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19-09-2013, 16:52

A space ship is huddling toward Earth. At first this causes wonder, followed by fear. Riots break out across the city.

Out of the ship comes Galactus. A televangelist named Colton Candell sees this as an opportunity to get more followers. He quickly pledges allegiance to Galactus claiming him to be God and that he is his prophet.

Galactus tells the people of Earth that there is no wrong and no sin and that pleasure is all. More riots break out and there is much lawlessness. The Silver Surfer tries to speak with Candell but is turned away, although he manages to reach his sister Elyna.

Surfer confronts Galactus and reminds him he pledged to never harm the Earth again. Galactus claims that he has harmed no one and that he hopes for them to blindly destroy each other. Surfer tries to tell the people that their faith is misled and they attack hiim. Finally Galactus attacks the Surfer for defying him and in the process cause much damage and loss of life.

The Silver Surfer 01-02 (of 02) (1988) (digital) (Son of Ultron-Empire)




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