnum blackmails Japan with earthquakes
*UCXM 119 Banshee uses his powers to reflect Magnum's earthquakes

*UCXM 120 Alpha Flight ambushes the X-Men over Calgary
*UCXM 121 Wolverine surrenders to, and then escapes Alpha Flight

*UCXM Ann3 Storm helps Arkon restore his world's energy rings

*UCXM 122 Storm discovers drug addicts in her former apartment
*UCXM 123 Arcade toys with the X-Men in Murderworld
*UCXM 124 A brainwashed Colossus battles the X-Men

*UCXM 125 Proteus escapes his containment cell on Muir Island
*UCXM 126 Proteus goes on a rampage as Mastermind attacks Phoenix
*UCXM 127 Proteus takes over Moira's body
*UCXM 128 Colossus destroys Proteus with his armored form
*UCXM 129 Xavier races Emma Frost to recruit Kitty Pryde

*UCXM 130 Dazzler joins the X-Men against the Hellfire Club's commandos
*UCXM 131 The X-Men rescue Kitty Pryde while Phoenix defeats the White Queen

The Dark Phoenix Saga
*UCXM 132 Mastermind seduces Phoenix into becoming the Black Queen
*UCXM 133 Wolverine prepares a rescue while Cyclops duels with Mastermind
*UCXM 134 The X-Men escape the Hellfire Club as Jean becomes Dark Phoenix
*UCXM 135 Dark Phoenix destroys the B'Nai system and then heads back to Earth
*UCXM 136 The X-Men subdues Dark Phoenix, but are whisked away by the Shi'ar
*UCXM 137 Phoenix destroys herself before Dark Phoenix can reassert herself
*UCXM 138 Cyclops leaves the X-Men after Jean Grey's funeral

*UCXM Ann 4 Margali attacks Nightcrawler, blaming him for Stefan Szardos' death

*UCXM 139 Wolverine & Nightcrawler help Alpha Flight track the Wendigo
*UCXM 140 Wolverine & Alpha Flight defeat the Wendigo

Days of Future Past
*WDFP 1 Magneto seeks Wolverine's help in an apocalyptic future
*WDFP 2 Wolverine & Magneto search for the captured Scarlet Witch
*WDFP 3 Wolverine & Magneto free the Scarlet Witch from Shinobi Shaw
*UCXM 141 Pryde time-travels to prevent the Sentinels' rise
*UCXM 142 The X-Men prevent Senator Kelly's assassination

*DAZZ 1 Dazzler angers Amora the Enchantress when she beats her out of a singing job at a disco
*DAZZ 2 Dazzler defeats Amora. Harry Osgood gives Dazzler a singing contract
*DAZZ 3 Dr.Doom kidnaps Dazzler
*DAZZ 4 The Human Torch rescues Dazzler from Dr.Doom

*UCXM 143 Alone at mansion, Kitty faces down a N'garai invader

*UCXM 144 Cyclops & Lee Forrester battle D'spayre

*UCXM 145 Dr. Doom springs trap on half of team
*UCXM 146 replacements vs. Murderworld
*UCXM 147 "Rogue Storm" Storm goes ballistic after being encased in steel

*DAZZ 5 Alison is admitted for overnight observation at a hospital

*UCXM 148 A lonely Caliban tries to abduct Kitty Pryde

*UCXM 149 The X-Men discover Garokk still alive in Magneto's volcano
*UCXM 150 Magneto wages war on the world, then regrets his actions

*DAZZ 6 Bruce Banner searches a cure for turning into the Hulk at a school doing genetic research, which Dazzler is performing at
*DAZZ 7 Hulk vs Dazzler

*UCXM Ann 5 The X-Men & Fantastic Four liberate Arkon from the Badoon

*UCXM 151 The White Queen possesses Storm and attacks the X-Men
*UCXM 152 Storm defeats the White Queen and frees the X-Men

*DAZZ 8 Dazzler goes after Harry when he is taken by the Enforcers. Mr. Meeker takes Dazzler
*DAZZ 9 Mr.Meeker conducts tests on Dazzler for the Pegasus Project
*DAZZ 10 Dazzler is sent to look for Galactus escaped herald, Terrax
*DAZZ 11 Galactus sends Dazzler home after she captures Terrax

*UCXM 153 Kitty tells a fairy-tale to Illyana Rasputin

*UCXM 154 "Reunion" Corsair crashes in the lake, pursued by Sidri horde
*UCXM 155 "First Blood" Deathbird/Brood plot hatches: ambush X-Men, kidnap Xavier
*UCXM 156 "Pursuit" Starjammers take X-Men, and the fight, to the Brood
*UCXM 157 "Hide-'n'-Seek" Shi’ar almost destroy Earth; Xavier catatonic

*DAZZ 12 Dazzler dates Dr.Paul
*DAZZ 13 Dazzler stands trial in court
*DAZZ 14 Dazzler foils a sniper attempt whilst doing a concert
*DAZZ 15 Alison searches for her mother who disappeared when she was a child
*DAZZ 16 Still angry, Amora the Enchantress attacks Alison again over upstaging her

*AVNG Ann 10 Rogue absorbs Ms. Marvel's powers and memories

*UCXM 158 The X-Men destroy the government's records of themselves

*UCXM 159 Dracula attempts to seduce Storm
*UCXM Ann 6 The X-Men free Storm from Dracula

*UCXM 160 The X-Men rescue Illyana from Belasco

*MTU1 117 Spider-Man & Wolverine take on Mentallo
*MTU1 118 Professor X helps Spider-Man & Wolverine against Mentallo & the Fixer

The Brood
*UCXM 161 Xavier recalls his first meeting with Magneto
*UCXM 162 Wolverine's healing factor fights off the Brood infection
*UCXM 163 Wolverine helps Carol Danvers & the X-Men escape the Brood
*UCXM 164 The Brood experiments transform Carol Danvers into Binary
*UCXM 165 Storm destroys her Brood embryo and unites with an Acanti
*UCXM 166 The X-Men free the Acanti Prophet-Singer from the Brood

*DAZZ 17 Angel attempts to romance Dazzler
*DAZZ 18 Reed Richards creates a super-amplified cassette player for Dazzler, as a power source
*DAZZ 19 Dazzler receives the help of the Inhumans to take on Crusher Creel. Angel searches for Dazzler's mother
*DAZZ 20 Angel takes Alison to see her father after he sees a psychiatrist
*DAZZ 21 Dazzler meets and reconciles with her mother

*DAZZ 22 Rogue, with Mystique & Destiny attack Dazzler whilst looking for Angel & the rest of the X-Men
*DAZZ 23 Dazzler hires Heroes for Hire to protect her when a fire is lit to apartments near her
*DAZZ 24 Dazzler tells Rogue it is pointless trying to get to the X-Men through her, as they have been taken by the Brood

*NMGN 1 Xavier rescues the next generation of mutants from Donald Pierce
*NMUT 1 Moonstar completes her first Danger Room assignment
*NMUT 2 The New Mutants fend off an attack by Sentinels at a Salem Center mall
*NMUT 3 The Brood Queen attempts to implant the New Mutants with her eggs

*UCXM 167 Moira clones a new body for the Brood-infected Xavier

*UCXM 168 Kitty Pryde proves her worthiness to remain with the X-Men

*GLMK 1 Stryker attempts to 'purify' the world of mutants

*Magik: Storm & Illyana
*MAGK 1 Belasco begins Illyana's training as the Darkchilde
*MAGK 2 Cat tries to help Illyana escape from Limbo
*MAGK 3 Illyana tries to train herself in Magik
*MAGK 4 The Darkchilde Illyana seizes Limbo from Belasco

*DAZZ 25 Dazzler deals with an obsessed fan

*DAZZ 26 Lois discovers she is a mutant when she kills a mugger. Lois & Dazzler flee the town
*DAZZ 27 Lois & Dazzler a blackmailed into killing someone, which they only pretend to do
*DAZZ 28 Dazzler battles Rogue, again

*UCXM 169 Callisto kidnaps Angel to be her mate
*UCXM 170 Storm wins leadership of the Morlocks in a duel with Callisto

*NMUT 4 The New Mutants help track Stevie Hunter's stalker

*UCXM 171 Rogue asks Xavier for help in controlling her powers

*NMUT 5 Silver Samurai & Viper blackmails Team America by kidnapping Moonstar
*NMUT 6 The New Mutants rescue Moonstar from Viper and the Silver Samurai

*WVLS 1 Wolverine is defeated by Mariko's father, Shingen
*WVLS 2 Yukio lures Logan into killing Shingen's rival
*WVLS 3 Logan discovers Yukio's treason
*WVLS 4 Logan kills Shingen and is accepted by Mariko

*UCXM 172 The Silver Samurai attacks on eve of Logan's wedding
*UCXM 173 Under Mastermind's influence, Mariko calls off her wedding with Logan

*MRTU 135 Spider-Man & Kitty Pryde rescue two children from the Morlocks

*UCXM 174 Scott proposes to Madelyne Pryor, and learns she hosts the Phoenix
*UCXM 175 Mastermind fools the the X-Men into believing Cyclops is Dark Phoenix
*UCXM 176 Mariko vows to end Yashida ties to the Yakuza before marrying Logan

*UCXM 177 The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants seemingly kills Colossus
*UCXM 178 Rogue refuses to join Mystique, choosing to remain with the X-Men
*UCXM 179 Kitty agrees to marry Caliban if the Morlocks save Colossus

*UCXM Ann 7 The X-Men face the Impossible Man

Nova Roma
*NMUT 7 New Mutants rescue Sunspot's mother from Axe and Hellfire Club
*NMUT 8 Their boat is sabotaged, the New Mutants are captured and taken to Nova Roma
*NMUT 9 Cannonball and Sunspot are forced to combat one another in the Arena
*NMUT 10 vs. Nova Romans
*NMUT 11 The New Mutants face Selene
*NMUT 12 Magma goes wild in Rio
*NMUT 13 Magma joins the New Mutants

*NMUT 14 The New Mutants battle S'ym

*UCXM 180 Cypher joins the New Mutants, the X-Men go to Battleworld

Secret Wars
*UCXM 181 A giant dragon falls in love with Lockheed

*NMUT 15 Kitty & the New Mutants are kidnapped by the White Queen
*NMUT 16 Magik teleports self and Mirage through Limbo to safety from Hellions
*NMUT 17 Jetstream and Cannonball duel for freedom of New Mutants

*UCXM 182 Rogue rescues Michael Rossi from a Hellfire Club double-agent
*UCXM 183 Colossus breaks up with Kitty Pryde, then brawls with Juggernaut

*FIRS 1 Xavier & Emma Frost compete to recruit Firestar
*FIRS 2 Firestar joins the Hellions
*FIRS 3 Emma Frost tries to mold Firestar into an assassin
*FIRS 4 Firestar breaks free of Emma Frost's control

*UCXM 184 The X-Men rescue Rachel Summers from Selene

*DAZZ 29 Dazzler is left the sole person conscious on a jet after it is attacked by a government jet
*DAZZ 30 Dazzler learns the jet belonged to an organisation that wants destruction of mutant kind

*DAZZ 31 Dazzler dates a stuntman
*DAZZ 32 Medusa & Lockjaw ask for Dazzlers help against Blackout & Moonstone
*DAZZ 33 Dazzler takes on a dancing job in a new music video
*DAZZ 34 Dazzler tries some modelling

The Spirit Bear
*NMUT 18 Dani dreams about and fights Spirit Bear
*NMUT 19 Spirit Bear transports New Mutants to his realm to kill them, Dani
*NMUT 20 New Mutants destroy Spirit Bear and free Dani's parents
*NMUT 21 Warlock descends to Earth and joins the New Mutants

*MFAN 40 Mystique informs Storm of a plot to steal Rogue's powers
*UCXM 185 Gyrich & Cooper attack Rogue, removing Storm's powers instead
*UCXM 186 Storm learns that Forge created the weapon that stole her powers
*UCXM 187 Naze accidentally frees the Adversary as Forge battles Dire Wraiths
*UCXM 188 Rachel describes the future from which she came

*MTU1 149 Spider-Man & Cannonball battle the Incandescent Man
*MTU1 150 Spider-Man & the X-Men battle Black Tom & Juggernaut

Kitty Pryde & Wolverine
*KPWV 1 Kitty finds about her father's connections to the Yakuza
*KPWV 2 Ogun kidnaps and trains Kitty as his ninja disciple--------------
*KPWV 3 The brainwashed Kitty attacks Wolverine
*KPWV 4 Wolverine trains Kitty to counteract Ogun's influence
*KPWV 5 Shadowcat fights to resist Ogun's influence
*KPWV 6 Wolverine helps Kitty break free of Ogun's thrall

*NMUT Ann 1 Lila Cheney romances Cannonball

*ICEM 1 Iceman tries to defend a girl against extra-dimensional kidnapers
*ICEM 2 Iceman travels back to 1942
*ICEM 3 Mirage fights against becoming like her father, Oblivion
*ICEM 4 Iceman helps Oblivion reconcile with his daughter

*NMUT 22 Sunspot's father joins the Hellfire club

*UCXM 189 Rachel Summers & Magma attack Selene

*NMUT 23 New Mutants ask Cloak and Dagger to take back Light and Shadow power
*NMUT 24 Xavier & Magik try to purge Sunspot & Wolfsbane of Light & Shadow
*NMUT 25 Magik, Xavier, & Rogue heal Sunspot and Rahne of Light and Shadow

Dazzler the Movie
*DAZM 1 The public learn Dazzler is a mutant whilst shooting a movie, effectively ruining her career

Beauty & the Beast
*BATB 1 Beast & Wonderman investigate a scuffle which involved Dazzler. Beast searches for Dazzler
*BATB 2 Beast finds Dazzler who now performs at an underground theatre
*BATB 3 Beast & Dazzler are pitted against each other in a fight after they are both drugged
*BATB 4 Flynn reveals his plans to take over Latveria with Beast & Dazzler

*UCXM 190 The wizard Kulan Gath transforms Manhattan into a Hyborian Age city
*UCXM 191 Magik & Dr. Strange cancel the effects of Kulan Gath's spell

*UCXM 192 Magus attacks the X-Men

*UCXM Ann 8 Wolverine & Magik tell a fairy-tale about the mutants

*UCXM 193 Warpath seeks revenge on Xavier for his brother's death

*NMUT 26 Legion's power spins out of control
*NMUT 27 Xavier and the New Mutants are transported to Legion's mind
*NMUT 28 Xavier battles in Legion's mind to save or heal his son

*WVNF 1 A boy & his mother plot revenge against Nick Fury S.H.I.E.L.D for killing his father/her husband

X-Men & Alpha Flight L.S.
*XMAF 1 X-Men & Alpha Flight encounter a realm where dreams come true
*XMAF 2 X-Men & Alpha Flight discover Loki's involvement in their paradise

*UCXM 194 Rogue absorbs the X-Men's powers to defeat Nimrod

*NCRW 1 Nightcrawler is captured by the extra dimensional wizard, Shagren
*NCRW 2 Nightcrawler rescues princess Jinjay from Shagren
*NCRW 3 Nightcrawler fights Shagren along side with plane's versions of the X-Men
*NCRW 4 Nightcrawler defeats Shagren and returns home

*DAZZ 35 Dazzler is kicked out of her apartment now that she is a known mutant. She gets a job at a lesbian bar
*DAZZ 36 Dazzler helps a club manager who’s singers are being run off
*DAZZ 37 Dazzler is invited to see an old high school friend
*DAZZ 38 Dazzler goes to the Xavier mansion for training

*NMUT 29 Magneto is given guardianship of X-Men and New Mutants

*UCXM 195 Annalee of the Morlocks kidnaps Power Pack to replace her murdered children

*UCXM 196 Rachel Summers saves Kitty Pryde from murderers

*UCXM 197 Arcade recruits Colossus & Shadowcat to save him a disguised Miss Locke

*UCXM 198 Storm helps deliver a baby in an African village

Bad Karma
*NMUT 30 A transformed Karma creates a blood-sport arena
*NMUT 31 The New Mutants break free of Karma's arena
*NMUT 32 Magik & Mirage search for Karma
*NMUT 33 Magik battles to save the New Mutants from Karma
*NMUT 34 The New Mutants force the Shadow King out of Karma

*UCXM 199 Freedom Force arrests Magneto, Rachel gains the power of Phoenix

*NMSP 1 The New Mutants journey to Asgard
*UCXM Ann 9 Loki takes Storm to Asgard

*UCXM 200 Magneto is tried by the World Court

*NMUT 35 Magneto becomes headmaster of Xavier's school

*UCXM 201 Storm wins leadership of the X-Men in a dual with Cyclops

*HFHP 1 The X-Men battle a strange entity

*AVGN 263 The Avengers find Jean, alive and cocooned
*FOUR 286 Jean Grey awakens
*XFAC 1 The original X-Men unite, following Jean Grey's awakening

*UCXM 202 The Beyonder forces Phoenix to confront her past horrors
*UCXM 203 Phoenix uses the X-Men's life-forces to battle the Beyonder
*NMUT 36 The Beyonder removes demon inside Magik
*NMUT 37 The Beyonder destroys the remaining New Mutants
*NMUT 38 Empath manipulates Magneto into handing over the New Mutants

*DAZZ 39 Dazzler rescues some children from a mountainside accident
*DAZZ 40 The Beyonder rescues Dazzler from O.Z.
*DAZZ 41 Dust kills Dazzler's father Judge Blaire
*DAZZ 42 Dazzler's death is faked to free her mother from Dust & Silence

*XFAC 2 Beast is kidnapped and siphoned of his knowledge

*UCXM 204 Nightcrawler rescues the Ruritanian princess from Arcade

*AFLT 33 Heather asks Wolverine to teach her how to fight. Deathstrike's samurai attacks Logan & Heather
*AFLT 34 Lady Deathstrike makes claim to Wolverine's adamantium

*NMUT 39 The New Mutants join the Hellions

*XFAC 3 X-Factor fights Frenzy over custody of the pyrokinectic mutant Rusty
*XFAC 4 X-Factor takes image-maker mutant Artie in custody

*XFAC 5 Frenzy's team & X-Factor fight over a mutant that can energize other mutants
*XFAC 6 Apocalypse is revealed behind Frenzy's mutant team
*XFAC 7 X-Factor tries to save two radioactive mutants

*UCXM 205 Katie Power helps Wolverine face Lady Deathstrike

*NMUT 40 Magneto rescues the New Mutants

*UCXM 206 Freedom Force launch an unauthorized attack on the X-Men

*XFAC Ann 1 X-Factor in USSR

*UCXM 207 Wolverine stops Phoenix from murdering Selene
*UCXM 208 The X-Men race the Hellfire Club to find Phoenix
*UCXM 209 The X-Men & the Hellfire Club unite against Nimrod

*LGSH 1 Longshot escapes to earth with no memory of who he is or where he comes from
*LGSH 2 Longshot befriends Richochet Rita
*LGSH 3 Longshot has repeated flashbacks of his capture by Mojo
*LGSH 4 Longshot vs She-Hulk & Spider-Man
*LGSH 5 Longshot comes to the attension of Dr.Strange
*LGSH 6 Longshot vs Mojo & Spiral

*NMUT 41 Mirage faces Death to save the life of her childhood love, and loses

*XFAC 8 X-Factor protects Rusty from Freedom Force

*NMUT 42 Sam deals with past, family and relationship with Lila Cheney
*NMUT 43 The New Mutants take revenge on Empath
*NMUT 44 Legion attacks the New Mutants
*NMUT 45 A neighbourhood mutant commits suicide

*UCXM 210 The Marauders track a Morlock back to the tunnels
*UCXM Ann 10 Longshot appears in the Danger Room

The Mutant Massacre
*XFAC 9 Rusty & Skids flee from Freedom Force into the Morlock tunnels
*UCXM 211 The Marauders invade the Alley and begin slaughtering Morlocks
*NMUT 46 The New Mutants help care for the wounded Morlocks
*XFAC 10 Harpoon impales Angel's wings
*THOR 373 Thor descends into the Morlock tunnels to investigate the massacre
*PPAK 27 Power Pack defends itself against the Marauders
*UCXM 212 Wolverine and Sabretooth battle in the Morlock tunnels
*THOR 374 Thor & Cyclops join against the Marauders
*XFAC 11 Tunnelers escape the Marauders to be killed by the police
*UCXM 213 Psylocke joins the X-Men after battling Sabretooth
*DDEV 238 Daredevil battles Sabretooth in the tunnels

*NMUT 47 The New Mutants flee through time from Magus

*UCXM 214 Malice forces Dazzler to attack the X-Men

X-Men vs. Fantastic Four
*XMFF 1 Magneto asks Reed Richards to help the wounded Kitty Pryde
*XMFF 2 The X-Men turn to Dr. Doom when Reed refuses to help
*XMFF 3 Franklin Richards stops Shadowcat from committing suicide
*XMFF 4 Reed Richards helps Shadowcat recover from her injury

*SMVW 1 Spider-Man goes to Berlin to find a cold-war spy, while Wolverine is there to protect her

Old Soldiers
*UCXM 215 Storm and a drug dealer are stalked by aging mutant heroes
*UCXM 216 Storm defeats Crimson Commando's team of vigilantes

*NMUT 48 The New Mutants travel to a time ruled by mutants
*NMUT 49 The New Mutants are captured by a future, evil Sunspot
*NMUT 50 Xavier helps the New Mutants defeat Magus
*NMUT 51 Magneto joins the Hellfire Club as White King
*NMUT 52 Magneto reaches out to Magik

Fallen Angels
*FANG 1 Sunspot runs away after injuring Cannonball
*FANG 2 Sunspot & Warlock befriend Chance
*FANG 3 Ariel convinces Sunspot & Warlock to join the Fallen Angels, run by the Vanisher
*FANG 4 Sunspot learns his powers are stronger than he once thought
*FANG 5 One of multiple man's dupes decides to go rogue after the groups powers increase
*FANG 6 Warlock attacks attacks Boom Boom after his power to feel compassion fails
*FANG 7 Unipar takes the Fallen Angels into custody
*FANG 8 The Fallen Angels escape the Coconut Grove scientists

*NMUT 53 The New Mutants attend the Hellfire Club ball

*XFAC 12 Boom-Boom returns from the Fallen Angels
*XFAC 13 Cyclops returns to Alaska
*XFAC 14 Cyclops battles Master Mold
*XFAC 15 Angel attempts suicide

*UCXM 217 To prove herself, Dazzler attacks the Juggernaut
*UCXM 218 Rogue, Dazzler, Longshot & Psylocke defeat the Juggernaut

*XFAC 16 Rusty vs. Masque

*THOR 378 Iceman gets a power boost

*XFAC 17 Angel's funeral

*UCXM 219 Havok discovers the X-Men alive, and in hiding

*XFAC 18 Jean & Scott bicker

*XFAC Ann 2 X-Factor frees Franklin Richards & Quicksilver from Maximus the Mad

X-Men vs. Avengers
*XMAV 1 Magneto investigates the wreckage of Asteroid M
*XMAV 2 Soviet Super-Soldiers & the Avengers pursue Magneto
*XMAV 3 The X-Men defend Magneto from the Avengers
*XMAV 4 Magneto stands trial for his crimes against humanity

*UCXM Ann 11 Horde forces the X-Men to retrieve the Crystal of Ultimate Vision

*MFAN 55 Magik & Warlock help Power Pack against a demon

*HULK 336 X-Factor captures the Hulk and delivers him to S.H.I.E.L.D.
*HULK 337 X-Factor helps the Hulk break away from the corrupt S.H.I.E.L.D.

*UCXM 220 Storm seeks out Forge to restore her powers

*XFAC 19 vs. Apocalypse

*UCXM 221 Mr. Sinister sends the Marauders to kill Madelyne Pryor
*UCXM 222 Havok discovers Polaris is possessed by Malice

*XFAC 20 Rusty, Arthur, Skid & Rictor melt the ice glacier that Iceman created

*AFLT 53 Wolverine & Alpha Flight unite against Bedlam

*XFAC 21 X-Factor splits away from Cameron Hodge
*XFAC 22 The Right kidnaps X-Factor's young charges
*XFAC 23 X-Factor rescues their charges from Hodge & The Right

*UCXM 223 Destiny foresees the deaths of the X-Men
*UCXM 224 The Adversary tricks Storm into stabbing Forge

The Horsemen of Apocalypse
*XFAC 24 Apocalypse releases his horsemen upon New York
*XFAC 25 X-Factor frees Angel from Apocalypse's influence
*XFAC 26 X-Factor gains control of Apocalypse's Ship
*DDEV 252 Daredevil deals with the panic caused by Apocalypse

The Fall of the Mutants
*UCXM 225 Freedom Force tries to prevent the deaths of the X-Men
*UCXM 226 Forge restores Storm's powers as the Adversary attacks
*UCXM 227 Forge uses the X-Men's life-forces to defeat the Adversary

*XFAC 27 X-Factor's children celebrate Christmas, Jean visits her parents

The Bird-Boy Saga
*NMUT 54 Karma leaves to find her missing siblings
*NMUT 55 The New Mutants stop alien thieves at Lila Cheney's ball
*NMUT 56 New Mutants battle Hellions to capture Bird Boy
*NMUT 57 Magma joins the Hellions; Birdboy is taken in by the New Mutants
*NMUT 58 The New Mutants find Birdboy's home island
*NMUT 59 Bird Brain's Creator captures the New Mutants
*NMUT 60 Cypher is killed in the battle against Hodge & the Ani-mator
*NMUT 61 The New Mutants deal with the death of Cypher

*NMUT 62 Magma & Empath journey together to Nova Roma

*NMUT 63 Magik tells Shadowcat of alternate timeline and Brood-infected X-Men
*NMUT 64 The New Mutants deal with the loss of Cypher & the X-Men
*NMUT 65 Freedom Force defends Forge from Magik's attack
*NMUT 66 Magik seeks vengeance on Forge for Colossus' death

*EXCB TPB Rachel returns, Excalibur is formed

*XFAC Ann 3 Apocalypse prevents the High Evolutionary from killing a race

*XFAC 28 Caliban joins Apocalypse

*UCXM 228 Dazzler recounts how she and Wolverine defeated a Soviet spy

*UCXM 229 The X-Men assault the Reavers in their Australian base
*UCXM 230 The X-Men return the wealth stolen by the Reavers

*UCXM 231 Colossus helps Magik to free the New Mutants from Baba Yaga

*NMUT Ann 4 The New Mutants rescue Magma from the High Evolutionary

*UCXM 232 The Brood use a doctor to spread their eggs
*UCXM 233 The X-Men battle mutant-powered Brood
*UCXM 234 The X-Men regroup and destroy the Brood

*WOLV 1 Wolverine tracks the Cult of the Black Blade to Madripoor
*WOLV 2 Wolverine & the Silver Samurai search for the Muramasa sword
*WOLV 3 Silver Samurai frees Wolverine from the Muramasa's possession

Infectia & the Anti-bodies
*XFAC 29 Infectia plots to steal X-Factor's Ship
*XFAC 30 Infectia attempts to seduce Iceman
*XFAC 31 Beast intercepts Infectia's mutating kiss

*WOLV 4 Bloodsport & Roughouse attack Tyger Tiger's organization
*WOLV 5 Wolverine faces off with Bloodsport & Roughouse
*WOLV 6 Wolverine rescues Tyger Tiger from General Coy

If It Ain't Broke...
*WOLV 7 Hulk is sent to Madripoor
*WOLV 8 Wolverine manipulates Hulk into attacking Madripoor crime

*UCXM Ann 12 The High Evolutionary uses Garokk to restore the Savage Land

*AFLT 61 The Canadian government plans to monitor Alpha Flight

*EXCB 1 Warwolves kidnap Shadowcat, thinking she is Phoenix
*EXCB 2 Excalibur defeats the Warwolves and puts them in a zoo

A Green And Pleasant Land
*UCXM 235 Genoshan Magistrates kidnap the escaped Jenny Ransome
*UCXM 236 The Magistrates capture Wolverine & Rogue
*UCXM 237 Wolverine & Rogue track Philip Moreau to the mutant camps
*UCXM 238 Philip Moreau learns the truth about Genosha's mutants

*WOLV 9 Wolverine takes revenge on a group of mercenaries

*XFAC 32 X-Factor battles invading aliens disguised as the Avengers

*WOLV 10 Wolverine remembers the day Sabretooth killed Silver Fox

*EXCB 3 Vixen springs Juggernaut from jail; Excalibur moves to lighthouse

*EXCB 4 Arcade abducts Courney Ross
*EXCB 5 Excalibur battles Arcade

*XFAC 33 Beast mutates back into his blue furred form
*XFAC 34 Archangel battles Hodge for Candy Southern's life

Gosamyr's Web
*NMUT 67 The New Mutants defend Lila Cheney from aliens
*NMUT 68 Gosamyr plays the New Mutants against one another
*NMUT 69 Spyder captures team; Magik is trapped in her Darkchilde form
*NMUT 70 Spyder accelerates the growth of, and releases, Gosamyr's deadly family

*UCXM 239 Madelyne Pryor seduces Havok
*XTER 1 N'astirh's demons kidnap Artie & Leech
*XTER 2 The X-Terminators form to rescue Artie & Leech
*XTER 3 N'astirh forces Whiz Kid to build a magik computer
*XTER 4 The X-Terminators & the New Mutants rescue the mutant babies
*AVNG 299 Nanny & Orphan Maker kidnap Franklin Richards
*AVNG 300 The Avengers rescue Franklin Richards from N'astirh
*NMUT 71 N'astirh tricks Magik into opening a gate from Limbo to Earth
*NMUT 72 S'ym & N'astirh fight over Illyana
*NMUT 73 Illyana casts a spell closing the gate and reverting herself to childhood
*XFAC 35 Cyclops & Jean search for Nathan in Sinister's orphanage
*XFAC 36 X-Factor tries to protect people from the Inferno effect
*EXCB 6 Phoenix goes to New York to rescue Nathan from the Inferno
*EXCB 7 Crotus the demon tries to marry the enthralled Phoenix
*UCXM 240 The X-Men battle the Marauders
*UCXM 241 Sinister reveals his involvement in the Goblin Queen's past
*XFAC 37 The Goblin Queen attempts to sacrifice her son
*UCXM 242 The X-Men & X-Factor unite against N'astirh
*XFAC 38 Jean Grey defeats the Goblin Queen
*UCXM 243 Sinister destroys the memories Jean absorbed from the Goblin Queen
*XFAC 39 X-Factor & the X-Men battle Mr. Sinister & his Marauders

*NMUT 74 Gosamyr leaves the New Mutants
*NMUT 75 Magneto drives Sebastian Shaw from the Hellfire Club
*NMUT 76 The New Mutants move to X-Factor's Ship

*EXCB 8 Meggan explores New York on her own

*XFAC 40 Nanny & Orphan-Maker try to kidnap Sinister's mutant children
*XFAC Ann 4 New York cleans up after the Inferno

*EXCB 9 Excalibur confronts their other-dimensional Nazi equivalents
*EXCB 10 Captain Britain battles Hauptmann Englande
*EXCB 11 Excalibur's Nazi doppelgangers return to their own dimension

*GSTR 9 Ghost Rider & X-Factor rescue kidnapped children from Blackout

The Cross-Time Caper
*EXCB 12 Excalibur meets Prince William in the Middle Ages
*EXCB 13 Shadowcat escapes marriage to Prince William
*EXCB 14 Excalibur journeys to the Impossible Man's version of Earth
*EXCB 15 The Technet captures Jamie Braddock
*EXCB 16 Excalibur defends a planet from a tentacled creature
*EXCB 17 Excalibur overthrows Anjulie's rule
*EXCB 18 Jamie Braddock attacks Excalibur
*EXCB 19 Meggan takes the X-Men's shapes to defend against Jamie Braddock
*EXCB 20 The Demon Druid tries to gain enough power to return to his people
*EXCB 21 Excalibur battles doubles of the Shadow King & the Hellfire Club
*EXCB 22 Phoenix battles an alternate Shadow King & Iron Man
*EXCB 23 Draconian magistrates try to arrest Excalibur
*EXCB 24 Saturnyne returns Excalibur to their home dimension

*EXCB 25 Galactus comes to end the threat of Phoenix
*EXCB 26 Mastermind tries to steal the Phoenix-force from Rachel
*EXCB 27 Jamie Braddock switches Rachel & Kurt with 2 TV characters
*EXCB 28 Brian & Meggan encounter a mutant who is able to amplify peoples greed
*EXCB 29 Excalibur aids Power Pack
*EXCB 30 Excalibur seek the aid of Dr.Strange when Meggan becomes possessed by a vampire
*EXCB 31 Nightcrawler vs the Vega Men

Girls' School from Heck
*EXCB 32 Kitty is admitted at St. Searle's college
*EXCB 33 Mesmero is blackmailed into controlling Excalibur
*EXCB 34 Fenris and Mesmero are defeated by Excalibur & St. Searle's girls
*EXCB 35 D'spayre causes Phoenix to hallucinate about Ahab

True Friends
*XMTF 1 Logan, Rachel & Kitty travel back in time & discover a Nazi plot to destroy the British Monarchy
*XMTF 2 Kitty faces the choice of killing Adoplh Hitler, thus preventing the Holocaust
*XMTF 3 Logan, Rachel & Kitty face the Shadow King

*EXCB 36 Meggan is forced to kill one of Captain Britain's old friends

Promethium Exchange
*EXCB 37 Dr.Doom gains control over the demon realm when he tricks Kitty into using the Soul sword
*EXCB 38 The West Coast Avengers help Excalibur close 4 of the portals opened by the Soul sword
*EXCB 39 West Coast Avengers & Excalibur battle the forces of the demon realm

*EXCB 40 Lockheed, almost dead tries to convince his race that fleeing to Earth was justified
*EXCB 41 Warwolves disguised as X-Men try to capture Phoenix
*EXCB 42 Saturnyne calls a truce between the Technet and Excalibur
*EXCB 43 Captain Britannia fights Nightcrawler out of jealousy

African Saga
PWJL 6 Wolverine tracks people killing endangered animals
PWJL 7 Punisher fights Wolverine while looking for the same millionaire who is killing the endangered animals
The Gehenna Stone Affair
*WOLV 11 Logan travels to San Francisco with Corrigan to help him unravel a family problem
*WOLV 12 The followers of Ba'al attack Logan and Corrigan
*WOLV 13 Logan learns the story of the Gehenna stone and has his first run-in with Ba'al
*WOLV 14 On the way back to Madripoor, Logan fight the demons of Ba'al
*WOLV 15 Ba'al's demons scour Madripoor looking for a fragment of the Gehenna Stone
*WOLV 16 Logan battles Ba'al to the death and shatters the Genhenna stone

The Wilding
*MCPR 51 Wild Child goes on a rampage
*MCPR 52 Wolverine rescues Heather Hudson from Wild Child
*MCPR 53 Wolverine hunts Wild Child through the wilderness

*UCXM 244 Jubilee follows the X-women through Gateway's portal
*UCXM 245 The X-Men repel an alien Conquest

*WVHV 1 Scarlett lures Havok into a trap
*WVHV 2 Wolverine tracks Havok
*WVHV 3 Havok vs Wolverine
*WVHV 4 Havok & Wolverine kill Meltdown

*UCXM Ann 13 Atlantis Attacks

*WVJA 1 Wolverine helps a tribe in the Savage Land against Apocalypse

*WOLV 17 Logan tracks down a cocaine smuggler named Geist
*WOLV 18 Enhanced by Geist's cocaine, Roughouse defeats Logan
*WOLV 19 Wolverine helps La Bandera against Tiger Shark
*WOLV 20 Wolverine continues his battle with Tiger Shark
*WOLV 21 Spore is revealed behind Tierra Verde's tainted cocaine
*WOLV 22 Spore overtakes President Caridad
*WOLV 23 Wolverine destroys Spore/President Caridad

*WOLV 24 Wolverine confronts the mutant assassin Snow Queen

*WOLV 25 Wolverine tells the son of a Madripoor crime boss a bedtime story

*WOLV 26 Wolverine kills a gang to recover a rice bowl

The Lazarus Project
*WOLV 27 Prince Baran & General Coy learn of the Lazarus Project
*WOLV 28 The amnesiac Wolverine is adopted by the Rumikans
*WOLV 29 Wolverine & Karma collaborate over the Master Form
*WOLV 30 Wolverine, Karma & Target storm Prince Baran's palace

Wolverine & Punisher: Damaging Evidence
*WPDE 1 Wolverine overhears a plot by Kingpin to have the Punisher killed by Donald Pierce
*WPDE 2 The Punisher learns that someone is impersonating him & killing innocents
*WPDE 3 Frank vs Damage

*UCXM 246 Nimrod inadvertently resurrects Master Mold
*UCXM 247 Dazzler sends Master Mold and Rogue through the Siege Perilous
*UCXM 248 Nanny attempts to regress and adopt the X-Men

*UCXM 249 Zaladane kidnaps Polaris and takes her to the Savage Land
*UCXM 250 Zaladane steals Polaris' powers

*XFAC 41 Trolls kidnap the mutant called Alchemy
*XFAC 42 X-Factor rescues Alchemy from the trolls

The Asgard Adventure
*NMUT 77 Dr. Strange discovers Hela's attack on Mirage
*NMUT 78 Freedom Force arrests Rusty & Skids
*NMUT 79 Mirage transports the New Mutants to Asgard
*NMUT 80 The New Mutants face Hela's Valkyries
*NMUT 81 Magma recalls her first meeting with Hercules
*NMUT 82 Mirage escorts the New Mutants to Hela's underworld
*NMUT 83 The New Mutants steal the Death Sword from Hela
*NMUT 84 The New Mutants warn Balder about Hela's plans
*NMUT 85 The New Mutants & the Asgardian gods vs. Hela

*UCXM 251 The Reavers ambush and crucify Wolverine
*UCXM 252 Jubilee rescues Wolverine from the Reavers
*UCXM 253 Storm appears as a child, regressed by Nanny

*UCXM 254 The Reavers attack Muir Island
*UCXM 255 Legion kills Destiny

Building Blocks
*AFLT 87 Wolverine captures Wild Child for Heather Hudson
*AFLT 88 Wolverine & Heather Hudson encounter Omega Flight
*AFLT 89 The original Vindicator is found alive transformed into cyborg
*AFLT 90 Alpha Flight & Wolverine battle Omega Flight

*UCXM 256 Matsu'o trains Psylocke as an assassin
*UCXM 257 Psylocke confronts Wolverine as Lady Mandarin
*UCXM 258 Wolverine, Psylocke & Jubilee escape the Hand

The Judgement War
*XFAC 43 The Celestials draw Ship to another planet
*XFAC 44 X-Factor is caught in a factional war
*XFAC 45 Iceman defeats Rask in a dual
*XFAC 46 Phoenix takes over Jean and breaks free of the Rejects
*XFAC 47 Archangel remembers saving children from a cult
*XFAC 48 Seera rescues Archangel from the Chosen
*XFAC 49 Cyclops & Beast save Iceman & Archangel from the arena
*XFAC 50 X-Factor unites the factions against the Celestials

*UCXM 259 Colossus defends Moreau & Ransome from Genoshan Magistrates
*UCXM 260 A crazed stalker targets Dazzler

*NMUT 86 Rusty vs. the Vulture and Freedom Force
*NMUT 87 Cable pursues Stryfe and the M.L.F.
*NMUT 88 Freedom Force tries to arrest Cable
*NMUT 89 Cable joins the New Mutants

*XFAC 51 Opal befriends the Morlock Mole
*XFAC 52 Sabretooth attacks Archangel
*XFAC 53 Jean Grey rejects Cyclops' proposal

*NMUT 90 Caliban hunts for Sabretooth
*NMUT 91 Caliban defeats Sabretooth in the Morlock tunnels

*XFAC 54 Crimson attacks Colossus
*XFAC 55 Infectia hires Mesmero to capture Beast

*NMUT 92 Rhane recalls a Skrull-infested carnival

*UCXM 261 Wolverine & Psylocke vs. the Harriers
*UCXM 262 Masque transforms Banshee & Jean Grey
*UCXM 263 Forge saves Banshee & Jean Grey from Masque

Four-and-Twenty Blackbirds
*XFAC 56 Archangel goes on an insane rampage
*XFAC 57 Crimson plans to absorb Archangel's power
*XFAC 58 The Ravens try to induct Archangel

Spotlight on Starjammers
*XSOS 1 Lilandra is kidnapped by Deathbird
*XSOS 2 The sight of Phoenix causes a rebellion against Deathbird

*UCXM 264 Forge saves X-Factor from Genoshan Magistrates

*UCXM 265 The Shadow King's Hounds pursue Storm
*UCXM 266 Gambit rescues Storm from the Hounds

*UCXM 269 Rogue battles the wraith of Ms. Marvel

*UCXM 267 Storm & Gambit escape from Nanny

The Days of Future Present
*FOUR Ann 23 Franklin Richards begins to alter reality
*XFAC Ann 5 Ahab pursues Franklin and Phoenix
*NMUT Ann 6 Franklin warps Xavier's school to his reality
*UCXM Ann 14 Franklin & Phoenix defeat Ahab

*UCXM 268 Wolverine saves Black Widow from the Hand

*WVRT 1 Princess Rahne from another dimension is swapped with earth's Rahne to prevent the princess from being killed

*NMUT 93 Cable tracks the M.L.F. to Madripoor
*NMUT 94 w/Wolverine vs. the M.L.F.

Riding the Thunderbolt
*WOLV 31 Logan tries to stop the introduction of the Thunderbolt to the streets of Madripoor
*WOLV 32 Logan takes a near-fatal katana blow to the chest from Reiko and Goro
*WOLV 33 Logan poses as a corpse to enter Japan and face Dai-Kumo

*XFAC 59 Archangel & Charlotte Jones become close

*XFPL 1 Beast falls in love with a cosmic being who uses him to defend herself agains the 'Dark Ones'

The X-Tinction Agenda
*UCXM 270 The Genoshans kidnap the New Mutants
*NMUT 95 Cameron Hodge kills Warlock
*XFAC 60 Cyclops vs. Havok-turned-Magistrate
*UCXM 271 Psylocke & Wolverine confront Hodge
*NMUT 96 Hodge transforms Wolfsbane into a mutate
*XFAC 61 X-Factor attempts to rescue the mutants
*UCXM 272 Storm restores the mutants' powers
*NMUT 97 The X-teams attack Hodge
*XFAC 62 The X-teams overthrow Hodge's regime

*WOLV 34 Logan tracks a kidnapper and has a run-in with the Hunter in Darkness

*WVBL 1 Wolverine investigates the connection between a crazed psychopath & race of mystica creatures in the Canadian north

Blood and Claws
*WOLV 35 Logan, Puck and Lady Deathstrike are transported back to 1937 Spain
*WOLV 36 Lady Deathstrike pursues Wolvie through the chaos of the Spanish Civil War
*WOLV 37 Deathstrike and Logan fight forward through time to the present

*WOLV 38 Storm and Logan face the doppelganger Albert and the android assassin, Elsie Dee
*WOLV 39 Logan save Elsie Dee from a fire and helps her disarm her internal time bomb
*WOLV 40 To save Elsie Dee from exploding, Albert tries to kill Wolverine
*WOLV 41 Wolverine stumbles upon Sabretooth
*WOLV 42 w/Cable & Forge vs. Sabretooth
*WOLV 43 Logan sets a wolverine on Linus Dorfman
*WOLV 44 Wolverine saves a baby from a monster
*WOLV 45 Wolverine frees the Hunter In Darkness
*WOLV 46 Wolverine & Sabretooth remember a partnership

*WVBC 1 Wolverine & Nick Fury go after a child molester

*UCXM 273 The X-teams consider their future
*UCXM 274 Magneto & Rogue plot against Zaladane
*UCXM 275 Lila Cheney takes the X-Men to Shi'ar
*UCXM 276 Wolverine kills the Skrull impersonating Xavier
*UCXM 277 The X-Men defeat the Skrull usurpers

*XFAC 63 Tatsu'o kidnaps his granddaughter Opal
*XFAC 64 Iceman rescues Opal from Tatsu'o

The Beginning of the End
*NMUT 98 Intro Domino, Deadpool, Gideon
*NMUT 99 Sunspot leaves with Gideon
*NMUT 100 Shatterstar & Feral join Cable

Kings of Pain
*NMUT Ann 6 X-Force tracks Harness' employers
*NWAR Ann 1 New Warriors help X-Force
*UCXM Ann 15 Proteus joins with Piecemeal
*XFAC Ann 6 vs. Proteus/Piecemeal

*XFAC 65 Riders of the Storm infect Ship
*XFAC 66 X-Factor track Riders to Apocalypse
*XFAC 67 w/Inhumans vs. Apocalypse
*XFAC 68 Askani takes Nathan to the future

The Muir Island Saga
*UCXM 278 Shadow King takes over Muir Isle
*UCXM 279 Shadow King/Colossus vs. Xavier
*XFAC 69 X-Factor joins vs. Shadow King
*UCXM 280 Xavier vs. Shadow King
*XFAC 70 Mutant teams restructure

*EXCB 44 Captain Britain is sentenced to death by Omniversal Police
*EXCB 45 Roma intercedes on Captain Britain's behalf
*EXCB 46 Meggan learns of secrets from her past
*EXCB 47 Brian argues with Roma over his right to be Captain Britain

*WOLV 47 Wolverine stops a murderer and remembers his dog

*XFOR 1 X-Force hunts down the M.L.F.

*XFAC 71 The new team is assembled
*XFAC 72 X-Factor holds a press conference
*XFAC 73 Multiple Man's dupes fight each other
*XFAC 74 vs. Slab
*XFAC 75 Mr. Sinister revealed behind Nasty Boys

*XMEN 1 Acolytes approach Magneto
*XMEN 2 X-Men vs. brainwashed X-Men
*XMEN 3 Fabian Cortez betrays Magneto

Dreams of Gore
*WOLV 48 Wolverine finds Weapon X complex
*WOLV 49 Professor X. tries to unblock Logan's memories
*WOLV 50 Shiva attacks Wolverine

*XFOR 2 Kane vs. Deadpool

Omega Red
*XMEN 4 Omega Red kidnaps Wolverine
*XMEN 5 Maverick rescues Wolverine
*XMEN 6 Sabretooth hired to hunt Wolverine
*XMEN 7 w/Maverick vs. Omega Red, Matsu'o

Bishop's Crossing
*UCXM 281 Fitzroy attacks Hellfire Club
*UCXM 282 Bishop comes through a time portal
*UCXM 283 vs. Bishop

*XFOR 3 Juggernaut & Black Tom take the World Trade Center
*SPMN 16 w/X-Force vs. Juggernaut
*XFOR 4 w/Spider-Man vs. Juggernaut & Black Tom

War and Pieces
*HULK 391 X-Factor vs. Hulk & Pantheon
*XFAC 76 Wolfsbane is captured
*HULK 392 Rick Jones assassinates Farnoq Dahn

*UCXM 284 X-Men enter a dimensional portal
*UCXM 285 Mikhail's past revealed
*UCXM 286 Mikhail seals the portal

*UCXM 287 Bishop joins, his past is revealed

Blood Feud
*XMEN 8 Belladonna tells Gambit of guild wars
*GSTR 26 Ghost Rider possessed by the Brood
*XMEN 9 Ghost Rider is freed, Belladonna dies
*GSTR 27 X-Men & Ghost Rider vs. Brood Queen

*UCXM 288 Bishop adjusts to 20th century

*GSTR 29 Wolverine & Beast help Ghost Rider against the Next Wave

The Crunch Conundrum
*WOLV 51 Mystique finds Wolverine
*WOLV 52 Spiral, Wolverine & Mystique at Crunch
*WOLV 53 vs. Mojo

*EXCB 48 Excalibur releases the Anti-Phoenix
*EXCB 49 Necrom confronts Excalibur
*EXCB 50 Phoenix battles Necrom in space

*EXCB 51 Xavier & Jean Grey inform Miora they will help with Rachel's condition
*EXCB 52 Phoenix reveals its past to Excalibur
*EXCB 53 Captain Britain recalls when he was Peter Parker's roommate
*EXCB 54 "Alice In Wonderland" Adventure

*UCXM 289 Forge proposes to Storm
*UCXM 290 Forge leaves with Mystique

Wolverine & Nightcrawler
*MCPR 101
*MCPR 108 Wolverine & Nightcrawler try to solve the mystery of Stefan's Death

*XFOR 5 The new Brotherhood enlists Sauron

*XFAC 77 MLF targets a genetic screening clinic
*XFAC 78 vs. MLF

Death In the Family
*WOLV 55 w/Sunfire & Gambit vs. Cylla
*WOLV 56 Yukio saves Jubilee
*WOLV 57 Mariko dies

*WOLV 60 Sabretooth vs. Shiva
*WOLV 61 Wraith assembles the Weapon X team
*WOLV 62 The Weapon X team assaults Ferro's base
*WOLV 63 vs. Ferro
*WOLV 64 Ferro kills Silver Fox
*WOLV 65 Wolverine buries Silver Fox

Shattershot/The Fall of Mojo
*XMEN Ann 1 Arize seeks refuge from Mojo
*UCXM Ann 16 Pirate Mojoverse network vs. X-Men
*XFAC Ann 7 vs. Spiral
*XFOR Ann 1 Mojoverse liberated from Shatterstar
*XMEN 10 Mojo kidnaps the X-Men, Maverick solo
*XMEN 11 Longshot kills Mojo, Maverick solo

*XFOR 6 vs. new Brotherhood & the Morlocks
*XFOR 7 Sauron "kills" Cannonball
*XFOR 8 Cable's mission is revealed
*XFOR 9 Cannonball awakens as an External
*XFOR 10 Externals convene, Kane confronts Stryfe

Hell's Belles
*XFAC 79 Multiple Man encounters Rhapsody
*XFAC 80 vs. Hell's Belles
*XFAC 81 vs. Cyber

*XFOR 11 "Domino" revealed as an imposter
*XFOR 12 Gideon recruits Crule
*XFOR 13 vs. Weapon PRIME
*XFOR 14 Rictor joins X-Force
*XFOR 15 Sunspot joins, Cable "kills" Tolliver

The Death of the Morlocks
*UCXM 291 Callisto seeks asylum from the Morlocks
*UCXM 292 Morlocks run loose in Manhattan
*UCXM 293 Mikhail & Morlocks seemingly commit suicide

*XFAC 82 vs. the Brotherhood, X-Patriots come to U.S.
*XFAC 83 a mob beats up a Genoshan mutate youth

*XMEN 12 Hazard kidnaps Xavier
*XMEN 13 vs. Hazard

*EXCB 55 Madness attacks
*EXCB 56 vs. Madness & Sat-yr-9

*EXCB 57 Excalibur & the X-Men rescue Alchemy from trolls
*EXCB 58 Nightcrawler pretends to side with the trolls

*EXCB 59 Excalibur travel to Wakanda
*EXCB 60 Kurt & Cerise meet Kight Errant

*WVIF 1 Wolverine searches for cure to a high-tech virus that is breaking down his adamantium

Blood & Metal
*CBLS 1 Kane hunts down Cable
*CBLS 2 Cable saves Kane from Stryfe by taking him to the future

The X-cutioner's Song
*UCXM 294 Stryfe infects Xavier with a techno-virus
*XFAC 84 X-Factor confronts X-Force while searching for Cable
*XMEN 14 Sinister delivers Cyclops & Jean Grey to Stryfe
*XFOR 16 The X-Men track Apocalypse to his lair
*UCXM 295 The X-Men arrest X-Force
*XFAC 85 Bishop & Wolverine confront Cable
*XMEN 15 The X-Men & X-Factor bring down the M.L.F.
*XFOR 17 Stryfe battles Apocalypse
*UCXM 296 Apocalypse seeks alliance w/X-Men
*XFAC 86 Apocalypse cures Xavier's techno-virus
*XMEN 16 X-Men go to the Stryfe's moon base
*XFOR 18 Cable battles Stryfe
*STSF 1 Stryfe's analysis of several mutants

*UCXM 297 X-Men heal and reflect
*XFAC 87 Doc Samson evaluates X-Factor

Terry Adams
*WOLV 66 Logan returns to the Prophecy House
*WOLV 67 Wolverine travels to Russia
*WOLV 68 vs. Epsilon Red

A Skinning of Souls
*XMEN 17 X-Men visit Colossus' parents in Russia
*XMEN 18 Soul Skinner dominates Omega Red
*XMEN 19 vs. Soul Skinner

*NWAR 31 Cannonball, Warpath, Firestar in Nova Roma

*XFAC 88 Random is hired to hunt the X-Patriots

*XFOR 19 X-Force breaks ties with X-Men

*AVNG 350 The Kree hire Raza to assassinate the Black Knight
*AVNG 351 Binary fabricates a story to redeem Raza

*UCXM 298 Acolytes attack a school bus
*UCXM 299 Xavier debates Senator Kelly & Graydon Creed

*XFAC 89 X-Factor returns X-Patriots to Genosha
*XFAC 90 Legacy Virus problem revealed
*XFAC 91 Madrox is exposed to Legacy Virus

*UCXM 300 Nightcrawler & the X-Men attack the Acolytes

Heirs of Tomorrow
*XFOR 20 SHIELD tries to salvage Greymalkin
*XFOR 21 Greymalkin is detonated
*XFOR 22 X-Force recovers Cable's equipment
*XFOR 23 X-Force battles Gideon & Saul

To Rule the Savage Land
*WOLV 69 Wolverine, Rogue, Jubilee go to Savage Land
*WOLV 70 vs. Sauron
*WOLV 71 Wolverine allows Sauron to rule Savage Land

*UCXM Ann 17 X-Cutioner hunts the dying Mastermind
*XFAC Ann 8 Charon seeks vengeance against Strong Guy
*XMUL 1 Sienna Blaze vs. Storm, Cyclops, Xavier

*EXCB 61 Phoenix defends herself from Galactus
*EXCB 62
*EXCB 63 Nightcrawler tested by Mr. Orpington-Smythe
*EXCB 64 Rachel Summers makes a pact with the Phoenix entity
*EXCB 65 Roma resurrects Capt. Britain to defeat Orpington-Smythe; Phoenix returns

The Sentient Sentinel
*WOLV 72 Spiral's cyborg bath awakens a Sentinel
*WOLV 73 Sentinel prepares to eradicate humanity
*WOLV 74 Jubilee tracks down her parents' killers

Clan Chosen
*CABL 1 Cable returns to the Clan Chosen
*CABL 2 Clan Chosen destroy the Canaanite tinex
*CABL 3 Cable returns, confronts G.W. Bridge
*CABL 4 Cable confronts the Six-Pack

Extreme Prejudice
*AFLT 114 Judd voices susppicions on Wild Child's supposed rehabilitation
*AFLT 115 Wyre attacks Wild Child
*AFLT 116 Weapon X, Wyre, Wild Child & Roc brawl
*AFLT 117 Wyre realizes that Wild Child has transcended his bestial nature

*XMEN 20 Revanche returns to the mansion
*XMEN 21 Revanche accuses Psylocke of impersonating her
*XMEN 22 Revanche, Psylocke go to Japan
*XMEN 23 Sinister tells Cyclops of the Legacy Virus

Days of Future Yet To Come
*EXCB 66 Phoenix travels to her future to stop Ahab & the Sentinels
*EXCB 67 Excalibur destroys the Sentinel hierarchy of 2015

Dead Space
*EXCB 68 Excalibur morns the loss of Captain Britian when the Starjammers come & take Cerise
*EXCB 69 Nightcrawler & the Starjammers search for Cerise's prison
*EXCB 70 Nightcrawler & the Starjammers plead with the Shi'ar to spare Cerise

*XFAC 92 w/Random vs. Acolytes

*UCXM 301 Fitzroy vs. Forge & Mystique
*UCXM 302 Colossus vs. Fitzroy
*UCXM 303 Illyana dies of the Legacy Virus
*XFAC 93 Havok & Wolfsbane visit Xavier

*WVKL 1 A tribe in the Himalayas arranges for Logan to mate with a girl of the tribe to ensure the tribe lasts

The Return of Magneto
*XFOR 24 X-Force frees Rusty & Skids from the F.O.H.
*XFOR 25 Cable returns, X-Force confronts Magneto
*XMEN 24 X-Men regroup and reconcile
*UCXM 304 Colossus defects from the X-Men to join Magneto
*XMUL 2 Government attempts to assassinate Magneto

*XFAC 94 Rhane goes to Muir Island
*XFAC 95 Random attacks Polaris

*WVEV 1 Boom Boom & Wolverine vs the Devos

The Circle Chase
*DPLS 1 Kane vs. Deadpool
*DPLS 2 Deadpool vs. Juggernaut
*DPLS 3 Deadpool learns location of Tolliver's prize
*DPLS 4 vs. Slayback, Zero is activated

*XFOR 26 Reignfire re-assembles the MLF

Death Hunt
*SABT 1 The Tribune forces Sabretooth to hunt Mystique
*SABT 2 Sabretooth chases Mystique through Paris
*SABT 3 Mystique tells Sabretooth about their son
*SABT 4 Sabretooth confronts Graydon Creed

*UCXM 305 Xavier steals anti-Magneto suit
*UCXM 306 The Phalanx-infected Cameron Hodge attacks Archangel

The Tithing Time
*GAMB 1 Assassins kill Gambit's brother
*GAMB 2 Gambit goes to New Orleans
*GAMB 3 Gambit steals the Elixer of Life from Candra
*GAMB 4 Gambit saves and abandons Bella Donna

*WFSC 1 Nick Fury, Scorpio & Wolverine travel to Carpasia to learn who has pushed the country from freedom to civil war

*CABL 5 vs. Sinsear

Fatal Attractions
*XMEN 25 Xavier attacks Magneto and wipes his mind
*WOLV 75 Wolverine leaves the X-Men
*EXCB 71 Xavier tries to regain Colossus from the Acolytes

*XFOR Ann 2 w/X-treme vs. Martin Strong
*XMEN Ann 2 Empyrean, Legacy Virus colony

Northern Dreams
*WOLV 76 Wolverine returns to Canada
*WOLV 77 Lady Deathstryke abandons her vendetta against Logan

Shadow Games
*SHAD 1 Shadow Force kidnaps Spider-Man
*SHAD 2 vs. Shadowforce
*SHAD 3 vs. Shadowforce

*EXCB 72 Excalibur moves to Muir Isle
*EXCB 73 Phoenix battles Siena Blaze

Blood Ties
*AVNG 368 Cortez kidnaps Luna
*XMEN 26 Xavier locates mutant resistance
*WCAV 101 War Machine vs. Exodus
*UCXM 307 Quicksilver & Crystal confront Cortez
*AVNG 369 The X-Men and Avengers battle Exodus

The New Humanity
*XFAC 96 Government soldiers attack Polaris
*XFAC 97 Haven rescues Polaris from her attackers
*XFAC 98 The team divides over Haven
*XFAC 99 Haven cures Wolfsbane of her Mutate bonding
*XFAC 100 Madrox dies of Legacy Virus

*XFOR 27 X-Force goes to rescue Senator Kelly from the MLF
*XFOR 28 Feral joins MLF, Sunspot disappears

*XMEN 27 Threnody joins Sinister to find a Legacy Virus cure

*XMUL 3 X-Men capture a rampaging Sabretooth

*XFOR 29 Arcade kidnaps Shatterstar
*XFOR 30 Shatterstar & X-treme vs. Arcade

Fathers and Sons
*CABL 6 Tyler plots vengeance against Cable
*CABL 7 Stryfe targets Tyler
*CABL 8 Stryfe sacrifices himself for Cable

*UCXM 308 Jean Grey proposes to Cyclops

*XMEN 28 X-Men deal with Sabretooth in the mansion

*XFOR 31 Siryn reconciles w/Black Tom Cassidy

*UCXM 309 Xavier ponders his personal life

*WOLV 78 vs. Cylla & Bloodscream

*NWAR 44 Thrash & Justice infiltrate Upstarts
*XMEN 29 Psylocke & Archangel go to the Hellfire Club

Child's Play
*XFOR 32 Siena Blaze kidnaps Cannonball & Boomer
*NWAR 45 Firestar, Moonstar, Empath, Karma "captured"
*XFOR 33 Cable kills Trevor Fitzroy
*NWAR 46 Paige convinces Gamesmaster to guide new mutants

*XFOR 34 Rictor confronts his family

The Killing Field
*CABL 9 Omega Red breaks into Muir Island
*CABL 10 Acolytes spring a trap on Cable
*CABL 11 Cable battles Colossus & Acolytes

*EXCB 74 Sinister acquires Phoenix's DNA

The Ties That Bind
*UCXM 310 Cyclops & Cable deal w/X-Cutioner
*XMEN 30 Cyclops & Jean Grey's wedding
*EXCB 75 Phoenix swaps places in the timestream w/Britanic

*XFAC 101 X-Factor mourns Madrox
*XFAC Ann 9 Xavier confronts Haven
*XFAC 102 Random reveals his employer to Polaris

A Bone To Pick
*WOLV 79 Cyber tracks Logan to Scotland
*WOLV 80 Cyber continues to chase Logan to Muir Island
*WOLV 81 Excalibur helps Logan battle Cyber

*SSAB 23 Deadpool is hired to capture Silver Sable

Soul Possessions
*XMEN 31 Revanche commits suicide in Matsu'o's arms
*XMEN 32 Psylocke rids herself of the Kwannon-persona

The Phalanx
*UCXM 311 Bishop & Jubilee recapture Sabretooth
*UCXM 312 Storm, Yukio & Gambit vs. the Phalanx
*UCXM 313 vs. Phalanx, Emma Frost possesses Iceman

*WOLV 82 Wolverine leaves Amiko in Yukio's care

*XFAC 103 Malice possesses Havok
*XFAC 104 Polaris battles the Malice-controlled Havok
*XFAC 105 Mr. Sinister destroys Malice

*UCXM 314 White Queen discovers Hellions' fate

Hope and D'Spayre
*XMUL 4 Nightcrawler, Rogue & Graydon Creed confront Mystique
*EXCB 76 Nightcrawler goes to save Margali from D'spayre
*EXCB 77 Nightcrawler's hope defeats D'spayre

*UCXM Ann 18 Caliban demands Sabretooth in exchange for Jubilee

*XMUL 5 Xavier, Storm & Jubilee stop Kree terrorists

*XMEN 33 Sabretooth tells Rogue of his first encounter with Gambit

Fear and Loathing
*CABL 12 Cable defends Lee Forrester against Senyaka
*CABL 13 D'Spayre entraps Cable & Lee Forrester
*CABL 14 Belasco sends Cable against S'ym

The Douglock Chronicles
*EXCB 78 Zero & Douglock ally w/Excalibur
*EXCB 79 Zero achieves sentience
*EXCB 80 Zero uploads the Legacy Virus cure to Douglock

*XMEN 34 Threnody destroys Sinister's genetic samples

The Tomorrow Agenda
*XFOR 35 X-Force targets Nimrod project
*XFOR 36 Cable convinces Nimrod to shut down
*XFOR 37 Cannonball chats with the Externals

Hunters In Darkness
*WOLV 83 w/Alpha Flight vs. the Hunter in Darkness
*WOLV 84 vs. Hunters in Darkness

*EXCB 81 Kitty & Douglock reconcile

Sins of the Past
*DPV2 1 Deadpool & Siryn vs. Black Tom's men
*DPV2 2 Black Tom sends Juggernaut after Deadpool
*DPV2 3 Black Tom grafts on Deadpool's hand
*DPV2 4 vs. Black Tom & Dr. Killebrew

Apache Autumn
BLAZ 4 Blaze and Warpath hunt for the Wendigo
BLAZ 5 w/Warpath vs. Darryl Licht
BLAZ 6 The Wendigo leads Blaze to his children

DSTR 69 Strange tries to bond with Polaris------------------

*UCXM 315 Colossus defends a neophyte in Avalon court

*EXCB Ann 2 Britanic & Psylocke try to help their brother Jamie

*CABL 15 Thornn reveals that Morlocks are still alive

The Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix
*CYPH 1 Scott & Jean are taken to the future
*CYPH 2 The Daysprings move to CoastCrest City
*CYPH 3 Nathan encounters Stryfe
*CYPH 4 The unit Dayspring defeats Apocalypse

*XMEN 35 Cyclops & Jean Grey help Sunset Grace

The Phalanx Covenant: Generation Next
*UCXM 316 Banshee & co. flee Phalanx-ridden mansion
*XMEN 36 Banshee rescues Synch, Sabretooth escapes
*UCXM 317 Husk, Skin & M escape the Phalanx
*XMEN 37 Banshee & Sabretooth rescue Generation X

The Phalanx Covenant: Life Signs
*XFAC 106 Douglock captures Forge, Cannonball, Wolfsbane
*XFOR 38 Forge discovers the Phalanx is reproducing
*EXCB 82 Douglock destroys the Babel Spire

The Phalanx Covenant: Final Sanction
*WOLV 85 Wolverine battles the Phalanx on Muir Island
*CABL 16 Cable, Wolverine, Cyclops & Phoenix infiltrate the Phalanx hive

*WOLV 86 Elsie Dee tells the story of her time-travels

*WOLV 87 Maverick asks Wolverine to kill him

*XFOR 39 Professor becomes Prosh and must leave X-Force

*XFOR Ann 3 Moonstar tries to stop Reignfire

*XMEN Ann 3 Shinobi Shaw lures Storm into the Hellfire Club

*XMUL 6 Sauron vs. Havok, Cyclops, Polaris & Phoenix

The Soulsword
*EXCB 83 The Soulsword possesses Shadowcat
*EXCB 84 The Gravemoss-controlled Nightcrawler stalks Shadowcat
*EXCB 85 Shadowcat defeats Gravemoss, gives Margali the Soulsword

The Mountjoy Crisis
*BISH 1 Bantam leads Mountjoy to Bishop
*BISH 2 Shard's memories help Bishop track Mountjoy
*BISH 3 Bishop has flashbacks while hunting Mountjoy
*BISH 4 Bishop defeats Mountjoy as an X-Man

*XFAC 107 Strong Guy vs. the Blob

The Nature of the Beast
*XFOR 40 Thornn is arrested for the murder of her family
*XFOR 41 X-Force captures Feral, the true culprit

*XMUL 7 Storm battles Candra for control of Achmed's thieves

*WOLV 88 Logan rescues Kane & Copycat from Deadpool

The Dark Ride
*CABL 17 Cable saves Caliban from the new Dark Riders
*CABL 18 Cable discovers Tyler is behind the Dark Riders
*CABL 19 Cable stops Tyler from using Apocalypse's power

*UCXM 318 Jubilee leaves the X-Men for Generation X

*XMEN 38 Gambit confronts Sabretooth

The Third Genesis
*GENX 1 Generation X saves Chamber from Emplate
*GENX 2 Penance awakens and runs loose
*GENX 3 Chamber reaches out to Penance

*XFAC 108 X-Factor stops Mystique from killing Legion
*XFAC 109 w/Mystique vs. Legion

*UCXM 319 Archangel & Psylocke begin a romance

*XMEN 39 X-treme rescues Cyclops' grandfather

*ROGU 1 The Assassins Guild kidnaps Cody
*ROGU 2 Rogue helps Gambit in an assassin ambush
*ROGU 3 Candra removes Rogue & Bella Donna's powers
*ROGU 4 Rogue chooses saving Cody over removal of her powers

*FOUR 395 The Thing confronts Wolverine

*AVNG 380 Quicksilver & Crystal go to Wundagore Mountain
*AVNG 381 Exodus traps Quicksilver & the High Evolutionary
*AVNG 382 Quicksilver & Crystal battle Rakkus

*WOLV 89 w/Ghost Rider vs. Ogun's wraith

*XFOR 42 Warpath confronts Emma Frost

Legion Quest
*UCXM 320 X-Men go to Israel to recapture Legion
*XMEN 40 Magneto & Xavier meet Legion in the past
*UCXM 321 Cable goes back in time to warn Bishop of Legion
*CABL 20 Cable & the X-Men prepare for the universe's end
*XMEN 41 Legion accidentally kills Xavier in the past

*XFAC 110 Lila Cheney tracks a thief to Madripoor
*XFAC 111 Guido has a heart attack defending Lila

*WOLV 90 Sabretooth goads Wolverine into attacking him
*GENX 4 A deformed child is hunted by the police
*EXCB 86 Excalibur tries to stop new Genoshan weaponry
*XFOR 43 Reignfire reveals himself as Roberto DaCosta

After Xavier: The Age of Apocalypse
*XMCH 1 The X-Men stop Apocalypse from launching missiles
*TAOA 2 Christopher Summers searches for Cyclops & Havok
*XMAN -1 Sinister engineers Nate Grey as a weapon against Apocalypse
*XMCH 2 Holocaust's disciple Wolverine attacks the X-Men
*TAOA 1 Blink takes the X-Men to the moon, to defeat Death
XMAL 1 Bishop encounters Magneto's X-Men
*ASXM 1 Magneto sends Rogue's team to stop Holocaust
*WEPX 1 Logan & Jean disable a sector of the Sea Wall
*GBXT 1 Lila teleports the X-ternals to the Shi'ar Empire
*GBXT 2 The Starjammers save the X-ternals from the Shi'ar
*XCAL 1 Nightcrawler embarks on his journey to Avalon
*FACX 1 Cyclops learns of Sinister's betrayal
*GNXT 1 Colossus learns Illyana is still alive
XMAN 1 Nate begins using his powers
AACH 1 Apocalypse reveals who is Chosen or Forgotten
ASXM 2 Sabretooth battles Holocaust
*AMXM 1 The X-Men defend the Sentinel evacuation
*AMXM 2 Quicksilver & Storm vs. Abyss
*FACX 2 Cyclops helps Polaris escape the pens
*WEPX 2 Jean leaves Logan to warn America
*GNXT 2 Generation Next infiltrates the Seattle Core
*GBXT 3 Gambit retrieves a shard of the M'Kraan Crystal
*FACX 3 Cyclops & Jean Grey join against Apocalypse
*XUNI 1 The Human Council meets with Mikhail Rasputin
*WEPX 3 Logan recruits Gateway against Apocalypse
*ASXM 3 Rogue's team attacks the Infinite plant
*XMAN 2 Essex fuels Nate's anger against Apocalypse
*XCAL 2 Callisto takes over Nightcrawler's ship
*XCAL 3 Damask defects to defend Avalon
*AMXM 3 Apocalypse captures Magneto & Bishop
*GNXT 3 Mondo locates Illyana
*GNXT 4 Colossus sacrifices his students for Illyana
ASXM 4 Rogue's X-Men destroy the Infinite plant
*GBXT 4 Guido gives Charles & the M'Kraan to Apocalypse
XMAN 3 Domino & Sinister kill off Nate's band
*XMAN 4 Nathan kills Sinister and hunts Apocalypse
*FACX 4 Cyclops & Jean Grey destroy the pens
XCAL 4 X-Calibre rescues Destiny from the Shadow King
AMXM 4 The X-Men rescue Bishop from the Madri & Abyss
*WEPX 4 Gateway decides to lead the Human Armada
XUNI 2 The Human Council defeats Mikhail Rasputin
XMOM 1 Bishop goes back in time to save Xavier from Legion

*XMPR 1 Someone leaks knowledge of the Legacy Virus to the press

XMAN 5 Nate meets Madelyne Pryor

*EXCB 87 Excalibur investigates the secrets behind Genosha

WOLV 91 Logan's mutation begins making him more feral

*UCXM 322 Juggernaut warns the X-Men about Onslaught

The Fall of Avalon
*XMEN 42 Holocaust awakens and attacks Exodus
*XMEN 43 Holocaust and Exodus destroy Avalon
*XMEN 44 Cyclops leads the Acolytes to safety

*CABL 21 Blaquesmith warns Cable of a mysterious stalker
*XFOR 44 Cannonball graduates to the X-Men

XMAN 6 Sugar Man sends Rex to retrieve X-Man

Wrecking Havok
*XFAC 112 Scarlett & Fatale pursue a delusionary Havok
*XFAC 113 Yukio rescues Havok from Fatale

*CABL 22 Cable rescues Renee Majcomb from the Genoshans

WOLV Ann95 w/Nightcrawler vs. the N'Garai demons

*XFOR 45 Caliban seeks vengeance on Sabretooth
*XFOR 46 X-Force confronts the Mimic

A Nation Rising
UCXM 323 The Gene Nation claim responsibility for terrorist acts
UCXM 324 The X-Men battle Sack & Vessel

WOLV 92 The Hudsons visit the devolving Wolverine

*GENX 5 Generation X rescues Artie from the Gene Nation
*GENX 6 Emma Frost defeats and escapes the Gene Nation

*XFOR 47 The Gamesmaster is revealed behind the Weisman Institute

*XFAC 114 Forge & Val Cooper force Mystique into X-Factor

Dream Nails
*EXCB 88 Shadowcat & Wisdom discover a Black Air cover-up
*EXCB 89 Wisdom & Pryde infiltrate Dream Nails
*EXCB 90 Kitty & Wisdom escape Black Air and the Uncreated

*WVKT 1 Rahne & Logan are once again pulled into Geshem to help the queen against the beast, Sabretooth

The Starjammers
SJAM 1 The Starjammers shuttle away Kree refugees
SJAM 2 The Starjammers destroy an Uncreated vessel
SJAM 3 The crew learns more about the Uncreated
SJAM 4 Corsair fools the Uncreated into destroying themselves

Sons Of the Fathers
CMAR 1 Genis fails to defuse a terrorist Nega-bomb
CMAR 2 Rick Jones interviews Genis on his talk show
CMAR 3 Eric the Red reveals his plans for X-treme to usurp Lilandra
CMAR 4 Genis brings down the terrorist Zay-Rogg

XMAN 7 Selene lures Madelyne Pryor away from Nate

XMEN Ann95 Genesis kidnaps an old love of Sinister's

WOLV 93 The Dark Riders break Cyber out of prison

UCXM 325 Colossus joins the X-Men against Gene Nation
XMEN 45 Rogue leaves Gambit & the X-Men

UCXM 326 Gambit forces Sabretooth to remember his victims

XFAC 115 Cyclops tries to comfort Havok

XMUL 8 The X-Men find a young Legacy Virus victim

WOLV 94 Wolverine drives a token from the biosphere

King Of the Hill
*STOR 1 Storm performs the Ceremony of Light
*STOR 2 Storm discovers Mikhail at the top of the Morlock Hill
*STOR 3 Storm faces Mikhail and the next generation of Gene Nation
*STOR 4 Storm forces Mikhail to teleport the Morlocks back to Earth

BOAS 1 The secrets of Askani lore
ASKN 1 Blaquesmith allows Dayspring to escape the Canaanites
ASKN 2 Dayspring, 'Strator Umbridge & Stryfe close in on Madam Sanctity
ASKN 3 Aliya leads Dayspring to Madam Sanctity

What Is...Is
*CABL 23 Cable follows Tyler's trail and finds Jenskot
*CABL 24 Blaquesmith sends Cable & Domino to the future
*CABL 25 Cable unites his younger self with the Professor

XMAN 8 The Dark Beast rescues Nate from Rex
XMAN 9 The Dark Beast offers to help Nate control his powers
XMAN 10 Xavier confronts, and is defeated by, X-Man

*WVGB 1 Gambit tracks a serial killer in London
*WVGB 2 Arcade & a new Mastermind are revealed behind the murders
*WVGB 3 Mastermind manipulates Gambit's & Wolverine's memories
*WVGB 4 Mastermind discovers Arcade's motives and turns against him

*EXCB 91 Excalibur members relax at a pub
*EXCB 92 The jealous Colossus attacks Peter Wisdom

*GENX 7 Banshee's past missions haunt his dreams
*GENX 8 Generation X follow Cassidy Keep to another world
*GENX 9 Generation X repairs the Glamour Machine

*XFOR 48 X-Force tries to keep Boomer away from Sabretooth

SMTU 1 Spider-Man & the X-Men vs. the Hellfire Club

UCXM Ann95 Cannonball & Husk expose Humanity's Last Stand

EXCB 93 Wolfsbane confronts Reverend Craig with his past

WOLV 95 Dirt Nap tries to abduct Wolverine
XFAC 116 An enraged Aurora confronts Wild Child

Brood Feud
GSTR 67 The Brood target Ghost Rider & Gambit
GSTR 68 w/Gambit & Wolverine vs. the Brood Queen

GENX Ann95 Cordelia Frost enlists Generation X to rescue Mondo
GENX 10 Omega Red mortally wounds Banshee
GENX 11 Chamber single-handedly defeats Omega Red

EXCB 94 Britannic dreams of a future England, ruled by Black Air

The Return of the X-Babies
XMEN 46 The X-babies ask the X-Men to save them from being cancelled
XMEN 47 Dazzler offers the X-babies sanctuary

UCXM 327 A nun nurses the amnesiac Magneto back to health

XMAN 11 X-Man helps Rogue against the X-Cutioner

XFAC 117 Haven gives birth to The Adversary
XFAC 118 Random delivers Havok to the Dark Beast

WOLV 96 Genesis kills Cyber for his adamantium

XMUL 9 Bloodscream & Belasco plot to conquer the N'Garai

Death Of a Nation
CABL 26 Cable & Domino join the Genoshan underground resistance
CABL 27 Cable & Domino battle the Genoshan Magistrates
CABL 28 Cable ousts the Sugar Man from Genosha


XMAN 12 Moira warns Nate of the danger from his own powers
EXCB 95 Excalibur makes X-Man realize the rashness of his actions

The Red Zone
UCXM 328 Sabretooth escapes from the X-Mansion
SRDZ 1 The X-Men hunt down Sabretooth in New York

XMEN 48 Dark Beast & Sugar Man plot to remove Bishop

Warriors of the Ebon Night
UCXM 329 Wolverine & Archangel search for the Crimson Dawn
UCXM 330 Archangel saves Psylocke's life with the Crimson Dawn

EXCB 96 Alistaire Stuart warns Excalibur about Black Air's threat
EXCB 97 Britannic takes his place as Black Bishop of the Hellfire Club

XFOR 49 Holocaust captures X-Force for Sebastian Shaw
XFOR 50 Shaw turns X-Force on Cable & Domino
XFOR 51 Boomer changes her name to Meltdown

XMEN 49 The Dark Beast learns about his counterpart in this world

XFAC 119 Forge prepares to defend against the Adversary

CABL 29 Cable prepares to confront X-Man

XMAN 13 Nate rescues Threnody from the Marauders

Spirit Journey
XFAC 120 The Adversary "kills" X-Factor before Forge's eyes
XFAC 121 Forge drives off the Adversary by embracing his Shaman heritage

XMEN 50 The X-Men are tested by Post, emissary of Onslaught

XMUL 10 The Dark Beast studies, captures & replaces Beast

UCXM 331 Iceman demands Emma Frost help him with his powers

The Further Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix
*FACP 1 Essex begins experimenting on human mutation
*FACP 2 Apocalypse takes control of the Hellfire Club
*FACP 3 Essex accepts Apocalypse's offer to become Sinister
*FACP 4 Sinister turns on Apocalypse, forcing him into hibernation

Nobody Lives Forever
XFOR 52 X-Force encounters the Onslaught-augmented Blob
XFOR 53 X-Force defends itself against the panicked Externals

Identity Crisis
CABL 30 Cable tracks X-Man to his Swiss chalet safehouse
XMAN 14 X-Man seals Exodus inside the earth
CABL 31 Cable recovers from his clash with X-Man

XFOR 54 X-Force relates how they tried to save the Externals from Selene

Day Of Wrath
XMBR 1 The Brood pursue a woman who controlled her implanted egg
XMBR 2 Jean Grey stands between the Brood and their renegade Queen

XMEN 51 The X-Men try to stop a train carrying a mutant virus
XMEN 52 Sinister studies Bishop's memories of alternate timelines

Horseman of Genesis
WOLV 97 Logan investigates a break-in at Landau, Luckman & Lake
WOLV 98 Wolverine travels to the L, L & L office in Madripoor
WOLV 99 Genesis captures Wolverine
WOLV 100 Wolverine embraces his bestial side to escape Genesis

Family Secret
GENX 12 Emplate and his band capture Generation X
GENX 13 M fends off the new Hellions to summon help against Emplate
GENX 14 Bishop helps Generation X drive away Emplate

UCXM 332 The X-Men catch up with the devolved Wolverine
WOLV 101 Wolverine & the X-Men battle Ozymandias

Gathering the Hounds
XFAC 122 X-Factor encounters Sabretooth on his government mission
XFAC 123 Sabretooth & X-Factor battle the Hound

CABL 32 Cable vents his sorrows by assaulting a Sentinel base

ARCH 1 A mysterious woman helps Archangel accept his wings

Out Of Synch
GENX 15 Generation X tracks the Emplate-enthralled Synch to St. Louis
GENX 16 M breaks Synch out of Emplate's thrall
GENX 17 The X-cutioner hunts Skin through an abandoned amusement park

EXCB 98 Excalibur attacks a Black Air facility in search of Douglock
EXCB 99 Margali releases a demon on London

UCXM Ann96 Bishop defends Shard against Bastion and the Hound

*XSEN 1 Bishop & Shard reminisce about joining the X.S.E.
*XSEN 2 The young Bishop & Shard stand against 'emplate hordes
*XSEN 3 Fitzroy's misinformation leads Shard to her death
*XSEN 4 In the present, Shard joins X-Factor with Bishop's approval

XMAN 15 Onslaught sends Holocaust after X-Man
XMAN 16 Holocaust blackmails X-Man into surrender
XMAN 17 Nate fakes his surrender and defeats Holocaust

UCXM 333 The X-Men learn of the government's Operation Zero Tolerance
XFOR 55 X-Force rescues Cyclops from SHIELD

XFAC 124 The government begins molding X-Factor into Hounds

XMEN 53 Onslaught takes Phoenix into Professor Xavier's mind

CABL 33 Cable's search for Blaquesmith's attacker leads him to Post

XFOR 56 Siryn rescues Deadpool from the Weisman Institute

WOLV 102 Elektra tracks Wolverine through New York City
WOLV 103 Elektra trains Wolverine in the way of the righteous warrior

XMUL 11 Magneto rescues Rogue from Humanity's Last Stand

FOUR 414 Onslaught wins the confidence of Franklin Richards

UCXM 334 Juggernaut asks Phoenix to unlock his memories of Onslaught
XMEN 54 Xavier's dark side takes over as Onslaught

AVNG 400 X-Man warns the Avengers about Onslaught

OSXM 1 Onslaught decimates the X-Men when they refuse to join him
UCXM 335 The Avengers offer to help the X-Men against Onslaught
WOLV 104 Gateway reveals Onslaught's origin in Xavier's battle with Magneto
CABL 34 Onslaught sends the Hulk after Cable
HULK 444 Cable frees the Hulk from Onslaught's thrall
GENX 18 The White Queen smuggles Generation X to Canada
GENX 19 Toad attacks Emma Frost's enthralled students
EXCB 100 Excalibur severs Margali's connection to the demon under London
EXCB 101 Moira stops Excalibur from joining the Onslaught war
AVNG 401 The Avengers & Gambit track down Magneto & Rogue
FOUR 415 Onslaught battles the Fantastic Four for Franklin Richards
XFAC 125 X-Factor tries to prevent Onslaught from launching the Sentinels
XFAC 126 X-Factor frees Beast from the Dark Beast
XMEN 55 Onslaught & his Sentinels capture Manhattan
XMUL 12 Juggernaut faces Cyttorak to escape the Crimson Gem
GGOB 12 The Green Goblin summons the courage to battle a Sentinel
AMSM 415 Spider-Man finds Manhattan overrun by Sentinels
XMAN 18 Sinister confronts X-Force to acquire X-Man
XFOR 57 Sinister defeats X-Force and captures X-Man
UCXM 336 Thor's rescue of Xavier frees Onslaught's power
CABL 35 Cable & Apocalypse unite to free Franklin Richards from Onslaught
PUN3 11 The Punisher investigates the crashed SHIELD Helicarrier
SPMN 72 Spider-Man & Peter Parker join forces against the Sentinels
XMAN 19 Sinister tries to keep X-Man from falling into Onslaught's trap
XFOR 58 Onslaught tempts X-Force with their hearts' desires
IRON 332 Iron Man develops Xavier's anti-psionic armor
HULK 445 The Hulk launches an unsuccessful attack on Onslaught
AVNG 402 The Avengers defend against Post and Holocaust
FOUR 416 Doom and several heroes join forces with the Fantastic Four
WOLV 105 Stick guides Wolverine back onto the Path
XMEN 56 Onslaught decides that neither human nor mutant is worthy of survival
OSMU 1 The non-mutant heroes sacrifice themselves to destroy Onslaught

CABL 36 Franklin Richards helps Cable fight down his techno-organic virus

GENX 20 Nathaniel Richards leaves Franklin with Generation X
GENX 21 Beast administers midterm exams to Generation X

XMAN 20 X-Man rescues Threnody from the vengeful Abomination

UCXM 337 Wolverine talks with Xavier about Onslaught

Mystique & Sabretooth
MYSB 1 Mystique & Sabretooth steal Catalyst's computer program
MYSB 2 Mystique & Sabretooth infiltrate a Hydra base
MYSB 3 Sabretooth pursues the still-living Catalyst
MYSB 4 Mystique takes revenge on Catalyst for Destiny's torture

MFN2 4 Longshot rescues Major Domo from execution by Spiral
MFN2 5 Longshot & Major Domo bring down Mojo II: the Sequel

The Shatterstar Saga
XFOR 59 Gog & Magog kidnap Shatterstar
XFOR 60 Mojo establishes a base on Earth
XFOR 61 Longshot transfers Shatterstar's life essence into Benjamin Russel

WOLV 106 Wolverine meets the members of Elektra's household

XFAC 127 Mystique seeks vengeance for a beaten mutant under her care

GENX Ann96 Generation X clashes with Fenris and their mutagenic device

EXCB 102 American anti-mutant agents confront Shadowcat

XMEN 57 Val Cooper takes Professor Xavier into protective custody
UCXM 338 Archangel regains his natural wings

Pryde & Wisdom
PRWS 1 Pryde and Wisdom hunt a mutant serial killer in London
PRWS 2 Wisdom's family deciphers the killer's motives
PRWS 3 Pryde & Wisdom discover a plot to keep English mutants underground

XMEN 58 Gambit and Magneto quarrel over Rogue

XMEN Ann96 The X-Men, X-Force & Generation X recover from Onslaught

XMAN 21 X-Man & Threnody spend a day in New York City

EXCB 103 Shadowcat, Nightcrawler & Colossus escape Belasco's logic trap

XFOR Ann96 X-Force comes between the Shi'ar and a cyborg spy

The Rise Of Apocalypse
*ROAP 1 Baal takes En Sabah Nur to discover Rama-Tut's secrets
*ROAP 2 En Sabah Nur prepares for vengeance against Rama-Tut & Ozymandias
*ROAP 3 Rama-Tut tries to force En Sabah Nur's fealty
*ROAP 4 Apocalypse destroys the Sphinx & enslaves Ozymandias

BKEX 1 The Black Knight & Sersi witness the creation of Exodus

XFOR 62 X-Force destroys Shinobi Shaw's anti-mutant technology

BEAS 1 Beast & Cannonball help Karma track her kidnapped siblings
BEAS 2 Viper sets Karma's transformed siblings against her
BEAS 3 Beast, Karma & Cannonball bring down Spiral's Body Shop

MFN2 6 Sabretooth, Power Man & Iron Fist track the Constrictor

GENX 22 Nightmare asks Emma Frost's help against an usurper to his realm

UCXM 339 Cyclops defends J. Jonah Jameson against Havok
XMEN 59 Quicksilver confronts Magneto

WOLV Ann96 Wolverine & his Japanese allies unite to stop Red Ronin

XMUL 13 The X-Men, Silver Surfer & Binary battle the Inciters
SSUR 123 The Silver Surfer tries to determine why he has lost his emotions

WOLV 107 The Hand kidnaps Yukio & Amiko
WOLV 108 The Pale Flower & Yohei join Wolverine against the Hand
WOLV 109 The Hand brainwashes Amiko into wanting revenge against Wolverine

XMAN 22 Selene presents Madelyne Pryor to the Hellfire Club

EXCB 104 Shadowcat searches for the truth of Douglock's identity
EXCB 105 Shadowcat deals with the reality of Douglock not being Cypher reborn

WOLV 110 Wolverine & Shaman stop an escaped Great Beast spirit

SMTU 5 Spider-Man & Gambit stop Tombstone from releasing an addictive drug

Tooth & Claw
VNTC 1 Venom & Wolverine chase Dirt Nap through a Warp Chamber
VNTC 2 Venom & Wolverine pursue Dirt Nap & Chimera
VNTC 3 Venom & Wolverine defeat Chimera & Dirt Nap

MAV1 1 Omega Red pursues Maverick & Elena Ivanova

CABL 37 Psycho-Man kidnaps Copycat when trying to abduct Kane
CABL 38 Kane & Cable pursue Psycho-Man into the Microverse
CABL 39 Cable uses the power of Kane & Copycat's love to defeat the Psycho-Man

EXCB 106 The Acolytes ask Colossus to rejoin them in New Avalon

MAGN 1 Fabian Cortez convinces Joseph to stand against Exodus
MAGN 2 Joseph takes on the mantle of Magneto to lead the Acolytes
MAGN 3 A battle with Exodus reverts Joseph to his Magneto persona
MAGN 4 Joseph pushes down his Magneto persona & disbands the Acolytes

"It Begins"
XFAC 128 X-Factor hunts down a mutant they discover is the Multiple Man
XFAC 129 Mystique escapes X-Factor to hunt down Graydon Creed
UCXM 340 Iceman leaves the X-Men to spend time with his parents
XFAC 130 An unknown assassin kills presidential candidate Graydon Creed

WOLV 111 Ogun's spirit tempts Wolverine with Mariko's resurrection

DEDP 1 Wade is hired to destroy a gamma radiation facility as a test

XMEN 60 Jamil seizes Candra's immortal power
XMEN 61 Storm destroys Candra's heart-gem
Total Xtinction
PUN3 12 S.H.I.E.L.D. sends the Punisher to protect Reverend Connover
PUN3 13 The new MLF sends Corpus Derelicti after Reverend Connover
PUN3 14 The M.L.F. closes in on Reverend Connover
PUN3 15 Trask is revealed behind the non-mutant M.L.F.
PUN3 16 The Punisher & X-Cutioner expose the false Mutant Liberation Front

CABL 40 Cable & Abyss defends Renée Majcomb from First Strike

GENX 23 Chamber's self-pity alienates him from Husk

XMEN Ann'97 The Gamesmaster tries to tempt Magneto back to his dark side

XMUL 14 Franklin Richards confronts Magneto about his parents
JUGR 1 Juggernaut is caught in a feud between Spite & D'spayre

OSEP 1 The captive Xavier helps a Manite child escape Bastion

XMAN 23 Madelyne Pryor becomes the Black Rook of the Hellfire Club
XMAN Ann96 X-Man stops the Sugar Man from unleashing a plague

CABL 41 Cable & Bishop stop Sinsear from using the time-displacement core

DOMN 1 Domino sets out to rescue an old love from Department H
DOMN 2 Domino battles Lady Deathstryke
DOMN 3 Pierce absorbs Milo Thurman's predictive genius

XFOR 63 X-Force races against S.H.I.E.L.D. for Doom's time platform
XFOR 64 X-Force thwarts World War II Nazis in Latveria

XFAC 131 Havok forces the Dark Beast & Fatale into his new Brotherhood

CABL 42 Cable & Storm stop Callisto & Marrow from detonating a bomb

XMUL 15 Maverick helps Chris Bradley escape anti-mutant violence

AMSM 420 Spider-Man befriends X-Man
XMAN 24 X-Man & Spider-Man face Threnody & Morbius
XMAN 25 X-Man learns the truth of Madelyne Pryor's resurrection

CABL 43 Cable rescues a young mutant from a gang
CABL 44 Cable faces his resurrected mother, Madelyne Pryor

GENX 24 The Generation X girls share their "first manifestation" stories

IGRD 1 The Imperial Guard battle Underground Militia
UCXM 341 Gladiator sends the X-Men to help the Shi'ar
UCXM 342 The X-Men arrive at a decimated Shi'ar space station
IGRD 2 The Underground Militia is revealed as a Kree operation
IGRD 3 The Supreme Intelligence resurrects itself through Rick Jones

GENX Ann'97 Generation X is attacked by D'spayre

XMUL 16 Banshee & Emma Frost consider two candidates for the Xavier Institute

GENX 25 Black Tom Cassidy tries to seize control of Generation X

XFOR Ann'97 X-Force & Moonstar stop Malekith's invasion of Asgard

Operation X-Factor Underground
XFAC 132 X-Factor dissolves its association with the government
XFAC 133 Forge fakes X-Factor's death for the government
XFAC 134 X-Factor rescues the kidnapped Trevor Chase

EXCB 107 Nightcrawler decides to search for and train new mutants

XMAN 26 X-Man goes to Moira MacTaggart for help with his lost powers

DEDP 2 TaskMaster kidnaps Weasel

The Battle for Britain
EXCB 108 The Dragons of the Crimson Dawn capture Captain Britain
EXCB 109 Spiral asks Excalibur for aid against the Dragons of the Crimson Dawn
EXCB 110 Captain Britain sacrifices his powers to defeat the Dragons of the Crimson Dawn

XMAN 27 X-Man & Havok's Brotherhood rescue Aurora from Department H
XMAN 28 X-Man rejects Havok's offer of membership in the Brotherhood
XMAN 29 X-Man's powers bring him back to life after inhaling Coldsnap-9

XFAC 135 X-Factor rescues Strong Guy from the government

XFOR 65 Risque betrays and captures Warpath
XFOR 66 X-Force hunts Risque to find Warpath

HULK 454 The Hulk's Savage Land tribe wages war on Ka-Zar's tribe
HULK 455 The Hulk breaks free of the X-Men
HULK 456 Apocalypse transforms the Hulk into his Horseman of War
HULK 457 Apocalypse pits the Hulk against Juggernaut & the Absorbing Man

PPSM 84 Spider-Man has a run-in with Juggernaut & Apocalypse's sword

UCXM 343 The X-Men escape the Phalanx-infested space station
UCXM 344 The X-Men destroy the Phalanx on the Shi'ar throne world

SGSF 1 Strong Guy & Lila Cheney are caught between warring aliens

EXCB 111 Ogun tries to possess Shadowcat
EXCB 112 Colossus & Meggan crash land near Wundagore Mountain
EXCB 113 Colossus & Meggan learn of the High Evolutionary's war with Exodus

UCXM Ann'97 The X-Men & the Brotherhood defend Gene Nation against the Razors

WOLV 112 Wolverine takes up residence in Manhattan
WOLV 113 Wolverine defends Zoe's box from Ogun
WOLV 114 Ogun's spirit takes over Lady Deathstryke

Psylocke & Archangel: Crimson Dawn
PACD 1 Kuragari sends his Undercloaks to recruit Psylocke
PACD 2 Psylocke is taken to the Crimson Dawn by Kuragari
PACD 3 Kuragari transforms Psylocke into an Undercloak
PACD 4 Angel makes a sacrifice to save Psylocke

GENX 26 Generation X tries to survive, adrift on a raft in the ocean

DAYD 1 The Daydreamers search for Howard the Duck through the dimensions
DAYD 2 The Dark Hunter pursues Franklin Richards through the dream-scape
DAYD 3 The Dark Hunter forces Franklin to face his grief over his parents' deaths

GENX 27 Bastion tries to extract information on the X-Men from Jubilee

Games Of Death & Deceit
XMEN 62 The X-Men & Shang Chi unite to stop a plot by Sebastian Shaw
XMEN 63 The X-Men confront Sebastian Shaw in Hong Kong
XMEN 64 The X-Men are caught between Sebastian Shaw & the Kingpin

UCXM 345 The X-Men follow a giant space craft through the star gate

DEDP 3 Dr.Killbrew informs Deadpool that he is dying
DEDP 4 Deadpool battles Hulk for a sample of his blood
DEDP 5 Deadpool spares Dr.Killbrew's life

XFOR 67 X-Force & the M.L.F. are ambushed by Operation: Zero Tolerance
XFOR 68 A Zero Tolerance agent captures Domino

GENX 28 Shaper of Dreams creates a fantasy world for Generation X

XMEN 65 Operation Zero Tolerance captures the X-Men & takes over the X-Mansion

SBTN 1 Sabretooth & Wild Child track a pair of serial killers
XFAC 136 Sabretooth breaks free and rips through X-Factor
XFAC 137 Havok rescues the wounded X-Factor from Operation: Zero Tolerance

MAVR 1 Maverick's Legacy Virus infection goes into remission
MAVR 2 Maverick is brainwashed by Ivan the Terrible
MAVR 3 Maverick battles Vindicator & Puck over Major Barrington

MTU2 1 Spider-Man & Generation X unite against a terrorist bomber

Zero Tolerance

UCXM 346 Spider-Man intervenes between Marrow and Henry Peter Gyrich
GENX 29 Tores turns Generation X over to Operation: Zero Tolerance
XMEN 66 Iceman rescues a medical intern from Operation Zero Tolerance
WOLV 115 Wolverine breaks the X-Men free from Zero Tolerance
UCXM 347 Nanny & her minions capture the X-Men
XMEN 67 Sabra steals information that could bring down Bastion
UCXM 348 Magneto's robotic Nanny holds the X-Men captive
GENX 30 Emma Frost uses Penance to bargain with Emplate
GENX 31 A Sentinel attack reveals the true nature of M's powers
WOLV 116 Wolverine discovers how Bastion creates his Prime Sentinels
XMEN 68 Marrow rescues Iceman & Cecilia Reyes from the Sentinels
CABL 45 Cable lays siege to the Bastion-controlled X-Mansion
CABL 46 Cable removes vital information from Xavier's computers
CABL 47 Cable has a stand-off with Bastion
XFOR 69 X-Force rescues Meltdown, Shatterstar & Rictor from Gryaznova
XFOR 70 X-Force leaves Cable & the Xavier Institute
XMAN 30 X-Man rescues the Greys from Operation: Zero Tolerance
WOLV 117 Prime Sentinels attack the X-Men
UCXM 349 Psylocke & Archangel encounter Maggott
XMEN 69 Iceman tracks Bastion to his lair
WOLV 118 Wolverine helps Mustang fight off his Sentinel programming
UCXM 350 Gambit stands trial for his role in the Mutant Massacre
XMEN 70 Cecilia Reyes defuses a bomb planted in Cyclops by Bastion

SMVA 1 Operation: Zero Tolerance sends Venom after J.Jonah Jameson


DEDP 6 Mary Walker reveals herself as Typhoid Mary
DEDP 7 Mary accompanies Deadpool to the Hellhouse for employment
DEDP/DDEV Ann97 Typhoid Mary attacks Daredevil

DEDP 8 Wade chases Typhoid Mary as she goes on a murdering spree
DEDP 9 Deathtrap tests his new torture devices on Deadpool
DEDP 10 Wade offers Blind Al freedom

The Hellfire Hunt
CABL 48 A tabloid reporter investigates the Hellfire Club
CABL 49 Cable uncovers a Hellfire Club plot against Apocalypse
CABL 50 The Hellfire Club awakens the Harbinger of Apocalypse
CABL 51 The Master Man rescues Cable & Irene
CABL 52 The Master Man helps Cable track the Hellfire Club
CABL 53 Cable battles Sebastian Shaw & Donald Pierce in Apocalypse's lair
CABL 54 Cable & the Black Panther battle Klaw

XFAC 138 Sabretooth battles Omega Red

WOLV Ann97 Wolverine faces the feral Volk

COLS 1 Arcade tries to force Colossus to kill him

DEDP 11 Wade and Blind Al escape the past

QSIL 1 Quicksilver defends Wundagore against Exodus

EXCB 114 Pete Wisdom escapes from Sari St. Hubbins

The New Mutants Reunion
NMLS 1 Magik teleports the New Mutants forward in time
NMLS 2 Karma dominates the New Mutants on behalf of Mikhail
NMLS 3 The New Mutants discover the truth behind Mikhail's plans

XMAN 31 X-Man battles the Hybrid

XASD 1 X-Man investigates Absynthia & her undead minions

XMAN Ann97 X-Man, Holocaust & the Dark Beast unite against the Shi'ar

MAVR 4 Maverick & Wolverine rescue Chris Bradley from the Friends of Humanity

XFAC 139 Mystique poses as Senator Brickman's wife to track Sabretooth

XMUL 17 Sabretooth switches minds with Wolverine

MAVR 5 Maverick battles the Blob
MAVR 6 Sabretooth lures Elena Ivanova into a trap
MAVR 7 Maverick rescues Elena Ivanova from Sabretooth

XFOR 71 X-Force rescues a boy from the Mob

The Drowning Man
DEDP 12 Deadpool seeks out Siryn to keep from slipping into darkness
DEDP 13 Deadpool battles T-Ray
DEDP 14 A mysterious figure begins stalking former Weapon X members

XFOR 72 Warpath & Siryn pursue Michael Whitecloud

GENX 32 Generation X confronts the Circus of Crime

Kitty Pryde: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
KPAS 1 Ogun lures Kitty Pryde aboard the SHIELD Helicarrier
KPAS 2 Kitty Pryde & Wolverine free the Helicarrier from Ogun
KPAS 3 Kitty battles Ogun on the astral plane to save Rigby's soul

Xavier's Underground Enforcers
XFAC 140 Shard re-lives her experience with Xavier's Underground Enforcers
XFAC 141 Shard brings the X.U.E. members into this time

Not Dead Yet
WOLV 119 The White Ghost leaves a dead beggar in Wolverine's bed
WOLV 120 The White Ghost lures Wolverine into the countryside
WOLV 121 The White Ghost continues to bait Wolverine
WOLV 122 Wolverine kills the White Ghost

GENX 33 Two youngsters burglarize Xavier's School

EXCB 115 Moira McTaggart places herself in quarantine

LGNS 1 Longshot leaves Mojoverse on a quest

Gambit II
GAM2 1 Tante Mattie instructs Gambit to rescue a fallen angel
GAM2 2 Gambit races against Stoker to find Anielle
GAM2 3 Stoker taunts Sister Katrina about her relationship with Gambit
GAM2 4 Gambit realizes his true path to redemption

XFOR 73 Warpath discovers Stryfe's role in the Camp Verde Massacre
XFOR 74 Stryfe tries to return from the dead using Warpath's soul

GENX 34 M merges with Emplate
GENX 35 M-Plate takes Synch to her home dimension
GENX 36 Elwood the Pooka helps Generation X track Synch
GENX 37 Generation X tracks Synch through the dimensions
GENX 38 Dirt Nap rescues Generation X from M-plate
GENX 39 Synch battles a god

Heroes Reborn: the Return
HRRB 1 Franklin Richards learns of the pocket dimension he created
HRRB 2 Hulk vs Hulk
HRRB 3 Ashema the Celestial saves Franklin Richards
HRRB 4 Dr.Strange offeres Eternity Franklin's ball for safe keeping

XMUL 18 Gambit battles the Hydro-Man, Marrow protects Callisto

XMEN 71 Cyclops & Phoenix leave the X-Men to recover from their injuries
XMEN 72 Wolverine & Marrow brawl in the basement

EXCB 116 Excalibur discovers Nightcrawler cornered by mutant Sidri
EXCB 117 Colossus & Nightcrawler battle mutant Sidri Hunters

UCXM 351 Cecilia Reyes tries to re-claim her old life before the Sentinel attack

DDEV 371 Cecilia Reyes treats Daredevil

UCXM 352 Cyclops & Phoenix rescue a psionic entity from A.I.M. agents

QSIL 2 Quicksilver & the New Men relocate to Manhattan
QSIL 3 New Men & Arkon cure a drugged Thundra, Quicksilver re-unites with Crystal

BXSE 1 Annabella Knox poses as Randall and kills Mr. Knox
BXSE 2 XSE hunts Bishop after Annabella poses as him in a terrorist attack
BXSE 3 XSE learns the truth about Annabella Knox

XMAN 32 Jackknife confronts X-Man in a New York City nightclub
XMAN 33 X-Man battles Jacknife in a New York City nightclub

XFOR 75 X-Force parties at the Colossal Man festival

XFAC 142 Val Cooper recounts her past with Wild Child

XFOR 76 Domino battles Shatterstar in Arcade's arena

CBMM Ann98 Bastion breaks out of prison and is transformed into Nimrod
MMBS Ann98 Machine Man & Cable battle Bastion

AFL2 8 Department H prepares Alpha Flight to arrest Wolverine

UCXM 353 Sauron attacks Wolverine
UCXM 354 Sauron battles the X-Men to a stalemate
UCXM 355 The brainwashed Alpha Flight attempts to arrest Wolverine

GXUG 1 Assorted stories.

DEDP 15 Culloden takes Deadpool to LL&L headquarters

MAVR 8 Pushkin hires Confessor to take out Maverick
MAVR 9 Maverick vs Confessor

Messiah Complex
XMAN 34 X-Man deals with his rising celebrity status
XMAN 35 A terrorist attack forces Nate to reveal his mutant powers
XMAN 36 X-Man faces the Purple Man
XMAN 37 Spider-Man tries to stop X-Man from mind-wiping New York
XMAN 38 Spider-Man & X-Man battle The Gauntlet

QSIL 4 Maximus controls Quicksilver to disrupt an Inhumans ceremony
QSIL 5 Maximus causes a riot at the Inhuman palace with his heightened powers
QSIL 6 Pyro's strike force captures the New Men for Exodus

The Fall of the Brotherhood
XFAC 143 The X.U.E. closes in as Havok confronts the Dark Beast
XFAC 144 Havok stops the Dark Beast from unleashing a virus epidemic

XMEN 73 Sabra comes to punish Joseph for the crimes of Magneto

WOLV 123 Wolverine breaks free from Roughouse and Bloodscream

EXCB 118 Bamfs overrun Muir Island
EXCB 119 Excalibur fends off Nightmare's influence

XMEN 74 Marrow and Archangel defend each other from the Abomination

XFAC 145 The X.U.E. rescues a boy destined to become a Hound

XMEN 75 The X-Men battle Pilgrimm of the Ru'tai

EXCB 120 Pete Wisdom and Shadowcat end their relationship

XMEN 76 Maggott reveals the first manifestation of his powers

EXCB 121 Excalibur helps Sabra to track down the returned Legion

XFOR 77 Meltdown helps a young girl deal with her telepathy

WOLV 124 Wolverine & Captain America battle the Rascal

UCXM 356 The original X-Men reunite to discuss the direction of the team
UCXM 357 The original X-Men confront a dark shamanistic power

XFAC 146 Havok tries to convince Multiple Man to rejoin X-Factor

QSIL 7 Black Knight and Quicksilver fight to win Crystals heart
QSIL 8 Sir Ram and Quicksilver search for the captured New Men
QSIL 9 the High Evolutionary escapes the Savage Land with Quicksilver & the New Men

CABL 55 Cable learns of Blaquesmith's survival
CABL 56 Cable avenges Domino on Blockade

DEDP 16 Bullseye warns Wade that he is losing his Edge
DEDP 17 Deadpool learns of his future, forcing him to think about his life
DEDP/Death Ann'98 Deadpool cheats death when he learns Ajax is Francis from the Weapon X project

XFOR 78 Reignfire captures Sunspot & X-Force
XFOR 79 The origin of Reignfire
XFOR 80 X-Force confronts Reignfire

XMAN 39 X-Man has a vision of himself destroying half the world
XMAN 40 X-Man & Madelyne battle the Great Beasts

WOLV 125 Viper pits Wolverine's friends against him

XMUL 19 Nightcrawler rescues Amanda Sefton & Margali from Belasco

GENX 40 Penance deals with her separation from Emplate
GENX 41 Jubilee has nightmares after watching horror flicks

XFAC 147 Shard helps a boy against school bullies

The Search
EXCB 122 Excalibur searches for the missing Professor Xavier
EXCB 123 Excalibur battles Mimic

WOLV 126 Wolverine battles the adamantium-enhanced Sabretooth
WOLV 127 Sabretooth takes over in Madripoor
WOLV 128 The Hand mix Sabretooth, Logan and Kitty's essences

Survival of the Fittest
WOLV 129 Wendigo attacks Wolverine and leaves him for dead
WOLV 130 A young boy nurses Wolverine back to health

DEDP 18 Dr.Killebrew tells Deadpool he lied about knowing a way to kill Ajax
DEDP 19 Dr.Killebrew sacrifices himself to help Deadpool. Deadpool kills Ajax

DPTU 1 Deadpool vs Widdle Wade

XFOR 81 X-Force stop a volcano from erupting in Hawaii

XFOR 82 X-Force rescues Domino from Gryaznova

XMUL 20 Asgard trolls try to use Generation X to return home

XMEN 77 The X-Men travel to Kenya
XMEN 78 Psylocke sacrifices her psi powers to contain the Shadow King

XMAN 41 Nate is felled by a blast across the psi-plane

XMAN/Hulk Ann'98 Nate and Hulk stop Thanos from entering Earth

Bishop and Deathbird
UCXM 358 Bishop & Deathbird fight an alien race in space
TX2K 1 Bishop & Deathbird travel to the future and help fight a revolt against the newly lead Shi’ar

EXCB 124 Colossus tells Captain Britain of his love for Meggan
EXCB 125 Captain Britain and Meggan get married, Excalibur disbands

CABL 57 Cable rescues Blaquesmith from ruins in Egypt

CABL 58 Cable travels to Greece to retrieve his psimitar

GENX 42 Emma and Johno lose their psi-powers
GENX 43 Emma battles Bianca Laneige

Red Reign
MAVR 10 Pushkin holds Maverick captive
MAVR 11 Maverick & Red Guardian plan to stop Pushkins theft of A.I.M biological weapons
MAVR 12 Maverick defeats Omega Red & Sickle, stopping the biological weapons

Live Kree or Die
IMV3 7 The Kree attack Iron Man and Carol Danvers
CAV3 8 The Kree gas hundreds of humans in mutation experiments
QSIL 10 The Supreme Intelligence reveals its plans to mutate humans into Kree
AVV3 7 The Avengers stop the Kree from launching the mutation device

UCXM 359 Rogue decides not to go ahead with treatment to 'cure' her mutation

XFAC 148 Gyrich attempts to arrest Havok
XFAC 149 Havok is caught in an exploding plane
** Mutant X begins. (#1-32, annual '99,2000,2001) Can be read at any time before 'Hope' story arc in UCXM (#410)

DEDP 20 Deadpool takes Monty to Monte Carlo
DEDP 21 Zoe Culloden learns of Monty's mind wipe at the hands of Dixon

UCXM/FF Ann'98 The X-Men and Fantastic Four battle the Psycho Man

XMEN 79 Cannonball & Callisto convince Marrow to stay with the X-Men

XMUL 21 StrongGuy, Beast, Multiple Man and Wolfsbane battle demons

Siege of Wundagore
HEFH 15 White Tiger tries to enlist H4H to help the Knights take back Wundagore
QSIL 11 Lord Anon is revealed as Man-Beast after attacking the High Evolutionary
HEFH 16 Exodus and Man-Beast join forces against H4H and the Knights of Wundagore
QSIL 12 The isotope-e enhanced Quicksilver defeats Exodus and claims his heir to Magneto
HEFH/QSIL Ann '98 the effects of isotope-e are reversed on all effected. Quicksilver leaves the knights

Nemesis Contract
CABL 59 S.H.I.E.L.D sends agent 18 out to capture Cable
CABL 60 Cable's techno organic virus spreads rapidly while on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D
CABL 61 Cable regains his T.K
CABL 62 G.W Bridge leaks information about the Nemesis Project to the press. Cable escapes the hellicarrier

DEDP 22 Deadpool battles Cable, which leads Wade to make a decision about his roll in the Mithris directive

XFOR 83 Cannonball returns home. Jesse Aaronson explains his history with the mutant underground
XFOR 84 X-Force battle the Sword

Children of the Atom
UCXM 360 The US government plans to launch a device to track and kill mutants
XMEN 80 The X-Men foil the launch of the device. 'Xavier' is revealed as Cerebro

GXHS 1 Generation X stop the Orphan Maker and Nanny from kidnapping a mutant boy

GENX 44 Syrin visits Banshee at the Massachusetts school
GENX 45 Emma and Chamber get their psi-powers back
GENX 46 Miss Pickwick comes to inspect the Massachusetts school
GENX 47 Forge gives a lecture to the Generation X students

XFOR 85 X-Force battles Pandemonia

XFOR/Champ Ann'98 X-Force & Champions vs Titan & Hades

WVBR 1 Wolverine travels to Rio and helps a friend investigate murders

Dead Reckoning
DEDP 23 Wade escapes Tiamat after almost being killed. At home his house explodes with a bomb rigged by Dixon
DEDP 24 Dixon cons Captain America into becoming the new 'Mithris'
DEDP 25 Deadpool chooses free will over bliss when fighting the Destroyer

XMAN 42 Tech-Gnomes cause disasters in Clifden
XMAN 43 Nate questions himself as a Nate look alike is incinerating people in Dublin
XMAN 44 Nate fights Nemesis

UCXM 361 Shadowcat, Storm & Gambit help a de-powered Juggernaut. Gambit returns with the X-Men

XMEN 81 Gambit & Rogue talk about the trial & Antarctica

WOLV 131 Viper sends Wolverine to recover a virus sample from the Himalayas

XMLI 1 Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Colossus travel to Russia
XMLI 2 The Russian military enlist Omega Red to capture Colossus
XMLI 3 Colossus battles Omega Red. Province 13 leaves Wolverine for dead in the snow
XMLI 4 Province 13 is destroyed and its captives released

XMUL 22 Marrow leads the rest of the X-Men to defuse a terrorist bomb in the subway tunnels

WOLV 132 Wolverine tracks down an abusive husband and his son after his wife is found dead

The Hunt for Xavier
UCXM 362 The X-Men go after a deranged Pyro after setting fire to fields in Nebraska
XMEN 82 Storm, Colossus, Rogue & Gambit search for Xavier in Tajikistan, but only find Nina from OZT
UCXM 363 Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Marrow & Shadowcat find Xavier in Alcatraz, leading the brotherhood
XMEN 83 Cerebrite Alpha captures Nina after fighting the X-Men
UCXM 364 The X-Men learn that the cerebrites transport their victims to Cerebro and allow themselves to be captured
XMEN 84 Nina helps Xavier regain his powers and defeat Cerebro

XMEN/DrDoom Ann'98 Dr.Doom travels through time to try and capture the power of Onslaught

DEDP 26 Dr.Bong diagnoses Deadpool as insane
DEDP 27 Deadpool battles Wolverine and learns why he's having hallucinations
DEDP 28 Deadpool protects his one-time wife Mercedes from Bullseye
DEDP 29 Deadpool learns that Mercedes is an undead zombie

QSIL 13 'Nestor' questions Pietro about his identity. Pietro visits Crystal & delivers his tape recordings before leaving.

The Great Escape
WOLV 133 Wolverine & a drunk Carol Danvers battle Powerhouse at the UN building. Aria makes her way to Earth
WOLV 134 Under the control of Aria, Wolverine battles heroes from the marvel universe
WOLV 135 Wolverine agrees to help Aria by travelling to Prison World & freeing captives of The Collector
WOLV 136 Aria is captured and Wolverine is placed in the prison cells by Torgo & The Collector
WOLV 137 Wolverine learns that Prison World is a refuge to near extinct aliens species, as a result of Galactus
WOLV 138 Wolverine fights Galactus with no result, he escapes in the Starjammer and the planet is devoured

XFOR 86 X-Force search for answers about the Aguilar Institute in the abandon town of Almost Reno

Blood Brothers
XMAN 45 With Cable unavailable, Blaquesmith tries to enlist the help of Nate against the return of Stryfe
XMAN 46 Stryfe plans to use Dr.Doom's machine to tap into Nates power. Cable arrives in Latveria
CABL 63 Cable attempts to rescue Nate, but both are felled by Stryfe
XMAN 47 Nate overloads Stryfe’s powers while cable rescues Madeline Pryor

WOLV Ann'99 Deadpool & Wolverine paths cross at a writer’s mansion

WOLV 139 A worried Storm sends Cable to check up on Wolverine

UCXM 365 Colossus is visited by Illyana's ghost

CABL 64 Irene interviews Cable about his life from infancy to present

GMBT 1 Gambit steals a gauntlet from the Celestial, Garbha-Hsien's tomb

GENX Ann'98 Dracula kidnaps Husk

GENX 48 M vs Jubilee. Maggot arrives at the school for gifted youngsters
GENX 49 Maggot decides not to stay at the school. Emma Frosts sister Adrienne takes over as Headmistress

XMAN 48 Nate battles the Crusader
XMAN 49 Nate tries to protect an escapee of Prison World

DEDP 30 Deadpool finds a tied up and hung Monty with an invitation, T-Ray has returned
DEDP 31 Zoe quits LL&L & leaves with Monty. Wade & Mercedes leave together also but are confronted by T-Ray
DEDP 32 T-Ray reveals he is Wade Wilson and he was married to Mercedes
DEDP 33 T-Ray explains Deadpool the truth about his past. Deadpool vs T-Ray

CABL 65 Ozymandias shows Blaquesmith that the prophecies leading to Cable's Final battle is occurring

XMEN 85 Magneto decides to go to war after talking to a human. The X-Men save children from a hospital

The Magneto War
XMMW 1 Cortez leads the Acolytes to the Xavier mansion to learn if Joseph really is Magneto
UCXM 366 Magneto sends Ferris to the UN to demand a sanctuary on Earth or face a huge EM pulse
XMEN 86 Joseph learns how and why he is the clone of Magneto. The Russians fire 2 nukes at Magneto
UCXM 367 Joseph attacks Magneto because he believes in Xavier's dream
XMEN 87 Joseph sacrifices himself to save the X-Men. The UN hand over power of Genosha to Magneto

PSM2 4 Spider-Man and Marrow investigate reports of missing people in the sewers of New York

Total Chaos
CABL 66 The Harbinger of Apocalypse attacks New York. The Avengers arrive to help a fallen Cable
CABL 67 The Avengers + Cable regroup at the Avengers Mansion. Apocalypse activates a bomb in his Harbinger
CABL 68 Cables takes The Harbinger over the ocean where it explodes. Cable is rescued by someone at the last second

CABL 69 Stacey meets Blaquesmith. Cable returns from being out of time
CABL 70 Cable saves Stacey & Kenny from Caeser

War of the Mutants
GENX 50 The Generation X kids are captured by Gene Nation. Nate Grey asks Emma what she knows about Dark Beast
XMAN 50 Nate & Emma rescue the Generation X kids, but fail to find the real Dark Beast

XMAN 51 Psi-Ops go after Nate
XMAN 52 Nate explodes with anguish

GENX 51 The Generation X kids go to rescue Banshee without Emma Frost

XMUL 23 Nightcrawler helps Xavier gain perspective on his students

Armageddon Now
XFOR 87 Jesse finds his brother, who has formed the 'New Hellions'
XFOR 88 Paradigm encases X-Force in techno-organic fibre. Jesse sides with his brother
XFOR 89 Tarot helps X-Force break free of the techno-organic fibre. Armageddon Man is released
XFOR 90 X-Force defeats Armageddin Man. Syrin loses her voice

GMBT 2 Gambit and Storm go to Muir Island. Gambit attempts to steal data from Moira

UCXM 368 The X-Men are teleported away to a strange dimension after holding a funeral for Joseph
XMEN 88 The X-Men search for Juggernaut in the strange dimension as he goes on a rampage
UCXM 369 Cain Marko defeats Cyttorak. The X-Men are teleported to a fake New York with 2 moons

MGRX 1 The mutate rebel 'Zealot' captures Quicksilver to use against Magneto for control of the island
MGRX 2 Magneto refuses to help rescue Quicksilver. Rogue & Amelia rescue him & confront Zealot. Magneto arrives
MGRX 3 Zealot is defeated. Pietro remains behind to act as a balance of Magneto. Apocalypse observes the destruction

XMAN 53 Jean, Scott and Nate investigate an AOA infinite cloning facility in Alaska
XMAN 54 Nate defeats Hatchet-9, which causes all the AOA elements to be sucked through the Null generator
XMAN 55 The keepers of the M’Kraan crystal test Nate. Cyclops gives Nate his old X-Factor uniform

XMEN 89 Xavier realises he and the X-Men are on a Skrull shapeshifter planet, before it was attacked by Galactus

UCXM 370 The Skrull fail to listen to Xavier’s warnings of the coming Galactus. Gambit searches for medical aid for Marrow
XMEN 90 Xavier pleads with Galactus to spare the Skrull planet

Rage Against the Machine
UCXM 371 The X-Men return to Earth. S.H.I.E.L.D begins experimenting on X-51 & Machine Man.
XMEN 91 Red Skull forces Douglock to take over the S.H.I.E.L.D Hellicarrier
XMEN Ann'99 Nick Fury & Nightcrawler stop Red Skull's hold on Douglock

GENX 52 Banshee learns of Syrin's wounding. Tristian asks Paige on a date

WOLV 140 Wolverine & Nightcrawler are attacked by Solo & Cardiac

XMUL 24 Cecilia Reyes & Wolverine help victims of a plane crash. Magneto oversees the aftermath of Genosha

WPRE 1 A mysterious plague engulfs New York
WPRE 2 Wolverine & Punisher unaffected by the plague, learn that its caused by Revelation
WPRE 3 Wolverine & Punisher try to prevent Revelation from reaching the surface
WPRE 4 Revelation dies. Punisher's angels tell him he is on his path to redemption

XFOR 91 Syrin tries to deal with the loss of her voice, she leaves X-Force to stay with an aunt for a while
XFOR 92 Domino is abducted by Halloween Jack
XFOR 93 Sunspot is deported to Brazil. The rest of X-Force battle 2 Eternals

GMBT 3 Gambit steals a canister of will-controlling gas
GMBT 4 Gambit & Blade battle Chicault
GMBT 5 The X-Cutioner captures Rogue to lure Gambit to him

Land of the Rising Sons
GENX 53 Generation X go to Madripoor to recover a sword for Adrienne
GENX 54 Generation X retrieve the sword & return it Adrienne, who uses her psycometric powers on it

Sins of the Past
GENX 55 Generation X wake up as the Hellions before their deaths
GENX 56 Adrienne reveals she is behind the illusion, and claims herself as the new White Queen

GENX 57 Emplate attacks Generation X. An explosion causes Penance to become a separate entity from the twins Nicole and Claudette

WOLV 141 Wolverine & Jubilee find Donald Pierce in Cable' house in the Swiss Alps

WOLV 142 Alpha Flight & Wolverine infiltrate an A.I.M facility to rescue Guardian & Beta Flight
WOLV 143 Wolverine battles Kane. Alpha Flight finds Snowbird alive

WOLV 144 Wolverine tells Dugan of his first mission for Dept H. Wolverine offers to help against the Hulk
HLK2 8 Wolverine battles Hulk. Hulk reverts back to Dr.Banner and explains the reasons for his recent killing rampages

GENX 58 Emplate explains how he killed his mother. Generation X searches for Penance

XFOR 94 X-Force is summoned to Genosha by Pete Wisdom
XFOR 95 X-Force & Pete Wisdom escape Genosha with Archie's cybernetic brain

XFOR Ann'99 Shatterstar & Rictor stop Verschiagen from draining other mutant’s powers

XFOR 96 Cannonball breaks his uncle out of prison to learn the truth about him and his father
XFOR 97 Selene uses Sunspot to fight the Damocles Foundation before it comes a rival to the Hellfire Club

CABL Ann'99 Sinister offers to cure Cable of his techno-organic virus and return his telepathy

CABL 71 Rachel Summers tells Cable that he and the 'Twelve' are the key to preventing a nightmare future

Pig Pen
GMBT 6 The Mengos capture Gambit in an exploding building and plan to deliver him to the Pig
GMBT 7 Gambit battles the Pig, freeing the captive children

GMBT Ann'99 Rogue, Xavier, Beast & Moira McTaggert help Gambit remove the Mary entity from his body

UCXM 372 Xavier pushes the X-Men hard while offending them. Bishop makes his way back to Earth. The mannites capture Nina
XMEN 92 The X-Men disband. Bishop is ambushed and wakes up in a strange desert. Nina pleads to Jean for help

GMBT 8 Gambit learns Xavier disbanded the X-Men because he distrusts one of them. Gambit searches for Sabretooth to find Sinister's whereabouts
GMBT 9 Sinister gives Gambit a substance that can detect fraud X-Men & also explains that Sabretooth has had his Adamantium removed

Astonishing X-Men
AXM2 1 Phoenix, Cyclops, Archangel, Wolverine, Cable & X-Man rescue Nina from the old Zero Tolerance base. Death captures Bastion
AXM2 2 Death attacks Archangel. Jean, Logan & Nate find the other Mannites
AXM2 3 Death kills Wolverine

The Eighth Day
IMV3 21 (Story 2) IronMan finds Inferno inside the temple of Balthakk at an archaeological dig site
THV2 17 Two women take Juggernaut after he fights with Thor
IMV3 22 Java learns the meaning of the Eighth Day, and explains it to Thor & Iron Man
PSM2 11 Spider-Man contacts Professor Xavier to help him against Juggernaut & the other Exemplars
JUG8 1 Juggernaut prevents the Eighth Day war from occurring

BLXM 1 Bishop leaves the X-Men to search for Fitzroy. Bishop is attacked by Chronotroopers, transporting him to the future
BLXM 2 Scorch challenges Bishop, not sure if he is the legendary X-Man
BLXM 3 Fitzroy’s troops attack the camp. Bishop buries the dead then vows to go after Fitzroy, but not alone

GENX Ann'99 Jubilee confronts Hunter Brawn about her parent’s death. M leaves the school

Beauty & the Beast
UCXM 373 Mikhail opens a portal that takes Colossus, and Marrow into the universe she was brought up in
UCXM 374 The entity empowering Mikhail is expelled. Apocalypse prepares Deathbird for conversion

Hidden Lives
XMEN 93 Mystique asks Shadowcat & Rogue for help after being chased. Nightcrawler encounters Polaris
XMEN 94 Shadowcat finds Destiny's journal, containing glimpses of the future referring to the 'twelve'

UCXM 375 Xavier reveals his plan to find the fake X-Man in the X-Men. The dead Wolverine is revealed as a Skrull
XMEN 95 Wolverine is revealed as Death, Horseman of Apocalypse

XMUL 25 The X-Men return to the Mansion with news of Wolverine becoming 'Death'. Each of them remember times they spent with Logan

GENX 59 Leech and Artie sneak away from the rest of Generation X and wander around New York

GMBT 10 Jean-Luc asks Gambit to retrieve a jewel that can see into the past and future

XBRB 1 The X-Babies return to Mojoworld where they encounter the Mitey 'Vengers, another of Mojo's creations

XMAN 56 Mysterio tries to fool Nate into revealing Spider-Man's true identity
XMAN 57 X-Man uses his returned telepathy to force Mysterio's own illusions on him. Threnody finds Nate

XMAN 58 Threnody tells Nate that she has been feeding of his death energy, she leaves him to fight her addiction

WOLV 145 Apocalypse takes Sabretooth's Adamantium and bonds it to Wolverine. Apocalypse sends Wolverine, now 'Death' to kill the Hulk.

CABL 72 Cables returned telepathy draws him to the Morlock tunnels, where he finds Post

CABL 73 Caliban is awakened & goes after Cable & X-Force
CABL 74 Deathbird & Caliban trick Cable into leaving his body for the Astral Plane, leaving Apocalypse to capture Cable.

Chapter X
DEDP 34 A scientist holds Death & Deadpool in tanks after his body begins to break down
DEDP 35 Deadpool recounts more stories to the scientist holding him captive, then grabs him
DEDP 36 Deadpool & Death's captor is revealed as Loki
DEDP 37 Loki tries to use Deadpool against Thor. Wade grains a new face

Kith Trilogy
BLXM 4 Bishop offers himself and his team to the Kith, to rescue Nom
BLXM 5 The Kith leader reveals he made a deal with Trevor Fitzroy. The Kith swarm the city of Dunduine
BLXM 6 The Kith captives are released when a Kith revolts against his brothers ruling and helps Bishop

BLXM 7 A damaged Sentinel tells Bishop to go the site of the X-Men's last stand
BLXM 8 Bishop recounts the X-Men's story to his team. He finds Cerebro left by the X-Men & uses it to look for Fitzroy

Apocalypse: The Twelve
UCXM 376 Xavier reveals the names of 'The Twelve' from Destiny's diary
CABL 75 Cable battles Apocalypse, but surrenders when met with the choice to continue fighting at the cost of Caliban's life
XMAN 59 After having spent time with the Fantastic Four, Nate leaves only to be attacked by Caliban
XMEN 96 Xavier goes to Magneto for help. Mikhail, Sunfire & Iceman are captured by Apocalypse's Horsemen
WOLV 146 Jubilee and Psylocke break Wolverine free of the 'Death' persona
WOLV 147 Archangel dispels the effects of Apocalypse on Wolverine, and cures the original horseman War
XMAN 60 Caliban delivers Nate to Apocalypse
UCXM 377 Apocalypse captures the rest of the 'Twelve', with plans to channel all their energy into X-Man then take over his body
CABL 76 Cable recounts his failures with Cyclops after they are pulled into the psionic plane by Madelyne Pryor
XMEN 97 Cyclops sacrifices his own body to stop Apocalypse from taking over X-Man's body. Cyclops merges with Apocalypse

UCXM Ann'99 Exodus disguises himself as Magneto & tries to force harmony on Genosha

Christmas Fear
GENX 60 Mondo attacks Generation X with Black Tom & Juggernaut
GENX 61 Black Tom reveals the Mondo that was killed by Bastion was a clone

XFOR 98 Sunspot joins the Hellfire Club

XFOR 99 The Demon Bear rampages through down-town San Francisco. Ophelia uses a necklace on Syrin to possess her

DEDP 38 Deadpool moves into Dr.Octopus' old house

XFOR 100 Dani Moonstar loses her cosmic powers. Sunspot bumps into Julia, only partly remembering him. Syrin leaves her Aunts

Ages of Apocalypse
UCXM 378 Apocalypse alters reality to trick the X-Men
CABL 77 Apocalypse tries to regain the rest of the power from the 'Twelve' by altering reality
XMUL 26 The X-Men fight on the Moon against the Shi’ar & Apocalypse's Horsemen
WOLV 148 Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk & Ghost Rider battle Dr.Doom as the Fantastic Four
XMEN 98 Cable tries to kill Apocalypse but is stopped by Phoenix who believes Cyclops is still inside him

XMAN 61 Nate finds himself in an alien prison
XMAN 62 Nate uses his powers to show Lilandra the lives of the prisoners

GMBT 11 Gambit tries to obtain Adamantium for Sabretooth

Sunset Dawn
GMBT 12 Gambit travels back in time
GMBT 13 Gambit seeks out Mr.Sinister, known as Milbury in the past
GMBT 14 The New Son hires Angel to kill Gambit

Hellfire Club
XMHF 1 Irene researches a story of witch burnings involving Rev Hiram Shaw. A priest tells Irene the story, then is shot after she leaves
XMHF 2 Archangel tells Irene of Elizabeth Shaw. He also warns her that she is in danger for digging up the story
XMHF 3 Spitfire & Union Jack give Irene a diary containing information about Jacob & Esau Shaw
XMHF 4 Tessa answers all Irene's questions about Sabstian Shaw. Shaw threatens to buy all the publishing houses

GMBT 15 Rogue searches for Gambit

UCXM 379 The High Evolutionary creates an energy field that takes away all mutants powers and reverts them to human appearance

XFOR 101 Sam ends up in hospital after losing his powers mid-flight

CABL 78 Cable tries to use his telepathy to make Stacy forget him. His T-O virus runs out of control

WOLV 149 A de-powered Wolverine fights the Reanimator with the New Warriors

XMEN 99 The X-Men, Magneto & Genoshan people deal with the loss of their powers. Sinister is revealed as the scientist behind the revertion
UCXM 380 The X-Men track down Sinister and the High Evolutionary. The High Evolutionary destroys his device.

GMBT 16 Gambit is stabbed by Bullseye

GENX 62 M battles vampires

Dark Seduction
MGDS 1 Magneto learns that Carrion Cove is being helped by super-powered people. Scarlet Witch is the UN-inspector for Genosha
MGDS 2 Scarlet Witch inspects and talks with the people of Genosha. The UN sends the Avengers to Carrion Cove in Genosha
MGDS 3 Magneto plans to use Sugar Man's genetic technology In Carrion Cove to boost his own powers, but is confronted by Polaris
MGDS 4 With his powers returned, Magneto forces the Avengers to leave his country. Quicksilver says they must prepare for the coming war

Come on Die Young
GENX 67 Adrienne plots to destroy Emma. Synch and M kiss
GENX 68 Adrienne returns to the school & threatens to expose Generation X if she is harmed. Anti-mutant graphitti & a fire blaze Jubilee's room
GENX 69 Penance, Artie & Leech are sent to Morocco for safety. Banshee confines the Generation X kids to their rooms for safety
GENX 70 The student's parents cause a riot at the school trying to take their children away. Synch is killed by a bomb Adrienne planted

GENX 63 Husk is suspects something as she notices young children being taken from their schools in the wake of Columbine
GENX 64 Generation X search for clues about the children. Somers is brought to Coffin, who runs the facility holding the children
GENX 65 Generation X find the 'Correction' Facility and attack
GENX 66 Generation X rescue the thousands of children held in the 'Correction' Facility

CABL 79 Aentaros possesses Blockade, who swears to hunt Cable. Cable finds himself in another world when walking through the door in his safehouse
CABL 80 Cable is sent back to the present after being attacked by the Ranshi in Harmony
CABL 81 Blockade kills himself after fighting Cable. Irene is possessed by the Undying, she stabbed Blaquesmith
CABL 82 Cable stops Irene’s heart to rid her of the Undying. Domino becomes possessed
CABL 83 Cable sees visions of Rachael captive. Cable uses a gun Blaquesmith made on Domino
CABL 84 Cable, with Beast & Pheonix defeat the Undying

Games Without Frontiers
XFOR 102 Pete Wisdom leads X-Force to Russia to fight Meatspore Stormtroopers. Wisdom offers to lead X-Force against anti-mutant conspiracies
XFOR 103 Wisdom tells X-Force about the CIA testing LSD on people in the 50's. Random people erupt with mutant powers in San Francisco
XFOR 104 Wisdom sends X-Force to destroy the bio-reactor that causes latent mutants to mutate rapidly and go insane, killing humans
XFOR 105 Cannonball destroys the bio-reactor. Roman tracks down Wisdom and kills him

DEDP 39 Deadpool is tricked into accepting a job from Taskmaster
DEDP 40 Deadpool & 3 of Taskmaster's students highjack a shuttle
DEDP 41 An outer space race of aliens promise to send Deadpool back to Earth if he can free their leader from a galactic prison
DEDP 42 Deadpool attempts to rescue Dirty Wolff
DEDP 43 Deadpool hitches a ride to Earth after turning down a ride from the Starjammers

Cat Trap
DEDP 44 Ache be hires Deadpool to catch Black Panther's leopard
BLCK 23 Deadpool battles Kill monger

DEDP 45 Titania is revealed as Copycat. Loki's curse on Deadpool is lifted

The Assassination Game
GMBT 17 Various mers try to kill Gambit, there is a contract out for him. Gambit & FBI officer Denti are attacked by the X-Cutioner
GMBT 18 Courier calls Archangel for help, even though he hired all the assassins to kill Gambit for the New Son
GMBT 19 Gambit & Bella Donna make peace between the two guilds. Angel takes Gambit away as he considers attacking the New Son
GMBT Ann2000 Angel & Gambit double cross the New Son. The New Son reveals himself as an alternate version of Gambit

Infinities of Evil
XMAN 67 Madelyn Pryor reveals to Nate that she has slowly started taking over his mind, after replacing the first Madelyn Pryor
XMAN 68 Madelyn Pryor plans to use X-Man to take over Asia on the alternate Earth. She has Nate kill a spy as a show of her hold on him
XMAN 69 Nate meets another version of himself from the 998 world. He explains he is a shaman & helps people against Madelyn Pryor
XMAN 70 998 Nate merges with AoA Nate, causing AoA Nate to contract the brand that keeps him from destroying himself. Nate becomes a shaman

Murder Ballads
XFOR 106 X-Force attends a funeral for Pete Wisdom. Domino comes to X-Force asking for help, she has been targeted for murder
XFOR 107 Domino briefs X-Force on the man who wants to kill her, Marcus Tsung. Tsung goes to California & kills government officials
XFOR 108 Domino explains how she was killed by Tsung, only to be resurrected by a strange parasite now growing on her back
XFOR 109 Tsung is killed. Domino has the parasite removed. X-Force learns the truth about Pete Wisdom before his black air days

GMBT 20 Fontanelle reveals her name, past, working for the New Son, and helping Gambit once he was marked for death

XMUL 27 Thunderbird III (Neal Sharra) joins the X-Men

Black Sun
XMBS 1 Belasco takes Shadowcat's soul
XMBS 2 Belasco sends the N'Garai to capture the original X-Men
XMBS 3 The N'Garai extract the souls of Iceman & Polaris
XMBS 4 Magik prepares to face Belasco while the X-Men prepare to fight the N'Garai in limbo
XMBS 5 The X-Men blow up Belasco's citadel in limbo. Magik is revealed as Amanda Sefton

XMAG 1 Nightcrawler & Magik fight hordes from Nightmare's realm
XMAG 2 Magik warns Mephisto about Dormammu
XMAG 3 S'ym manipulates Magik into uniting the dark realms together
XMAG 4 Nightcrawler destroys the repository of arcane knowledge

XMEN 100 The Neo attack Nightcrawler, and sabotage a space station
XMEN 101 Nightcrawler tries to ease Dr.Reyes conscience over killing one of the Neo

UCXM 381 The Neo take Phoenix's memories away from her
UCXM 382 Cable, Phoenix, Gambit, Beast & Storm defeat the Neo. Gambit tells the rest he invited them to Venice to help in a rescue mission

Blood Dept
WOLV 150 Gom kidnaps Yukio & Amiko, he demands Logan kill his brother Haan in exchange for the girls
WOLV 151 Haan trails Wolverine back to Gom's safehouse and shoots him. Kia captures Amiko & Yukio and forces Wolverine to help her
WOLV 152 Kia kills Haan, she set up both her brothers & Wolverine. Kia goes to Mongolia to kill her father & claim the family clan by birthright
WOLV 153 Kia kills her father. Wolverine battles Kia. The fortress explodes & Wolverine makes it out badly burnt

BLXM 9 Bishop's team helps a town of villagers against a giant in exchange for fighting along side him against Fitzroy

IFWL 1 The Hand kidnap misty in order to lure Iron Fist to Toyko, to the bring the city of K'un Lun to their dimension
IFWL 2 Sunfire tries to stop Captain America, IronMan, Power Man, Wolverine & Psylocke from entering the newly risen walls of K'un Lun
IFWL 3 Iron Fist, Captain America, IronMan, Power Man, Wolverine & Psylocke battle K'un Lun's Dragons
IFWL 4 Iron Fist's uncle stabs him to stop the K'un Lun, but he does not die

XMEN 102 Tessa warns Robert Kelley not to go anti-mutant when he runs for president

UCXM 383 Vazhin sends the X-Men to Sole's nightclub to free Levin

XMEN Ann2000 Stryfe triggers people around the world to turn into Prime Sentinels, so he can command an army

XMEN 103 Rogue is elected new team leader. The Goth de-populate Salem Center, Rogue decides to call the other team for help

XMUL 28 Black Death uses Dark Star to capture Beast, to cure him of an illness

UCXM 384 Wolverine calls out to Jean for help against the Goth
XMEN 104 Mystique, as Val Cooper warns Kelly not to base his campaign on anti-mutant bigotry
UCXM 385 The two X-Men teams fight each other before Rogue kills Goth

XMFE 1 Prosh collects the team of Phoenix, Iceman, Mystique, Toad & Juggernaut to save the universe, then sends them to key points in time
XMFE 2 Sent to the day of Graydon Creeds assassination, Mystique kills him. Mystique learns of anti-mutant conspiracies in the government
XMFE 3 Phoenix learns that Xavier knew she and Iceman had unlimited potential in the past
XMFE 4 Juggernaut learns about the place where his father worked, a facility to hold infant mutants
XMFE 5 The 5 mutants are warped back to the present. The 'Stranger' appears & reveals he has been behind it all
XMFE 6 The team escapes the Stranger. Each mutant ponders their future. Iceman rejoins the X-Men with his improved powers

XMDC 1 Wolverine, Gambit & Shadowcat break into a military facility to obtain Xavier’s files from Bastion's head

GMBT 21 Gambit learns that Jean Luc ordered the erasing of Gambit's birth records

XMEN 105 The X-Men battle the twisted sisters. Mystique spots Cable near Robert Kelly in his presidential campaign

XMEN 106 The X-Men rescue Dr. Reyes & Charlotte Jones. Domina lets the X-Men go free but keeps the old church as the Neo fortress

UCXM 386 Rogue & Cable both have visions of Cyclops when trying to rescue Lee Forester from a hurricane

GMBT 22 Gambit battles Rax from the Neo. The New Sun emerges from Siberia

Chrono War
BLXM 10 Bishop rallies his collected troops for the war against Fitzroy. An avalanche hits the troops
BLXM 11 The Morlocks ally themselves with Bishop after they find he has Storm's tiara. They plan to lead bishop underground into Chronokeep
BLXM 12 Michael, mistaken for a Morlock child is captured by guards. Bishop's army fall into a trap, & are defeated. Fitzroy captures Bishop
BLXM 13 Fitzroy tortures Tracker, teleporting his limbs over the world. Link frees Bishop while Fitzroy attempts to become time itself
BLXM 14 The kith & Nom with other Giants join Bishop's army. Bishop disappears after dissecting Fitzroy in his own portal

No Direction Home
XMAN 63 Nate, now a shaman investigates a death causes by a monster exploding out of someone’s body
XMAN 64 X-Man tries to find out why a monster is intent on killing a bunch of mutants
XMAN 65 X-Man learns the mutants stole the children of the Monsters native world
XMAN 66 X-Man learns the children where stolen to grow organs to sell. Nate kills the mutants except one, sending her to the monster's world

Maximum Security
UCXM 387 D'Bari attack Jean Grey, for burning their home world as Pheonix. The X-Men realise that Earth is becoming an intergalactic prison
BLXM 15 Bishop slams into a facility in space where Xavier and mutant Skrulls try to capture Deathbird for a key back to Earth
XMEN 107 Bishop returns to the X-Men
XMUL 29 Earth continues to transform by the Egospore
GMBT 23 Gambit fights spore from the planet ego. New Sun reveals himself as the new X-Cutioner

CABL 85 Cable travels into the future & finds Gaunt, who kidnapped Rachel. Gaunt challenges Cable, if he wins he can go back with Rachel
CABL 86 Cable defeats Gaunt by infecting him with his techno-organic virus. He returns to the present with Rachel

All Along the Watchtower
WOLV 154 Deadpool & various other mercs capture Wolverine so that Syrin can be cured of her injuries
WOLV 155 Syrin regains her voice and powers, she leaves with Deadpool

WOLV 156 Wolverine comes across Spider-Man while investigating deaths in subway tunnels. Mole Man reveals himself
WOLV 157 Mole Man explains the murders were not his doing. Wolverine & Spider-Man find Carver and Fugue are responsible

WOLV Ann2000 Wolverine & Krill fight the brood

Rage War
XFOR 110 Valentina Rychenko sends a morse code message containing coordinates to X-Force through Jesse
XFOR 111 Rychenko tells X-Force about the Soviet 'sleepers' planted in America, and the Warborgs sent to destroy them
XFOR 112 S.H.I.E.L.D wants X-Force to take out Roman's base in Russia. Roman is using the sleeper's daughter's ovaries to build an army
XFOR 113 Roman explains how Pete Wisdom & X-Force were deceived. Rychenko transforms into a bomb and explodes

Dream's End
UCXM 388 Blob interrupts Robert Kelly's speech. Muir Island blows up
CABL 87 Pyro saves Kelly from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. He asks Kelly to stop the hatred & upcoming war, then dies of the legacy virus
BLXM 16 Wolverine & Bishop find Dr.MacTaggert in the rubble of the explosion. Dying, she reveals she has discovered the cure for the legacy virus
XMEN 108 Moira transfers he knowledge of the cure to Xavier then dies. Kelly is shot dead after announcing his change of attitude towards mutants

XFOR 114 Corben destroys a plane she thinks X-Force is on. X-Force captures & intergates her in order to find why she’s tried to kill them twice
XFOR 115 Romany Wisdom reveals she’s tried to have X-Force killed & is using humans to use with the alien technology. Pete Wisdom is alive

Four Days
GENX 71 Chamber spends a day with a deaf girl. They grow close but Jono chooses not to see her again because it would be dangerous for her
GENX 72 M & Jubilee go shopping, before being attacked by Gunmen, blaming mutants for Robert Kelly's death
GENX 73 Banshee learns of Moira's Death before going out with Skin to meet 'contacts' regarding security upgrades for the school
GENX 74 Husk brings closure to a ghost of a former student and her sister that attended the school

WOLV 158 Zaran kidnaps Amiko so he may fight Wolverine & kill him, to regain his reputation

GMBT 24 Gambit defeats the New Sun, but loses his extra powers in the process

UCXM 389 Xavier ponders his life with Moira before she died. Mystique tells Storm & Gambit about Destiny's diaries

XMUL 33 Sabretooth drives a cab after killing the driver. Picking up a 'lucky' lottery winner

Cruel Summer
DEDP 46 A cop hires Deadpool to take out 6 mob bosses, so his family doesn’t get harmed. After the first one is killed, the cop finds his wife dead
DEDP 47 Anna hits Deadpool over the head with a shovel after Fred tells him he cant give him the rest of the money
DEDP 48 Anna explains to Deadpool how and why she killed Fred's Wife. Anna professes her love for Deadpool

DEDP 49 Deadpool gains a date with several different women after killing Anna. Unknown to Deadpool, they all turn out to be CopyCat

CABL 88 Storm & Nightcrawler help Cable come to terms with Moira's Death

The Best There Is
WOLV 159 Blok and T & A attack Wolverine
WOLV 160 Mr.X captures Sabretooth. Wolverine goes to fight Mr.X after defeating Blok and T & A. Mr.X easily outfights Wolverine
WOLV 161 Mr.X tells Wolverine his twisted life story before engaging him in another fight, Blok stops the fight. Mr.X says they will fight again

EXC2 1 Captain Britian has nightmares about Roma causing trouble in Otherworld
EXC2 2 Betsy, Brian, Whitman & Meggan travel to Otherworld. Brian goes in search of the Excalibur sword & finds his father
EXC2 3 Posing as Roma, the super computer Mastermind attacks Brian and takes the Excalibur sword from him
EXC2 4 Betsy & Meggan free Roma. Mastermind is destroyed by the Excalibur sword. Brian is made the new King of Otherworld

XMEN 109 Warren & Betsy break up. Storm secretly forms a team to search for the remaining diaries Destiny wrote. The X-Men celebrate Christmas

UCXM Ann2000 Xavier & Cable help a mutant girl after she is crippled from getting shot

Search for Cyclops
SFCY 1 Cyclops find himself on a ship with no memory. He knows he is being hunted, but doesn’t know why. Gauntlet attempts to kill him
SFCY 2 Ozymandias appears to Cable & Phoenix, he tells them that Apocalypse is gestating inside Cyclops, they are one, but fight each other
SFCY 3 Caliban spreads a plague around Farafirah. Jean & Nathan find Scott, but a collapsing tunnel separates them. Scott proceeds to run to Akkaba
SFCY 4 Jean separates Cyclops & Apocalypse. Cable kills Apocalypse's physchic form, killing him

CABL 89 Cable is stalked by the Dark Sisterhood. Blaquesmith tells Cable he once helped the sisterhood before he knew they were villains
CABL 90 Cable prepares for war after learning the Dark Sisterhood is bent on world domination
CABL 91 Cable attacks the Dark Sisterhood's heavily fortified mansion. Cable has visions of Aliya being the 5th power
CABL 92 The Dark Sisterhood frame Cable for the murder of Robert Kelly's killer. Xavier believes Cable has gone rogue

The Promise
DEDP 50 Deadpool messes up a hit, killing a boy’s father instead. The father makes Deadpool promise to look after the boy
DEDP 51 Deadpool and his new sidekick kill the man who was going to kill his father. Deadpool's sidekick leaves him

Talk of the Town
DEDP 52 Deadpool investigates murders by the Mercy sisters after a reward is offered. The sisters attack Deadpool when he tries to track them
DEDP 53 Deadpool tells Copycat that he knew all along she was deceiving him. Deadpool kills last Mercy Sister

CABL 93 Cable exposes the Sisterhood to the media
CABL 94 Irene investigates an epidemic of amnesia amongst young women
CABL 95 Cable defeats Finality

GMBT 25 Gambit repays an old debt to a man he got caught thieving from when he was young, by destroying a man who takes women’s hearts

UCXM 390 Colossus sacrifices his life to activate & spread the cure for the Legacy Virus

XMEN 110 Kitty mourns Colossus and scatters his ashes over the farm where he grew up. She writes Xavier telling him she quits the X-Men

XMUL 30 Sinister offers Nightcrawler to remake Colossus. He refuses and takes leave of the X-Men. Quicksilver warns Wolverine of the upcoming war

XMUL 31 X-Man rescues a girl whose mutant power is to turn things to gold

End of the Road
DEDP 54 Ma Gnucci's nephew Peter hires Deadpool to kill the Punisher, so he can collect his aunt's inheritance
DEDP 55 Deadpool & the Punisher stop fighting after they hear about Peter’s death on the news

DEDP 56 Copycat poses as Deadpool and hits Syrin. Copycat leaves Deadpool, leaving him without Syrin or Copycat

The Hunted
WOLV 162 Wolverine has a nightmare about murdering a senator. Sabretooth undergoes Adamantium bonding again. Wolverine sees his dream on the news
WOLV 163 Nick Fury gets Shiverman to track down Logan. Wolverine contacts Maverick for info on the Senator he supposedly killed
WOLV 164 Beast & Wolverine are imprisoned without their powers after being captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. Beast is stabbed and Wolverine put in the 'hole'
WOLV 165 Mauvis is awoken & eats parts of Wolverine, including ripping out his eye. Peepers rescues Beast. Sabretooth rescues Wolverine from being shot
WOLV 166 Shiverman rescues Wolverine & Beast from Weapon X. Sabretooth battles Maverick

WOLV 167 Mr.X is revealed as Wolverine's 'friend' contact during his time at the prison. Wolverine must fight Mr.X in the Bloodsport competition
WOLV 168 Wolverine figures that Mr.X is a telepath. He forces himself into bezerker mode so X can’t read his thoughts, the ring collapses and X escapes
WOLV 169 Ogun possesses people in an attempt to kill Wolverine

UCXM 391 Cyclops goes camping with Corsair before going back to the X-Men. He confronts him about not searching for his sons after the plane crash

Sons of the Atom
GBSA alpha Gambit is suspicious when an explosion fails to break windows. Tests run on Bishop reveal he has a subdermal symbiote
GBSA 1 Gambit & Bishop realise someone is playing with their minds, they figure it to be Stryfe. They escape the mansion
GBSA 2 Gambit & Bishop go to New Orleans to learn more about the symbiote from the Witness, there they find Stryfe begging for help
GBSA 3 Stryfe says he was demented when creating the Legacy Virus. He begs Gambit & Bishop to protect him from Cable who wants to kill him
GBSA 4 Cable creates an illusion to kidnap the Witness & Stryfe from Gambit & Bishop
GBSA 5 Stryfe explains what the symbiote Bete Noir is & confesses he planned to destroy the world with it. It begins to erupt from Bishop
GBSA 6 Stryfe kills himself to stop Bete Noir. Gambit & Bishop wonder if Cable made it seem that way in an illusion, to mask killing him

CABL 96 Cable helps a 30,000 year old Neanderthal retrieve a personal item that was meant for his daughter

XMUL 32 Nightcrawler goes to confession, questioning his faith

Eve of Destruction
XMEN 111 Trish Tilby from Genosha: mutants have gathered in Magda square, they await word of war from Magneto. Xavier is kidnapped from the mansion
UCXM 392 With few X-Men at the mansion, Phoenix recruits new mutants to help stop Magneto's war & to rescue Xavier. Dazzler arrives at the mansion
XMEN 112 Amelia Vought knows she must choose between Magneto and Xavier. Wolverine & Cyclops clear a path under Genosha for human refugees to escape
UCXM 393 Phoenix's team of mutants arrive in Genosha. Dazzler attacks Magneto only to be disintegrated by him
XMEN 113 Wolverine guts Magneto. Phoenix’s team disbands

AVV3 38 Quicksilver Rejoins the Avengers

CABL 97 Members of the Shining Path rescue their leader Ernesto Sandz from prison
CABL 98 Cable gets caught in crossfire between the Shining Path soldiers & the police
CABL 99 Izna abandons her son. Cable flys off with him before going to the hospital to run tests on his techno organic virus
CABL 100 Cable tells Izna he will look after her son after the remaining Shining Path members are put in prison

Fearful Symmetries
XMAN 71 Nate offers to help a nun who sees alternate earths
XMAN 72 Nate battles Qabiri to no effect
XMAN 73 Nate discovers Idris, parts of a whole scattered throughout the universe. Combined they could defeat Qabiri
XMAN 74 Qabiri collapses when the great beings look upon the Brilliant City as a broken world

XMAN 75 Nate turns his powers on himself to stop the Harvester from destroying the Earth. He shows a boy how to be a Shaman, then dissolves to nothing

WPNX Zero Weapon X has Agent Zero try and kill his friend Wolverine. Agent Zero purposely misses a shot at the last minute

Agent of Weapon X
DEDP 57 Weapon X makes Deadpool an offer, rejoin the program & have his healing factor increased, curing his disfigurement. Deadpool accepts
DEDP 58 Kane & Deadpool go on a mission concerning mutant activity, they find a boy out of control. Kane kills the boy, Deadpool attacks Kane
DEDP 59 Copycat is killed by Sabretooth while Deadpool battles Kane
DEDP 60 Whilst fighting Sabretooth, Deadpool's body begins to melt into nothing. Weapon X sends Wolverine a package containing Deadpool's hand

Funeral for a Freak
DEDP 61 As a ghost, Deadpool observes his own funeral. Before kissing death a mysterious figure uses magic on his grave, pulling him of the afterlife
DEDP 62 Deadpool wakes up on the street an amnesiac. 4 other Deadpools occupy the city, all with different personas. Hero, killer, mobster & media star
DEDP 63 Weasel gets Deadpool to remember who he is. Deadpool tracks down the other Deadpools before T-Ray arrives
DEDP 64 Jealous over Death's Love for Deadpool, Thanos curses Deadpool so he can never die

CABL 101 Cable uncovers a plot by Macedonians to 'cleanse' Ethnic Albanians
CABL 102 Eddie Hoyle shoots Cable in the head
CABL 103 Cable & Viktoria search for the Macedonian cloning facility
CABL 104 Cable wonders if he has chosen path has been the right one after destroying the cloning facility

XFOR 116 New X-Force is a media orientated group, and think little of being heroes. Some members do drugs & drink
XFOR 117 The new X-Force is attacked by the old X-Force
XFOR 118 X-Force goes to the lab where Paco is being held
XFOR 119 X-Force battles the army of Bastrona
XFOR 120 Wolverine agrees to be in Doop's video about X-Force's first year

XTXM 1 The X-Men are captured by the Spanish police, who perform tests on them. Vargas begins his search for the X-Men, with plans to kill them
XTXM 2 Vargas beats Rogue & Beast before gutting Psylocke, killing her. Vargas claims she is the first, but not the last
XTXM 3 Sage enables Beast's full mutant potential, thus enabling him to heal. Brian Braddock arrives to collect Psylocke, Beast returns to Westchester
XTXM 4 The X-Men find that Vargas has stolen one of Destiny's Diaries from her house. Gambit steals a diamond from Vargas

WOLV ann2001 Wolverine befriends a homeless guy that goes missing. Wolverine tracks him when attacked by Bloodscream & Vermin who work for Mauvais

Stay Alive
WOLV 170 Mauvais kills contestants of a reality TV show. Wolverine arrives to stop him. Mauvis reveals he plans to eat Wendigo's heart to gain power
WOLV 171 Mauvais eats Wendigo's heart and grows bigger and stronger. Alpha Flight arrives to help Wolverine
WOLV 172 The gods of the Great White North imprison Mauvais again. Before leaving Mauvais receives a vision of Wolverines miserable future & laughs

Origin (note: placed here because rose appears in wolv 176, but occurs before the x-men even start)
ORIG 1 Howletts take in orphan girl Rose to be companion of James
ORIG 2 Thomas Logan & his son Dog break into Howlett estate after being thrown out
ORIG 3 James escapes with Rose after his mutation manifests
ORIG 4 James takes on the name Logan while working in a mine in Alberta
ORIG 5 Logan vs Smitty
ORIG 6 Logan leaves to live with a pack of wolves after killing Rose

The Logan Files
WOLV 173 Sabretooth sends Lady Deathstrike & Omega Red to kill Wolverine's friends. Weapon X negitates Wolverine's powers & captures Aurora
WOLV 174 Sabretooth steals information from Weapon X. Lady Deathstrike & Omega Red battle Wolverine before Sabretooth shows up with Amiko
WOLV 175 Sabretooth claims that Wolverine's healing factor is the cause of his memory loss. Sabretooth kills Wolverine
WOLV 176 In the afterlife, Rose gives Logan a chance to discover his true Origin. Wolverine comes back to life and escapes the Weapon X compound

XFOR 121 The senior members of X-Force discuss new members
XFOR 122 Lacuna turns down X-Force's offer to join the team

CYCL 1 Ulysses hires Juggernaut & Black Tom to kill Cyclops
CYCL 2 Cyclops is kidnapped and brought to the Savage Land. Ulysses attacks Cyclops, claiming the X-Men killed some of his men
CYCL 3 Cyclops saves a tribe in the Savage Land from a monster
CYCL 4 With the help of one of Ulysses' soldiers, Cyclops defeats Ulysses

IMIC 1 Iceman goes to Hong Kong after learning he has a son by Opal. The boy is a sick mutant, Alain Weiss plans to use him as bait against Iceman
IMIC 2 Foe-Dog cares for and protects Iceman after his powers go out of control
IMIC 3 Weiss' Augmen capture Iceman
IMIC 4 Iceman defeats an augmented Weiss. Opal leaves Hong Kong and leaves Iceman a tape telling him the baby boy is not his son

XXSL 1 The X-Men help Saurids relocate from the desert in the USA to the Savage Land, when a waterfall explodes causing the cave to flood with water
XXSL 2 The explosion causes the X-Men to be scattered across the Savage Land. Storm is captured by Brainchild who vows vengeance on the X-Men
XXSL 3 Brainchild transforms Storm into a savage creature. Sage manages to get the crashed Blackbird running
XXSL 4 Storm's transformation is reversed. Beast breaks free of Lupa's pheromone control

GENX 75 The school closes down. Chamber joins the X-Men. Banshee goes back to Ireland. Xavier arranges to meet Emma Frost

XMUL 34 Jubilee & Skin in L.A.

BRHD 1 Hoffman sends his Brotherhood to recruit Mike Asher, a teenage boy who doesn’t know he is a mutant
BRHD 2 Fagin convinces Mike not to kill himself, until at least he has learnt what his mutant power is
BRHD 3 Mike's mutant power manifests for the first time at school when government operatives try to capture mutants. Mike leaves with the Brotherhood
BRHD 4 A British cell of the Brotherhood tries to capture a senator's mutant daughter
BRHD 5 The senators daughter Malon learns her father is also a mutant & that he funded her uncle to conduct experiments on mutants
BRHD 6 Marshal asks Malon to help him stop the Brotherhood. X sets his plans in motions

CABL 105 Cable helps a mutant boy when he uses his powers in a soccer game

NCIC 1 Nightcrawler stumbles upon a slave girl, and slave market
NCIC 2 Nightcrawler tries to rescue slave children
NCIC 3 Father Whitney tells Kurt to think about his actions before becoming a priest. Nightcrawler is shot by Oleg when trying to rescue prostitutes
NCIC 4 Nightcrawler hallucinates from blood loss, seeing Xavier instead of god. Nightcrawler defeats Oleg & questions if priesthood really is for him

BRHD 7 X makes a speech, which leads to massive fights between police & mutants. Marshal convinces Mike & Malon to help him against X
BRHD 8 X reveals his plan to kill the heart of X-Force.. Doop
BRHD 9 Marshal plans to take over the Brotherhood after X is defeated. Mike uses his power to kill X & Marshal.

CABL 106 In Kazakhstan, an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D agent plans to buy a neucular warhead
CABL 107 Cable tries to kill himself

UCXM 394 Logan & Jean kiss when in the mind of Warp Savant

E is for Extinction
XMEN 114 Cassandra Nova uses Bolivar Trask's nephew to gain access to the wild sentinels before attempting to take over Xavier's mind
XMEN 115 Cassandra Nova sets the wild sentinels loose in Genosha, killing 16 million mutants
XMEN 116 Xavier shoots Cassandra Nova. Xavier then announces on television that he is a mutant and his school is for mutants

UCXM 395 The X-Men search London for Chamber after he fails to show up to the mansion after being recruited. Mr.Clean burns mutants in the London sewers
UCXM 396 Nightcrawler, Angel & Iceman remind Chamber of his responsibilities, but he turns them down. Later they battle Mr.Clean, but he escapes
UCXM 397 Mr.Clean is revealed as working for the Supreme Pontiff. Newspapers speculate Sugar Kane is carrying Chamber's baby
UCXM 398 Wolverine battles Mr.Clean. Sugar Kane admits to Chamber she used him to boost her popularity, feeling used Chamber returns to the X-Men

XTXM 5 Rogue investigates murders supposedly committed by Gambit. They both learn he is being framed, then attacked by the Red Lotus
XTXM 6 Sabastian Shaw attacks Sage
XTXM 7 Heather & Davis Cameron are revealed as children of Viceroy. Lady Mastermind helps Shaw captures Sage & Rogue
XTXM 8 Sabastian Shaw plans to become king of the Australian underworld. Rogue breaks free of Lady Mastermind’s illusion

XMEN Ann2001 The X-Men rescue Xorn, a mutant with a star for a brain from a mutant organ harvesting operation run by John Sublime in Hong Kong

XMEN 117 Xavier school accepts over 100 new mutant students. Cassandra Nova plans a trip with the Shi'ar in Xavier's body. Trish dumps Beast

Germ Free Zone
XMEN 118 Sublime plans to use Xavier's school for an organ farm to service the U-Men. Logan finds a mutant girl who is captured by U-Men for her wings
XMEN 119 With Cyclops & Emma Frost captured, Sublime sends the U-Men to break into the Xavier school. Jean & the students are the only defence
XMEN 120 Jean easily defends the school, using a Dark Phoenix like aura. Hank wakes from his coma, revealing that Xavier is trapped in Cassandra Nova
XMEN 121 Emma Frost & Jean travel into Cassandra Nova's consciousness, revealing Xavier tried to kill her when they were both in their mother's womb

UCXM 399 Iceman & Archangel investigate a mutant brothel before The Church of Humanity attack. They rescue a prostitute named Stacy X
UCXM 400 The X-Men rescue Stacy from the Supreme Pontiff after she is teleported to him. He tampers with Nightcrawler's mind before escaping

UCXM Ann2001 The X-Men investigate a drug that causes temporary mutations. The Vanisher is revealed behind the drugs

XMEN 122 Cassandra Nova prepares for an attack on Earth using a Shi'ar assault fleet. Cyclops goes to Xorn for help regarding Xavier

UCXM 401 Banshee mourns over Moira's grave before collecting and forming the X-Corps

XTXM 9 Jean visits Ororo in astral form. Sage uses Lifeguard to pull herself out of Lady Mastermind's illusion

XMEN 123 Phoenix holds a press conference before the school is attacked by the Imperial Guard
XMEN 124 Smasher tells Gladiator that they have been deceived & the X-Men are not carrying the psi-plague. Cyclops & Xorn break free from their capture
XMEN 125 Jean absorbs Xavier's memories & kills the body of Cassandra Nova. Cassandra Nova, in Xavier's body reaches the mansion
XMEN 126 The X-Men force Cassandra Nova to leave Xavier's body, which can now walk. Xavier's psych returns to his body

UCXM 402 The X-Men are shocked to learn Banshee has recruited Blob & Avalanche into his X-Corps
UCXM 403 Nightcrawler talks with Banshee about his new methods. Chamber learns that his former teammates have joined X-corps
UCXM 404 Chamber discovers an unnamed person has infiltrated the X-Corps
UCXM 405 Mystique slits Banshee's throat & reveals herself behind the infiltration. Chamber & Nightcrawler teleport away before an explosion
UCXM 406 Blob, Avalanche, Mystique, Fever Pitch & Mastermind attack Paris, destroying the city
UCXM 407 The X-Men search for Chamber & Nightcrawler after they teleported blindly out of the explosion

Mary Shelley Overdrive
SMSO 1 While on another job, Sabretooth saves a woman named Bonnie from being killed by soldiers. She claims she doesn’t know why she’s been attacked
SMSO 2 Sabretooth hunts one of the soldiers & learns Bonnie has been marked because she carries a plague which when unleashed, will kill millions
SMSO 3 Sabretooth storms a lab in search of answers about Bonnie's infection. Meanwhile more soldiers find where bonnie is hidden & prepare to attack
SMSO 4 With the cure destroyed, Sabretooth kills his lover Bonnie, along with the people responsible for her plague contraction

XFA2 1 Mutant Civil Rights taskforce investigates murder of suspected mutant
XFA2 2 Mutant baseball player nears record
XFA2 3 A Bomb kills 29 mutants in church, X-Men rescue four survivors from Gray & Kearse
XFA2 4 Agent Gray & Kearse learn of FBI's Mutant Civil Rights taskforce anti-mutant intensions

XTXM Ann2001 With Psylocke dead, the Shadow King is free & kidnaps gateway

Invasion from Dimension X
XTXM 10 Shaitan uses Gambit & the Madripoor set of gems to open a portal
XTXM 11 Shaitan searches for Khan, his missing leader. After being attacked by Viper, Storm is captured by Khan who wants to make her his queen
XTXM 12 The X-Men go through a portal in search of Storm, leaving Rogue behind in case they do not return
XTXM 13 Sage uses her power to jump-start Rogues power, letting her manifest all her absorptions at once
XTXM 14 Jalene attacks Storm out of jealousy. The other X-Men are discovered inside the tower. Vargas finds Rogue, wanting to fight here there & then
XTXM 15 The temple holding Gambit collapses as Vargas plans to attack him
XTXM 16 The X-Men find Rogue & Gambit lifeless, apparently killed by Vargas after escaping Khan's imploding tower
XTXM 17 Rogue battles Vargas, but it is unclear if she killed him or not
XTXM 18 CaptainAmerica, IronMan & Thing take wounded X-Men to a MASH unit. Storm deliberately flatlines to see her parents. Rogue stops Remy from dying

XMEN 127 Xorn searches for a mutant boy after a riot in Mutant Town

UCXM 408 Nightcrawler finds children that have overdosed on the Vanisher's designer drugs
UCXM 409 Warren uses his money to buy the drugs & pushers away from Vanisher, putting an end to it. Kurt acts awkwardly towards the team

Healing Factor
DEDP 65 The Black Swan sets up a trap for Deadpool, angry at him for ruining the nobility of the assassination profession & taking his last job
DEDP 66 Black Swan's virus makes Deadpool slowly lose his memory. Deadpool takes a job from an old man who wants to be young again
DEDP 67 Deadpool is hired to protect Dazzler during a concert. Sandi asks Taskmaster for help & learns the cause of Deadpool's neurological problems
DEDP 68 Montgomery hires Wade to kill Mr. Boland who says Montgomery's son is a mutant & the reason for his success. His son has visions of Wade dead
DEDP 69 In Germany Wade battles the Black Swan in his castle. The castle explodes, seemingly both caught in the explosion

XMUL 35 Phoenix goes to a Westchester school to recruit a young mutant, where she encounters Sabretooth
XMUL 36 Kitty Pryde tries to deal with life away from the Xavier Institute. Beast cares for a mutant cat

XFOR 123 X-Force become trapped in Doop's dark side

XFOR 124 Edie & Guy do IT

XFOR 125 Dead Girl joins X-Force
XFOR 126 X-Force travel into space and are ambushed by aliens
XFOR 127 Anarchist finds a life pod to take the members of X-Force back to Earth, but it only has room for two
XFOR 128 Edie suggests a new team name before dying
XFOR 129 X-Force announces their name change to X-Statix to the press. The Orphan becomes angry at Edie's death being used as a marketing point

XTXM 19 The X-Men (X-Treme & New) celebrate together. Lacking powers, Gambit & Rogue leave the team. Thunderbird & Lifesaver leave to look for Cameron

Weapon XII
XMEN 128 Xavier announces X-Corporation in Paris. Weapon XII is released into the Paris subway tunnels. Cyclops talks to Emma regarding Jean
XMEN 129 Fantomex tells Xavier & Jean about the Weapon Plus program. Rictor, M, Syrin, Cannonball, Multiple & Darkstar fight Weapon XII
XMEN 130 Fantomex kills Darkstar when she is taken over by Weapon XII. Jean learns Fantomex was to be Weapon XIII & allows him to escape

The Shadow Pulput
WOLV 177 Wolverine & Father Braun investigate a device that is used to brainwash people into following Catholics
WOLV 178 Father Panza kills Father Braun. After Wolverine takes his body with him, it is revealed that many of the priests are corrupted

WVNS 1 Dreams of Mariko lead Wolverine back to Japan. There he travels back in time into the thoughts & body of an ancient samurai warrior
WVNS 2 Wolverine goes in search of the missing Netsuke's
WVNS 3 Wolverine battles the Snow Witch's phantom soldiers
WVNS 4 Mariko commits ritual suicide

XMEN 131 The X-Men attend Darkstar's funeral. Archangel teaches flight capable students how to fly. Emma conducts therapy on Scott

XMEN 132 The X-Men (with Storm, Thunderbird, Sabre & Quicksilver) search for Polaris after learning she lives from Unus the Untouchable
XMEN 133 The Shi'ar announce that Xavier & Lilandra's marriage is annulled & all ties cut because the Phoenix has hatched

XMUL 37 The X-Men fight versions of themselves from different realities

UCXM 410 Xavier enrolls a fish like mutant boy to his school. The X-Men go to Scotland to investigate a distress call
UCXM 411 Juggernaut reveals he called for help, Black Tom is mutating further & he needs their help. Annie learns her patient is Havok
UCXM 412 Cyclops collects Alex from Annie. Black Tom fights the X-Men & Juggernaut. After escaping him, Xavier invites Cain to the mansion
UCXM 413 Annie is hired as a nurse for the institute. Xavier tries to telepathically reach Havok. Stacy upsets Paige

The Hollow Man
CHMB 1 Chamber enrolls in ESU to investigate mutant deaths
CHMB 2 Chamber meets with Gigi after being shot at
CHMB 3 In a club, Chamber fights Kirk and his friends. Kirk eventually tells him who is behind the ESU blast
CHMB 4 Chamber learns the truth about the ESU mutant deaths

XTXP 1 A TV story on the X-Men is created after they saved the world. The boss of the project plans to edit the story to show mutants in a bad light
XTXP 2 Archangel uses his connections to get the story cancelled. He warns Storm that the X-Treme team need to rejoin the other X-Men

WOLV 179 Shaman calls Logan for help against a demon attacking Alpha Flight. The demon plans to use Shaman's protégé, as he is a powerful omega mutant
WOLV 180 Wolverine shows Chuck Moss the ways of the warrior

WPNX Kane Agent Jackson & Kane try to recruit Rapture to Weapon X, they fail
WPNX Wild Child A now voiceless Kyle breaks Aurora out of psychiatric hospital & takes her back to Weapon X. She thanks him but cant stand to look at him
WPNX Marrow Marrow is recruited into Weapon X & cured of her bone disfigurement in exchange for killing her old teammate from Gene Nation
WPNX Sauron Sauron is sent to recruit Emma Frost but fails. Instead he brings back 'Jack' who also has telepathic powers

Muties (Note: these are optional, self contained stories. They don't tie in at all with any of the x-teams)
MUTI 1 A boy is bullied at school. The boy shoots the bully who turns out to be a mutant. He kills him & the girl he loves accidentally
MUTI 2 A boy in Japan uses his mutant powers to control toys & uses them on his abusive stepfather when he plans to sell the boy for money
MUTI 3 A boy uses his time slowing powers to fight Ugandan rebels
MUTI 4 A young girl is disowned by her parents after she falls for the wrong man. After she leaves her boyfriend a mutant woman takes her in
MUTI 5 A mutant girl's boyfriend steals drugs after his dealer O.Ds.
MUTI 6 A boy is killed by the military after he’s mutant power to cause explosions is discovered

Good Omens
XSTX 1 The team goes on its first mission as the X-Statix. Venus joins the team
XSTX 2 The X-Statix dispose of a dirty bomb in a third world country
XSTX 3 Guy realises Arnie is after him
XSTX 4 Arnie joins the X-Statix
XSTX 5 Orphan quits the team

PUN6 16 Punisher & Wolverine separately investigate mobster men being amputated at the legs before meeting up, both thinking the other is responsible
PUN6 17 Punisher & Wolverine learn why Tony Casino has been sawing mobsters legs off. Punisher brutalises Wolverine

WOLV 181 Logan tracks Mobsters who have kidnapped a child after her father couldn’t afford to repay them for money he borrowed for the girls operation
WOLV 182 Logan proposes a deal to the Pazzo family: forget the debt the girl's father has, in exchange for getting rid of the Roman mob
WOLV 183 The Roman Mob enlist the help of the Sweeper to take care of Logan. Pazzo family boss plans to keep Logan working for him on a permanent basis
WOLV 184 Wolverine kills the Sweeper & Roman boss. Freddo Pazzo kidnaps the little girl & her father so Logan will be forced to do his dirty work
WOLV 185 Tony & Johnny make a stand against Freddo Pazzo on the day of his court hearing

XMUL 38 A year after Colossus death, Kitty still has trouble coming to grips with it. She sees a person who looks like Peter, but turns out to be a cop

MKNX 1 Anti-Mutant group 'Purity' claim that one of the school's physics classes contains a mutant
MKNX 2 After a science experiment turns to disaster, Kitty & her class mates are rescued by a Genoshan telekinetic. The police later question Kitty
MKNX 3 Tom More learns his girlfriend used his virus to cause the disaster. He & Shola help Kitty & Shan against a gang of anti-mutant humans
MKNX 4 A new breed of Sentinels attack Kitty & Shan
MKNX 5 Kitty debates at a student meeting when mutants are threatened to banned from campus
MKNX 6 Kitty, Shola, Shan & Tom defeat the new sentinels. Kitty gains the admiration of the Chicago police

So Lame: The Exiles in Mojoverse (not in normal X-Men continuity, but shows what happens to Longshot after Dazzler returns to normal continuity (optional))
EXIL 18 The Exiles find Longshot in prison in Mojoverse
EXIL 19 After breaking Longshot free, the Exiles try to convince him to help fight Mojo, but he is scared of losing

UCXM 414 Xavier asks Northstar to teach at the school. Northstar helps with a mutant boys power, the boy dies & Northstar accepts to teach

UCXM 415 Iceman avoids a medical check-up because of a secondary mutation he is undergoing. Nightcrawler admits he is troubled by his faith

Hunt for Sabretooth
WPNX 1 Weapon X learns that Sabretooth is going around killing potential recruits with the mutant files he stole
WPNX 2 Sabretooth sets a trap for Weapon X & seriously injures Aurora while making Wild Child Watch. The Director decides to call in Agent Zero
WPNX 3 Agent Zero tracks Sabretooth & almost kills him, but is stopped by implants the Director had fitted. Agent Zero delivers Sabretooth to Weapon X
WPNX 4 Mesmero tries to obtain the where abouts of the disks Sabretooth stole, but fails. He manages to inhibit his aggression with key words

Dead Man's Switch
AGTX 1 An amnesiac man is found by Sandi, Deadpool's former receptionist. He trains to be a Merc with Taskmaster & Outlaw. He is given the name 'Alex'
AGTX 2 Gun club owns hire 5 mercs to steal the Punisher's guns. Agent X eliminates 3 other mercs and goes to look for the guns with Outlaw
AGTX 3 While on a job protecting a jewellery store, Agent X sees a girl named Mary Zero. To her surprise he can see her, as she is invisible
AGTX 4 Agent X is ambushed at his theme park & shot. Mary tries to call for help but no-one can see or hear her
AGTX 5 Arcade removes the bullet from Alex's throat. The 4 Winds prepare to strike the theme park, Alex, Taskmaster, Outlaw & Sandi prepare
AGTX 6 After battling various costumed mercs, Alex kills Saguri for Higashi

XMUL 39 Sunfire attacks Storm in Japan

SOLX 1 Nathan informs Irene he is still alive. Thinking Irene arranged to meet him in Egypt, Nathan is surprised to meet Blaquesmith
SOLX 2 Blaquesmith gives Nathan a mission, to find a very powerful healer by the name of Magdelena
SOLX 3 At church where Magdelena's mother forces her to heal masses of sick people, Nathan tries to take her away but is knocked out by a mystery man
SOLX 4 The Armenians arrive at the church to capture Magdelena. Nathan is attacked by Geo because the Armenians think he killed their men in Moscow
SOLX 5 Nathan goes to rescue Magdelena. Deciding not to kill anyone, Nathan is attacked by the Armenians
SOLX 6 Nathan rescues Magdelena & her mother. Magdelena's Mother asks her daughters forgiveness for abusing her gift, then dies

UCXM 416 Juggernaut & Sammy go to Cain's old house where he re-lives his childhood memories of his father. Kurt & Stacy go to the X-Ranch

XMEN 134 Cyclops & Beast discuss the media controversy over Beast's sexuality. Quentin Quire takes a mutant-ability increasing drug

WOLV 186 The Punisher battles Wolverine for allowing Johnny Delacavva to live, and become mob boss

SOLX 7 Nathan saves a group of children & encounters the fake Blaquesmith
SOLX 8 In the future, a young boy learns the teachings of the Askani when his grandmother is killed

XMUL 43 The New Mutants re-unite to help a mugger who attacked Rahne

AGTX 7 Alex is hired by an omni-fetishist to retrieve several pairs of stolen rare panties/underwear

XMUL 44 Sammy, with the X-Men investigate a bunch of local kids torturing animals

Dominant Species
UCXM 417 The X-Men are called to investigate murders. Wolverine leads them to werewolf type creatures & is confronted by a man named Maximus Lobo
UCXM 418 Husk & Archangel escape from the werewolves before crashing in a forest, both badly wounded. Lorna arrives to see Alex & confronts Annie
UCXM 419 Havok wakes from his coma. Iceman, Juggernaut & Northstar receive a distress call from Husk. Nightcrawler further questions his faith
UCXM 420 Juggernaut, Nightcrawler, Northstar & Iceman save Husk & Archangel from the wolves. Archangel develops a new mutation

WOLV 187 Wolverine travels with a murderer before finally killing him

XTXM 20 Sage & Bishop investigate a murder supposedly committed by a mutant boy, taking refuge under Emma Frost at Xavier's School
XTXM 21 Emma Frost attempts to find out the truth about Jeffry Garrett. 'Bogan' attacks Emma through Jeffry
XTXM 22 Sage tells Bishop of dealings she & Emma have had with Bogan. Storm battles Emma Frost
XTXM 23 Storm & Emma Frost save Sage, Bishop & the mutant children from the danger room. Storm & Xavier disagree over what is to be done with Jeffry

Hold That Ghost
AGTX 8 A multi-millionaire woman hires Alex to kill her father, who happens to be invisible
AGTX 9 Alex learns why the invisible man's daughter wants him killed, and instead kills her

AGTX 10 A woman hires Agent X to kill Fight Man, if he fails, she will kill Sandi
AGTX 11 Alex rescues Sandi with Fight Man

Rebels, Freaks & Prophets
SOLX 9 American terrorists led by Jonas Keller blow up a US plane in protest to ethnics being able to inhabit the USA
SOLX 10 Jonas Keller carries out further terrorist attacks to get the attension of Nathan Summers

XMUL 45 Heather Hudson gives birth to a baby girl

Rules of Engagement
UCXM 421 Xavier informs Havok of all that has happened during the time he was missing. Polaris proposes to Havok
UCXM 422 Alpha Flight tries to take away Xavier's students from the school. Sammy leaves with Alpha Flight

Holy War
UCXM 423 The X-Men find several former student nailed to crosses standing outside the mansion. Skin dies
UCXM 424 Nightcrawler learns he was never made a priest

Riot at Xavier's
XMEN 135 Quentin Quire forms the Omega Gang, who kill the human gang that killed Jumbo Carnation. They announce themselves as the 'New X-Men'
XMEN 136 The U-Men attack Xorn's special class on a camping trip. The Omega Gang kidnap Xavier on the eve of the school's open day
XMEN 137 Beast informs the Omega Gang the truth about Jumbo Carnation's Death. The Stepford Cuckoos use Cerebra to disable Quentin Quire
XMEN 138 Xavier steps down as headmaster after one of the Stepford Cuckoos is killed using Cerebra. Jean catches Scott & Emma together

Good Cop Bad Cop
WOLV 188 A Detective Lester Brown tries pin another detective for various murders
WOLV 189 Wolverine confonts the crooked detective, which leads him to gain evidence to help Lester Brown

XTXM 24 Cannonball decides to join the X-Treme X-Men after helping save lives at the tunnel disaster near France

WPNX 5 The Director has hundreds of mutants killed in concentration camps

Dead Ends
SOLX 11 Nathan investigates a mutant girl who is to be put to death after supposedly killing her parents
SOLX 12 Nathan learns the girl did not kill her parents. He spends her final moments with her before being put to death

WPNX 6 The Director ponders effects of the Weapon X program on his life & children. Cable assembles the Underground to investigate missing mutants

The Underground
WPNX 7 Domino & Meltdown observe a conference Mesmero does. As the Director grows closer to Aurora, Agent Jackson plots to use Wildchild against him
WPNX 8 Mesmero's mother dies, leaving him to doubt his powers
WPNX 9 Sabretooth breaks free of his mind control after Mesmero loses his powers. Washout contemplates visiting his father a last time
WPNX 10 The Director sends Marrow to look for Sabretooth. The Director attacks Aurora. Nathan & the Underground learns of Neverland

Murder at the Mansion
XMEN 139 Jean uses the Phoenix to tear through Emma's memories of her childhood. Scott leaves the mansion. Emma is murdered while in diamond form
XMEN 140 Bishop & Sage go to the mansion & call for a lockdown until the murderer is discovered
XMEN 141 Bishop & Sage learn several students were controlled by someone unknown to make it look like they killed Emma. Jean uses Phoenix to revive Emma

God Loves, Man Kills 2
XTXM 25 Lady Deathstryke helps William Stryker escape his imprisonment and search for Kitty Pryde
XTXM 26 The X-Men investigate the crash site of Styker's plane & are attacked by Stryker's men
XTXM 27 Storm's Powers go out of control when Kitty phases through the earth with Adamantium. Paul finds Kitty & takes her to Mount Haven

WVXL 1 Wolverine loses Amiko at a carnival, then later waking up on an island
WVXL 2 Wolverine finds a bar on the island, inside he realises his healing powers are failing
WVXL 3 Logan goes into the woods to fight a monster attacking a child
WVXL 4 The young boy that Logan first met on the island saves him from being killed by the monster in the forest
WVXL 5 Logan learns the island, girl and boy are all figments of his mind trying to deal with what he truely is


NMU2 1 A mutant girl uses her powers to gain her uncaring father's attension, which in turn gains the attension of Dani Moonstar
NMU2 2 Dani takes Sophia to the Xavier Institute. Sophia befriends Laurie
NMU2 3
NMU2 4
NMU2 5
NMU2 6

XMUL 48 Wolverine & Shana solve an epidemic threatening all life in the Savage Land. Mystique does a mission for Nick Fury & S.H.I.E.L.D

AGTX 12 Alex closes down Agency X

Drop Dead Gorgeous
MYST 1 Xavier enlists the help of Forge to search fo Mystique after one of his spies dies in the field
MYST 2 Mystique is captured by the government before being rescued by Xavier
MYST 3 Xavier makes a deal with Mystique to be his secret agent. Her first mission, to destroy sentinels in Cuba


Assault on Weapon Plus
XMEN 142 Cyclops drowns his sorrows at a club run by Sabastian Shaw. Wolverine confronts him & takes him, with FantomX to investigate Weapon Plus
XMEN 143 FantomX takes Wolverine & Cyclops to 'The World' in search of Weapon 15
XMEN 144
XMEN 145

Unnatural Instincts
EXIL 28 The Exiles travel to earth 616 to stop Havok's alter-persona from emerging and killing Carter
EXIL 29 Maximus Lobo & the other wolves attack Morph, Wolverine & Husk. Havok goes after Carter, Juggernaut & Annie

Sacred Vows
UCXM 425 Alex stands Lorna up at the alter, saying he loves Annie
UCXM 426 Lorna takes on a Magneto-like persona and attacks Annie, Carter & Alex

SMWO 1 Nick Fury sends Spider-Man to Japan to rescue Wolverine

XMUL 49 Nightcrawler & Cyclops go to the scene of a newsreport about a little girl trapped in a cave

WOL2 1 Logan befriends a girl who lives nearby before she is murdered
WOL2 2 Logan begins his search for the girl's murderers by attending an arms show
WOL2 3
WOL2 4
WOL2 5
WOL2 6

UCXM 427 Husk, Jubilee & Archangel visit t

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