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Tema: Tierra X El Plan Celestial vs Galactus

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    Impresionante y bastante completa la narración

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    Predeterminado Respuesta: Tierra X El Plan Celestial vs Galactus

    Earth X 3 Parte la Linea Temporal
    Earth X Timeline
    Earth X Trilogia es una Trilogia de una fuente inacabable de Material con el Universo Marvel; años despues de acabarse la serie se publicaron apendices, Timelines, Trailer, se hicieron Hanbook; Etc

    Hace años encontre esta Timeline de Earth X (Ingles); Y me parece que esta bien recuperar ese material para que no se pierda

    Earth X Linea Temporal

    There exists a perfect universe. In this perfect universe, perfect knowledge is possible. One group of beings evolve themselves into beings of pure energy which require vibranium armor to retain cohesion. To reproduce, these Celestials must implant vibranium and a portion of their energy into entire worlds which serve as incubation devices. The inhabitants of these worlds are altered so that they can protect the growing embryos. One such world is the planet Taa.

    [Universe X #12, pg. 4-5]

    Note: According to Marvel lore, Taa was the most technologically advanced planet in the original universe.

    The destruction of worlds by the Celestials damages the universe. When Taa is destroyed by its embryo before the birth can take place, the universe begins to collapse.

    [Universe X #7, pg. 2]

    Speculation: The destruction of worlds was like a cancer within Eternity, the embodiment of the universe. The destruction of Taa mortally wounded Eternity, and this is the cause of the Universe's collapse.

    One of Taa's surviving inhabitants is a starship Captain named Galan.

    [Universe X #5, pg. 18; Universe X #7, pg. 2]

    Speculation: Galan, as an inhabitant of an infected world, possesses a mutable seed himself.

    He travels into the heart of the collapsing universe, and a voice offers him power and a chance for survival. This is the voice of the Enigma Force which has traveled back in time from the death of the Microverse. Galan accepts this power.

    [Universe X #5, pg. 18; Universe X #7, pg. 2]

    Speculation: Although this seems to be a closed loop where the Enigma Force creates itself, it is not. The sequence is more like a spiral than a loop. Each trip back through time creates a new reality, so the Enigma Force is empowering a new Galen each time. In the first loop of the spiral, it was most likely Eternity who gave the Enigma Force, a portion of his power, to Galen.

    15,000,000,000 B.C.E. The collapse of the original universe causes a Big Bang which creates a new universe.

    [Universe X #7, pg. 2]

    Note: The date for the Big Bang is based on current scientific theory and may not apply to Reality X.

    Some forces/beings travel from the original universe to the new one. These include Death, Eternity, the Phoenix Force, the Grandmaster, the Gardener, the Collector, Lord Order, Master Chaos, and the In-betweener. Collectively they are known as the Elders of the Universe. Their goal is the recreation of the original universe. They use the remains of the Celestials' homeworld to create the Realm of Death - a staging area where the rebuilding can begin.

    [Paradise X #3, pg. 4-5]

    The Celestials travel from the original universe to the new one.

    [Universe X #12, pg. 4-5]

    Galan travels from the old universe to the new one. He begins his slow metamorphosis into Galactus.

    [Universe X #7, pg. 2-3]

    Speculation: The Negative Zone is the remains of the original universe. The previous universe was made of antimatter, and when it collapsed around the planet Taa it created a black hole which led to a new universe. Antimatter flowed into the black hole, was reversed in polarity, and flowed out of the other side, causing the Big Bang. The inhabitants of Taa used their advanced technology to preserve the remains of their planet at the heart of the black hole. There it became known as Tyanna; a world which legends say is home to the oldest and most advanced civilization in existence. The wormhole connecting the two universes is now known as the Crossroads of Infinity. The black hole at the center of the Negative Zone is now known as the Antimatter Sun.

    [Scientific Theory]

    8,000,000,000 B.C.E. Chronos creates Eon to carry his consciousness so that he will be able to oppose the eventual rise of Thanos.

    [Universe X #0, pg. 41]

    Speculation: Chronos must have traveled back in time to create Eon since he was born on Earth which won't form until about 4.5 billion B.C.E.

    [Universe X #0, pg. 41]

    The Watchers gift the Prosilicans with nuclear technology, and the Prosilicans use it to destroy themselves.

    [Universe X #7, pg. 3]

    The Watchers adopt a policy of noninterference at the urging of Uatu's father Ikor, who was responsible for the Prosilican experiment.

    [Universe X #7, pg. 3]

    Galactus emerges and begins to 'balance' the universe by devouring Celestial embryos.

    [Universe X #7, pg. 3]

    The Watcher Ecce observes the "birth" of Galactus and although he has the power to destroy him, he does nothing.

    [Universe X #7, pg. 3]

    Torn between the moral consequences of both their actions and their inactions, the Watchers petition the Celestials to enslave them.

    [Universe X #7, pg. 5]

    Speculation: The Watchers, being shape-shifters, are yet another race that was altered by the Celestials.

    4,600,000,000 B.C.E. The Solar System begins to form.

    Note: The date for the formation of the solar system is based on current scientific theory and may not apply to Reality X.

    [Scientific Theory]

    Millions B.C.E. The Celestials implant an embryo in the Skrull homeworld and introduce Celestial seeds into the Skrulls who become shape-shifters. They expand to other worlds and create a vast empire.

    Note: According to Rom #50, one genetic branch of Skrulls becomes the Dire Wraiths. This has not been confirmed in Reality X.

    The Skrulls create the first Cosmic Cube to be the ultimate weapon. The Cosmic Cube is in fact a Skrull whose mutation is particularly advanced. The Cube eventually regains awareness, and then kills the Emperor and two-thirds of the Skrull Empire. Eventually the Cube matures and becomes known as The Shaper of Worlds.

    [Universe X #8, pg. 2]

    1,000,000 B.C.E. The First Host of Celestials arrives on Earth to find early humanity coexisting with dinosaurs.

    [Earth X #0, pg. 16-17]

    Note: In actuality, the dinosaurs became extinct about 65 million years before humanity.

    The Celestial Host cuts away a portion of the Earth to expose the core for embryonic implantation. This causes the extinction of the dinosaurs. The mass which was removed becomes the moon.

    [Earth X #0, pg. 16-17]

    Note: In actuality, the moon was formed at about the same time as the Earth. It was likely formed when a large asteroid impacted the Earth. It is thought that the formation of the moon may have taken as little time as 1000 years.

    The Celestials begins to alter humanity. Their first experiments are rejected because their mutations make their forms and identities too susceptible to the imagination of other humans. Mephisto is the first of these demons.

    [Paradise X #7, pg. 2]

    Note: At this time, Mephisto has red skin, goat-like legs and small horns.

    Prince Wayfinder arrives from the distant future with his 'ark' filled with aliens. Beset by demons, Wayfinder uses the Sword in the Star to create the Microverse. He transports himself and his followers to this 'world within a world' thus inspiring Mephisto's vision of a multiverse of worlds. Wayfinder is transformed into the first of the Time-Travelers who protect the Microverse. The Sword is hidden.

    [Paradise X #7, pg. 2-3]

    Note: The timing of these events presents some problems. In Universe X #, we are told that Wayfinder traveled back to a time before the Celestials altered humanity, but this clearly is impossible since they found an Earth populated by the demons who were created by the Celestials. We are also told that the Earth was populated by dinosaurs as well as demons. This suggests that these events took place before the creation of the moon, but humanity wasn't yet altered when the Kree were on the moon.

    The Skrulls visit the planet Hala to offer technology and an alliance with its inhabitants. The Skrulls are unaware that they have achieved such a high level of mutation that their identities are now subject to the will of others. When they discover that both the Kree and the plant-people known as the Cotati live on Hala, they propose a contest to determine which species will receive their gifts. The Skrulls create an atmosphere over portion of Earth's moon, an area which will one day be known as the Blue Area. Equal numbers of Kree and Cotati are transported to the Blue Area and told that the group which achieves the most will become allies of the Skrulls.

    [Universe X #0, pg. 28-29]

    The Kree spend a year building a grand city, only to lose the contest when the Cotati use their powers to resurrect the plant-life that existed on the moon when it was part of the Earth.

    [Universe X #0, pg. 16, 28-29]

    Note: Somehow the Skrulls, Cotati and Kree seem to have overlooked the First Celestial Host hanging around the Earth. Perhaps they were temporarily absent.

    Note: When this story was originally told in Avengers #, the Cotati were placed on a small asteroid rather than the moon.

    The Skrulls decide that the Cotati have won the contest. The angry Kree slaughter the Cotati and the Skrulls, and then steal the Skrull starships. They master Skrull technology and build their own fleet. They use their captured ships to launch a sneak attack on the Skrulls. The Kree-Skrull war will become the longest conflict in the history of the universe. The Kree are unaware that it is their own perception of the Skrulls which has turned a species of peaceful, yet suggestible people into a race of warriors.

    [Universe X #0, pg. 30]

    990,750 B.C.E. The Kree create the Supreme Intelligence in order to create a Cosmic Cube of their own. Supremor refuses and becomes an advisor to the Kree Science Council.

    [Universe X #0, pg. 30]

    990,497 B.C.E.
    The Kree are not aware that Supremor absorbs the mind of every Kree upon their deaths. As he absorbs Kree souls, Supremor's mental power grows until he becomes the leader and god of the Kree.

    [Universe X #9, pg. 13-14]

    Note: According to Universe X, it was Supremor that enabled the Kree to master the Skrull technology so there is something wrong with this part of the timeline.

    The Celestials' second attempt to alter humanity produces the Deviants, a race with a very unstable genetic structure. The Deviants have too much aggression to serve the Celestials' purpose.

    [Earth X #0, pg. 20]

    To control the aggression of the Deviants, the Celestials create a third genetic strain of humanity, the Eternals. These beings have tremendous powers and a very stable genetic structure, but they are too passive to serve the Celestials' goals.

    [Earth X #0, pg. 20; Universe X #0, pg. 26]

    The Celestials make a fourth type of humanity: homo superior. This species of human possesses mutable seeds which will germinate when the time is right. These humans have increases intelligence and aggressiveness combined with shorter life-spans and decreased healing abilities. One bloodline among the new humanity is implanted with the potential to control all others. This power is designed to activate when the rest of the population has mutated.

    Some humans escape from the Celestials without being altered. One of these tribes worships the newly formed moon. The new humans hunt the unaltered types to the point of extinction.

    Note: The Tribe of the Moon may eventually become the one shown in Alpha Flight, v.1, #83.

    Note: Moonboy was one of the unaltered humans. Devil Dinosaur was shown crying over his arrow-pierced body in Paradise X #4, but the skeletons of both Devil and Moonboy were shown to be on the moon in Earth X #0. How this is possible seems to be one of the central mysteries of this series.

    Supremor encourages the Kree to breed with other species, producing a new class of pink-skinned Kree. The purpose of this breeding program is to overcome some physical limitations of the Kree.

    [Universe X #0, pg. 31]

    Speculation: Since the Kree were never altered by the Celetials, they have no mutable seeds. Supremor may have wanted to introduce them into the species by crossbreeding with altered species.

    78,000 B.C.E. The Kree establish an unmanned base on Uranus. The base is protected by a force field and a Sentry robot.

    [Universe X #, pg. ]

    23,000 B.C.E. Conflict between the brothers Chronos and his brother Uranos turns into a civil war among the Eternals. Chronos is victorious and banishes his enemies by converting them into energy which is sent into space. Chronos begins to build a city which will be unequalled in human history.

    [Universe X #0, pg. 26]

    Uranos and his followers mange to direct their course toward the planet Uranus. The force field surrounding the Kree base converts them back into matter. They defeat the Sentry, but not before a signal is sent to the Kree.

    [Universe X #0, pg. 27]

    The Uranian Eternals build a starship, and all but a few board it to return home. The Kree catch the ship and destroy both it and Uranos. The few survivors settle on Saturn's moon, Titan, where they begin to build a civilization.

    [Universe X #0, pg. 31]

    Having dissected one of the Eternals, the Kree are aware that the Celestials have visited Earth. They decide to use the altered humanity to create a race of superbeings which they can use against the Skrulls. These beings become known as the Inhumans.

    [Universe X #0, pg. 35]

    The Eternals on Titan are wiped out as part of the Kree-Skrull War. A single Skrull is left behind on Titan.

    [Universe X #0, pg. ]

    Chronos summons the Cosmic Consciousness to this reality. Chronos is unable to contain this Perfect Knowledge, and thus causes a tremendous explosion which destroys his city. The Cosmic Consciousness is fragmented, and the pieces are dispersed throughout reality. Chronos himself ascends to a higher plane while retaining possession of one piece of the Cosmic Consciousness. The explosion alters the other Eternals, granting them indestructability and immortality. They also gain the ability to combine themselves into a single entity known as the Uni-mind. In that form, the Eternals share their thoughts and dreams.

    [Universe X #0, pg. 32]

    Note: Presumably Chronos summoned the Cosmic Consciousness from the original universe. Apparently the full Cosmic Consciousness can not be used without the power of the Enigma Force.

    Chronos' sons Alars and Zuras participate in a Uni-mind with their fellow Eternals. It becomes clear to both that the Eternals want Zuras to be their leader. To avoid strife, Alars leaves Earth and travels to what he believes is a thriving colony of Eternals on Titan.

    [Universe X #0, pg. ?]

    Alars arrives on Titan to find the colony destroyed. He meets the Skrull disguised as an Eternal named Sui-San. They fall in love and marry. Renames himself mentor.

    [Universe X #0, pg. ?]

    23,000 B.C.E. The Deviants enslave humanity. The 2nd host arrives and destroys Atlantis.

    [Earth X #0, pg. 24-25]

    10,000 B.C.E. Conan the barbarian becomes king of Aquilonia.

    [Earth X #0, pg. 28]

    8235 B.C.E. Ulysses Bloodstone becomes Immortal.

    Ulysses Bloodstone encounters Mephisto.

    B.C.E. Celestial Host and Uatu tell Pharoah Set about resurrection stone.

    1000 B.C.E. The living mummy is created.

    1 C.E. Odin meets Asgardians.

    The alien Kree placed Sentry 9168 on a Pacific island.

    500 C.E. Merlin raises Arthur to be King. He gives Arthur the sword Excalibur and the Cosmic Consciousness which he calls the Spirit of the Pendragon. Arthur dies before Merlin can find the last piece of the Cosmic Consciousness which is possessed ny Eon in the Negative Zone.

    C.E. 3rd Celestial Host makes deal with Odin et al

    1459 C.E. Vlad becomes Dracula.

    ? C.E. Birth of Thanos ux0, 34

    1890? C.E. Birth of Logan px ?, ?

    1920 C.E. Prince Namor is born. A human-atlantean crossbreed, Namor is the first of those .

    [Earth X #, pg.]

    1922 C.E. Steve Rogers is born.

    [Earth X #, pg.]

    Victor von Doom is born. His mother sells her soul to Mephisto so that her son will be successful. She dies after completing this bargain. Doom's father dies a few years later.

    [Paradise X #5, pg. 2]

    1939 C.E. The Human Torch is created.

    [Earth X #, pg.]

    1940 C.E. Steve Rogers becomes Captain America.

    [Earth X #, pg.]

    1941 C.E. Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, who will later become Magneto, is imprisoned in Auschwitz.

    [Earth X #, pg.]

    Reed Richards fights in World War II.

    [Paradise X #11, pg. 3]

    Captain America saves the life of Anthony Stark's father.

    [Paradise X #, pg.]

    1945 C.E. James 'Bucky' Barnes is killed by an explosion planned by the Red Skull. Captain America is knocked free of the exploding plane and falls into the arctic water. His germinated seed allows him to survive being frozen solid.

    [Earth X #, pg.]

    Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, Susan Storm, and Johnny Storm travel into space where they are exposed to cosmic rays. With their mutable seeds activated, they become the Fantastic Four.

    [Earth X #, pg.]

    Henry Pym discovers an enzyme which enables him to alter his size and mass. This enzyme is, in fact, the mutable seed implanted by the Celestials. Pym later develops a gas which will activate this enzyme, and takes on the identity of Ant-Man.

    [Paradise X #8, pg. 2-3]

    Speculation: It is possible that Pym's 'shrinking gas' is the same formula as the 'Terrigen Mists.'

    Dr. Bruce Banner invents the Gamma Bomb. Banner saves Rick Jones from becoming a victim of the first test of the bomb. Banner is exposed to vast amounts of gamma radiation which germinates his mutable seed. As a result, Banner becomes the Hulk.

    [Earth X #, pg.]

    Promted by Mephisto, Victor von Doom invents a Time Machine and then uses it to send Reed Richards, Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm back to the time of Blackbeard the pirate.

    [Earth X #, pg.]

    Donald Blake finds Mjolnir.

    [Earth X #, pg.]

    Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man.

    [Earth X #, pg.]

    Anthony Stark sells munitions used in the Korean War. When visiting Korea, he is caught in the explosion of a land mine. His heart is damaged by shrapnel, but he is able to construct a suit of armor which will keep him alive. He becomes an Iron Man.

    [Paradise X #?, pg. ?]

    [Paradise X #11, pg. 3]

    Professor X forms the X-Men.

    [Earth X #, pg.]

    Matt Murdock is blinded.

    [Earth X #, pg.]

    Adam Warlock is created by the Beehive.

    [Earth X #, pg.]

    The Fantastic Four accidentally activate a Kree Sentry Robot. The Supreme Intelligence sends Ronan the aAccuser to test theor powers. His defeat convinces Supremor to send Mar-vell to Earth.

    [Universe X #0, pg. 35]

    Mar-vell arrives on Earth.

    [Universe X #0, pg. 36]

    Jude is created by the Cosmic Cube.

    [Universe X #8, pg. 5]

    Belasco arrives in the Savage Land from the future.

    [Earth X #, pg.]

    The new X-Men are formed.

    [Earth X #, pg.]

    A dying Jean Grey is discovered by the Phoenix Force. They become a binary being. Scott Summers, Logan and Peter Rasputin become infatuated with her. She falls in love with Scott and establishes a permanent psychic link with him.

    [Paradise X #3, pg. 3]

    The Phoenix commits suicide on the moon so that she will able to replace Death if needed.

    [Paradise X #3, pg. 5]

    Frank Castle's family is killed. He becomes the Punisher and begins a one-man war on criminals.

    [Earth X #, pg.]

    Ulysses Bloodstone dies.

    [Earth X #, pg.]

    Nighthawk receives eyes which can see the future. At first he believes that these eyes were a gift from an angel, but he later discovers that the angel was Mephisto.

    [Universe X #0, pg. 20]

    Machine Man retires from crime-fighting and adopts the identity of Aaron Stack. He spends his days imitating the life of his 'father,' Abel Stack.

    [Earth X #0, pg. 1-2; Earth X #10, pg. 5]

    Maximus builds a Terrigen Bomb which will mutate all of humanity by releasing the Terrigen Mists into Earth's atmosphere. The Inhuman royal family attempts to stop him. Maximus and Lockjaw are killed in the conflict.

    [Earth X #, ]

    Note: The Inhuman royal family later use Lockjaw's 'horn' as a teleportation device.

    Wishing to leave Attilan, the Inhumans rebel against the royal family and Ruling Council. The suffer illness from pollution as well as oppression from humanity.

    Black Bolt blinds Uatu.

    Bolt activates the Terrigen Bomb to protect his people from prejudice and pollution.

    The Inhuman royal family leaves Earth for space.

    1979 C.E. Earth X #0

    Note: This date is based on comments in Earth X #2, that indicate the Watcher's equipment hasn't had an operator in 20 years..

    May Parker is born.

    Mary Jane Parker dies.

    Spider-Man's identity is made public. J. Jonah Jameson's career is ruined and the Daily Bugle goes out of business.

    With the support of the world's governments, Reed Richards builds a series of receiving stations which are intended to convert vibranium into energy to serve the entire planet. A scientist at one station falls into a vat on vibranium triggering a chain reaction which destroys all of the stations. The scientist becomes the Iron Maiden.

    Humanity begins to mutate due to the Terrigen Mists. Reed Richards believs that it is the result of the explosion at his receiving stations and he blames himself.

    Animal life begins to die off. Fishing becomes the major source of meat.

    Speculation: The extinction of animal species may be caused by the Terrigen Mists or it may be caused by the eco-damage resulting from the growth of the Celestial embryo.

    [Earth X #2, pg, 10]

    1989 C.E.

    Doom and Namor fight with Captain America and the Fantastic Four. Namor kills Johnny Storm and Franklin Richards curses him to burn forever. Doom kills Susan Storm in an explosion which accidentally kills him as well.

    [Earth X #2, pg. 12-14]

    Note: This date is based on Ben Grimm's comment in Earth X #2, that these events occurred about ten years earlier.

    The Grey Gargoyle turns most of X-Calibur (Spitfire?, Meggan and ) into stone. Captain Britain kills the Gargoyle. Nightcrawler escaped by teleporting, but he left his left arm behind. His appearance also became that of a human, whose right arm is missing. He is killed by a mob of human-hating mutants. Mephisto tricks him into becoming Belasco and freezes him in a block of ice within Limbo.

    Franklin Richards becomes Galactus.

    Wong mutates. His mind splits and his evil half, who serves Death, begins to manipulate Clea and Loki to trap Strange in a state between life and death.

    Jean Grey marries Logan and at some point she loses her psychic abilities.

    Loki tricks Odin into changing Thor into a woman.

    Crusher Creel kills 1/3 of the world's population by becoming a deadly virus.

    Crusher Creel kills the Avengers in Washington D.C. The vision shatters Creel. Lord Sunfire distributes pieces of Creel to heroes around the world in the hopse that he will never be reconstructed. These heroes include...

    Loki warns Stephen Strange that Clea and Wong are going to betray him.
    Strange hides the Darkhold and the Book of the Vishanti in the Siege Perilous.
    Strange casts a protective spell around his house.
    Clea stabs an enchanted blade into Stephens heart, sending his astral form to the Realm of the Dead. Since Stephen's body is still alive, he is aware of his death. Clea assumes the mantle of Sorceress Supreme. Wong cares for Stephen's body while his alter ego leads the Tong of Creel in the search for the parts of Creel's body.

    May Parker bonds with symbiote.

    The Green Goblin returns from the dead. He strikes a deal with Tony Stark and declares himself to be President.

    Rann dies and takes Enigma Force to Mar-vell. The surviving Micronauts (Bug, Mari, ...) leave the Microverse and use the Man-Thing to plug the hole. The Man-Thing dies. The Microverse ends and that fragment of the Enigma Force travels back in time to empower Galan.

    The Skull's power awakens, sending out a psychic wave which kills all psychics on Earth, including his father, Comet Man.

    1999 C.E. Earth X (1/2, 1-12 and X)

    Note: This date is based on the facts that the Marvel Child is ready to be born at the end of Earth X and that he is three years old at the beginning of Universe X.

    2002 C.E. Universe X

    Note: This date is based on comments in Paradise X that indicate one year has passed since the end of Universe X.


    2003 C.E. Paradise X

    Note: This date is given in Paradise X #11.

    [Paradise X #11, pg. 1]

    Arno Stark accidentally detonates a nuclear bomb in New York City causing widespread mutations.

    [Paradise X #9, pg. 17]

    Note: This is an alternate future.

    Killraven fights to save the Earth from an alien invasion launched from Mars.

    Note: This is an alternate futuren.

    Nathaniel Richards, a descendent of either Reed Richards or Victor Von Doom, is bored with his easy life. He rebuilds Doom's time machine and uses it to travel to ancient Egypt where he is worsipped as the god-king Rama-Tut.

    Note: Nathaniel will later become Kang and then Immortus.

    The Guardians of the Galaxy fight to keep the world safe from a Badoon invasion.

    Note: This is an alternate future.

    Prince Wayfinder travels the universe searching for the Sword in the Star. Along the way he gathers beings of all types in his Space Ark. At one point encounters Rocket Raccoon.

    Note: One of the aliens in Wayfinder's Ark looks suspiciously like the mutated J. Jonah Jameson.

    Prince Wayfinder finds the Sword in the Star. He is blinded by the the Star and then he uses its power to transport himself and his entire entourage back in time to the Earth before the Celestials arrive.

    Note: There is some confusion here since Wayfinder is said to go back to a time before the Celestials arrive, but he is also said to arrive in a time of demons, who were created by the Celestials.

    Mephisto is the last living person on Earth. Calling himself He Who Remains, he creates beings of pure knowledge known as the Time Keepers. He charges them with the task of making time circular by sending any other versions of himself back to the beginning of time.

    Note: In Avengers Forever, it was stated that He Who Remains was the last director of the Time Variance Authority (TVA).

    Video sobre la Saga de Tierra X

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    Predeterminado Respuesta: Tierra X El Plan Celestial vs Galactus

    El ¿Fin? de la Linea Temporal de Earth X en Uncanny Avengers 14?

    Segun el Preview de Uncanny Avengers 14 Parece que la ruptura del Tiempo a causa de la Era de Ultron y que esta destruyendo realidades va a acabar con esta Tierra Alternativa y con su grandiosa Mitologia
    Parece que de momento solo va a ser Venom (May Parker) rescatada por Kang antes del fin al igual que otros seres de realidades alternativas; esperemos que como la Era de Apocalipsis en su dia (al principio hubo 4 supervivientes, luego 6; y 10 años mas tarde fue recontado que seguia existiendo); haya mas supervivientes.
    Si se confirma la destruccion ojala haya mas supervivientes (futuras miniseries o especiales); ya sea otros personajes en otras realidades alternativas (Heraldos, Cap Marvel); o en otros reinos como el Paraiso o la Zona Negativa
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    La nueva era comienza con la caida de la Oscuridad

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    Predeterminado Respuesta: Tierra X El Plan Celestial vs Galactus

    El Legado de Tierra x y su Influencia en el Universo Marvel
    Ahora que se puede acercar el final del Universo X, seria bueno ver la Influencia que ha tenido en el Universo Marvel a lo largo de los años
    X-51 Y Uatu lo discuten en una de sus muchas charlas en la Zona azul de la Luna observando el Multiverso

    -Vaya, mi vista ya no es lo que era (heh, eso era un chiste) pero mi Vigilante oido cree reconocer el sonido de esa voz. Un sonido que no oía desde... desde...
    -Es inutil que te guardes silencio. Te oigo NO respirar.
    -Has vuelto, X-51.
    -Como, hace tantos años, te dije que acabarías haciendo.
    -Es que...
    -Porque al final no te ha quedado otro remedio que admitir que yo tenía razón.
    -Tu... ¡Tu tenías razon, Uatu!
    -Ahhh, qué placer para mis oidos. Y dime, X-51, ¿en qué tenia razón concretamente?
    -En... en... en todo. En absolutamente todo, Uatu.
    -Bueno, sólo has tardado once años en reconocerlo.
    -Yo estaba tan seguro... No podías tener razón. Era imposible que...
    -Pero al final NO era imposible ¿verdad?
    -Ya no podía seguir negando la evidencia.
    -Dime, X-51, ¿qué viste para tener que admitirlo?
    -Primero fué la reaparición de unos cambiados Inhumanos.

    Rediseñados en clave gótica, como los que volvían a esa planeta que llamaste Tierra-X.

    Pero pensé que sólo se trataba de una nueva vuelta de tuerca grim and gritty y no le dí mas importancia.

    Y no solo eso Viendo las Acciones de Rayo Negro y Maximus durante Infinity creo que Sufriremos el el Efecto de las Nieblas Terrigenas a menor Escalar que la de la Plaga de Tierra X

    Y entonces fueron creados los Exiles.

    Un grupo de heroes rescatados de diferentes tierras paralelas con el fin de salvar el continuum espaciotemporal.

    Igual que los Heraldos de Tierra-X.
    -Y no por casualidad, te lo dije.
    -Si, me lo dijiste, pero nadie habría podido concebir que... que...
    -¿Qué fue lo siguiente, X-51?
    -El día que Jamie Madrox, valiéndose de su multiplicidad, se convirtió en investigador privado.

    Como ya había hecho en esa tierra.

    -¿Y después?
    -La miniserie del Motorista Fantasma de Garth Ennis, que empezaba contándo cómo los demonios perseguian a Blaze mientras intentaba escapar del infierno en su moto un día tras otro.

    Como al Blaze de Paraiso-X.

    -Pero creiste que todo esto sólo eran un par de casualidades ¿verdad, X-51?
    -¿Qué otra cosa podría pensar, Uatu? Y entonces Reed Richards quedó atrapado dentro de la armadura del Doctor Muerte.

    Como le había sucedido al Richards de la Tierra-X. Pero... pero...

    -Pero pensanste que habían intercambiado mentes de nuevo ¿verdad?
    -Y entonces...
    -Y entonces Tormenta y la Pantera Negra se casaron.

    -Pero dado que llevaban años tonteando lo achacaste a la falta de ideas de los guionistas.
    -Si, Uatu. No pensé... no quise pensar...

    ...que eso también había pasado.
    -Y la siguiente "coincidencia"...
    -La insólita aparición de una manada de famélicos Wendigos en Hulk...

    -Que achacaste a...
    -Simple desconocimiento del guionista, muy habitual por aquellas fechas. De hecho me llevó un tiempo recordar la escena en que había pasado eso mismo en Universo-X.

    -Pero cada vez más piezas iban encajando, ¿no es cierto, X-51?
    -Si, Uatu, como Havok y Polaris...

    ...uniendose a los Saqueadores Estelares.

    O Kitty Pryde sacrificándose...

    ...para detener una mortal bala y salvar a Coloso.

    -Y finalmente...
    -Entonces, aprovechándose de la invasión de unos alienos verdosos y de los diseños de Tony Stark, Norman Osborn se apoderó de los Estados Unidos de América.

    Como ya había hecho...

    ...en la Tierra-X.

    Y ya no pude sino reconocer que tenías razón, Uatu, que la habías tenido todos estos años. Que, desde el principio, sólo tu pudiste adivinar que Tierra-X no era una tierra alternativa futura... SINO EL FUTURO DE LA TIERRA MARVEL 616...
    -Era muy evidente, X-51. Al menos para alguien con la inteligencia suficiente (heh) Como dice un amgio mío, "todo esto ha pasado antes, y..." y no me acuerdo de cómo sigue. Ahora sabes lo que hay que hacer, ¿verdad?
    -Si, Uatu. Ir a ver al Bruce Willis de nuestra Tierra...

    ...y decirle que se que él es el Capitán América...

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    Predeterminado Re: Tierra X El Plan Celestial vs Galactus

    Tierra X Post Trilogia

    1) Kang Krono Corps (Uncanny Avengers 14-22)

    May Parker alias Venom es salvado de la desaparicion de su Linea Temporal por Kang en el año 2033 (ver arriba) de su Realidad como consecuencia de la destruccion de la Tierra Celestial Existar (Realidad originalmente transcurria en 2003) y poniendose a su servicio como uno de sus Kronocorps ayudando a Kaos a rescatar a los miembros supervivientes de Uncanny Avengers en Planet X para que puedan retroceder en el tiempo y evitar la destruccion; pero en medio de la batalla May aparece en 616 con los demas miembros Kronocorps enfrentandose a los Vengadores y a la Guardia del Infinito de Inmortus; siendo derrotados y llevados por Kang a otro tiempo.

    Secret Wars 2015

    Los Iron Avengers van a participar en la Guerra de Realidades en 2015; si es a causa del probable choque de realidades o la actuacion de un agente externo como el Beyonder (¿supervivientes?) esta por ver

    Integrantes conocidos de la Guerra de Realidades

    1. Monolith of the Iron Avengers, Earth-9997 (Earth X Timeline)

    After the Avengers were killed by the powered-up Absorbing Man, the surviving Iron Man created robot duplicates of his fallen friends. Monolith was essentially a huge robot with Hank Pym’s (Giant Man) personality and rocket boots.

    2. Classic Thor, Earth-616 (Main Marvel Universe) –

    ThorYou all know this guy. It’s Thor, for Odin’s sake! He’s holding his hammer, Mjolnir, in the teaser image, which he currently does not have in the comcis. Maybe this version of Thor is from the past of the “real” Marvel Universe?

    3. Iron Man Noir, Earth-90214 (Marvel Noir Universe)
    Iron Man Noir

    Anthony Stark, industrialist and adventurer with an undetailed heart condition, set off in search of treasures that may help him cure his ailment. Helped by his friends, James Rhodes and Edwin Jarvis (counterparts of 616 War Machine and Avengers butler Jarvis), Tony set off with girlfriend Doctor Giuletta Nefaria (counterpart of 616 villain Madame Masque) to look for an artifact, but of course was betrayed by her and attacked by Nazis Baron Strucker and Baron Zemo. After his new girlfriend Pepper Potts is captured by the Barons and their Nazi soldiers, Tony puts on a suit of armor based on concepts from his father and attacks their base. Baron Zemo is revealed to be his brainwashed father, Howard Stark, and Tony saves the day, deciding to give up adventuring for real crime fighting.

    4. Classic Iron Man, Earth-616 (Main Marvel Universe)
    Iron Man

    Again, same deal as Thor, you know this Iron Man. I’m not the biggest depository of Iron Man knowledge, but the image looks like the classic gold and red suit (Mark 4), with the ridges in the metal underwear and all. Maybe this is lending credence to the “past Main Marvel Avengers” theory that we for Thor?

    5. Magni Thorson, Earth-3515 (Thor: The Reigning)
    Magni Thorson

    In an alternate future where Thor merged New York with Asgard, killing thousands of humans and Asgardians in the process of him implementing his rule, Magni Thorson was born to Thor and Amora the Enchantress. Though he followed his father out of loyalty, he did not agree with the way that the humans were treated. Working with Sif, who had been banished from New Asgard, Magni found and was able to wield Mjolnir and, after showing Thor the error of his ways, worked with his father to go back in time and prevent his timeline from happening in the first place.

    6. Classic Captain America, Earth-616 (Main Marvel Universe)

    Again, a seemingly past version of the main 616 Captain America. Steve Rogers, super soldier serum, fights Nazis, gets frozen, wakes up in “current day”.

    7. Teen-Hulk, Earth-80360 (Crazy Magazine characters)
    Teen Hulk

    Chester Weems was a clumbsy, misfit loner who was picked on in school. While at the dentist, the experimental Gamma Ray Cavity Decoder opened up a portal to another planet, unleashing the forces of the pig-men from Baconia. Weems was accidentally blasted by their weapons and, later, when bullied on the way home, he turned into the green-skinned, blonde-haired Teen Hulk. Using the catch phrase, “MEAN GREEN!”, Teen Hulk used his super-strength to do…umm…well, go on awkward dates and play in a rock band.

    8. Captain America, Earth-2301 (Marvel Mangaverse)
    Cap Mangaverse

    Steve Rogers is the President of the United States and the leader of the Avengers. He is killed in battle by Doctor Doom and Carol Danvers took over the mantle of Captain America. He uses a light-energy shield instead of a real one.

    9. Ghost Rider 2099, Earth 928 (2099 Universe)

    Kenshiro “Zero” Cochrane was a computer hacker who was executed by people of the powerful D/Monix Corporation after he stole secret information from them. As he was dying, he uploaded his consciousness to cyberspace and had it then downloaded into a robotic body. As Ghost Rider, he went on a path of vengeance against the D/Monix Corportation and other villains.

    10. Hyperion, Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme)

    Mark Milton, the last surviving member of an alien race, was adopted on Earth by the Milton family. Raised with strong morals of right and wrong, he used his powers (super strength/speed/stamina/durability, flight, atomic vision) to fight evil in Cosmopolis with a secret identity as a news reporter. (Sound like someone you know?) After forming the Squadron Supreme with a bunch of other DC-archetypes, he would clash with and also form alliances with the main Earth-616 Avengers. The Squadron had a knack for getting mind controlled and eventually Hyperion, in an effort to make the world a better place, forcefully took control of his Earth, trying to wipe out poverty, hunger, and crime. When his evil “twin” from the main 616 universe was switched with him, Hyperion burned out his eyes defeating him and made efforts to return control of his Earth back to the humans. Most recently, Hyperion did some multiverse traveling as a member of the Exiles.

    (Note: I suppose that this could also be the Earth-616 “evil” version of Hyperion — I believe that their costumes were the same.)

    11. Hyperion, Earth-31916 (Supreme Power)
    Supreme Power Hyperion

    This version of Mark Milton was also the last surviving member of his alien species, but instead of being raised by a nice, loving family, this Hyperion was captured by the U.S. government and raised in a secret facility, being exposed to pro-US propaganda since his youth. When he reached adulthood, Hyperion became a covert agent for the government, but eventually rebelled once he found out all the lies he was told. When the government pushed back, he crashed into the South Pole in retaliation, causing a catastrophic earthquake. Hyperion’s brash nature and impulsive behaviors. After being sent into his own future and realizing the consequences of his actions, he surrendered to his universe’s Squadron Supreme.

    12. American Dream, Earth-982 (MC2)
    American Dream

    Shannon Carter, the niece of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent (and occasional romantic interest of Captain America) Sharon Carter, grew up watching Captain America and the Avengers. After she was hired as a tour guide of the old Avengers Headquarters, she had the opportunity to use her peak physical training when the Avengers reformed. She has used her fighting skills to great success as the leader of the next generation of heroes.

    13. Red Wolf, Earth-829 (24th Century)

    Rojohn Smythe, an archeologist, was given the powers of the Red Wolf (enhanced strength and agility), which would manifest whenever a member of the alien shapeshifting Skrull race was close by. He fought against his universe’s version of Hercules before forming an alliance with him.

    14. Black Panther, Earth-9997 (Earth X)
    Panther Earth X

    In the Earth X universe, Black Panther was similar to his main 616 counterpart. After the release of the Terrigen Mists, though, T’Challa physically mutated into a humanoid panther. Entrusted by Captain America to keep the Cosmic Cube safe, Panther and his wife, Storm, secluded themselves in Wakanda. When Captain Marvel asked for the Cube in defeating Death itself, he relented and helped relocate his people to the preserved Savage Land. After meeting the alternate reality vampire Storm, Bloodstorm, Black Panther promised to help her find a way to cure her vampirism.

    15. Earth Sentry, Earth-982 (MC2)
    Earth Sentry

    John Foster and his father, Bill Foster (AKA Goliath), were attacked by a Kree space probe. When John entered the ship in order to shut down the defense systems, he was blasted with mysterious energy, altering his DNA to that close to a Kree. Using his new super strength and flight, he eventually joined the superhero team A-Next.

    16. Nightmask, Earth-148611 (New Universe)

    After the White Event (a cosmic event that results in four people being imbued with powers), teenager Keith Remsen found himself with a crescent-shaped marking on his forehead and the new ability of being able to enter into dreams, interact with them, and create illusions. He was recruited into the army and helped fellow paranormals until he was driven insane by his own powers and committed to an institution.

    17. Lenore Castle, Earth-88194 (Shadowline/Epic)

    Lenore, a Shadow Dweller (essentially a race of humans that evolved faster and gained powers, but were in small numbers) and the daughter of a wealthy Californian family, had the powers to float on air. Though her parents wanted to marry her to the son of the powerful Ravenscore family, she met and ran away with Victor Guillermos (see #19 below), who when she touched, they gained more powers, including flight and energy blasts (a la the X-characters Northstar and Aurora). The pair became the super team Powerline and worked alongside Doctor Zero and St. George.

    18. Horus, Earth-9105 (Forever Yesterday)

    In a universe where the Middle East rose to prominence under the rule of the eternal Sphinx and the United States of Assyria, Horus was the leader of the Avengers, a violent super-team in charge of maintain order. A somewhat counterpart to Thor, he had super strength and used an ankh to shoot energy blasts. Horus was married to Ororo Monroe, his universe’s Storm. He was recruited by Kang’s Time-Keepers to destroy the Earth-616 Avengers, but was stopped by Rick Jones and other alternate reality heroes.

    19. Victor Guillermos, Earth-88194 (Shadowline/Epic)

    Victor is a Shadow Dweller with the power to create weak force fields; he was born into a family rivaling the powerful Ravenscores. When Victor’s family was murdered by their adversaries, he was saved by his father and fled Venezuela to live with his uncle in the United States. After meeting Lenore Castle, he joined forces with her to form the superhero team Powerline.

    20. Knight of St. George, Earth-88194 (Shadowline/Epic)

    Michael Patrick Devlin was a priest who was frustrated with the church. He began training as a Knight of the Order, a group of Shadows based in Greece who formed to battle against evil Shadows. After overhearing people’s concerns with his ability to be a member of the Order, Devlin stole a set of armor that had the ability to unleash powerful energy blasts and sense Shadows. He battled against Shreck (not the orge), the hired assassin for the Ravenscore family, forming a personal rivalry against the evil Shadow. Though Devlin had a difficult time removing himself from the addictive Knight armor, after being literally crucified by Shreck, he quit the Order and tried to return to a normal life. Following the ascension of the genocidal Henry Clerk, Devlin put on his armor again and joined forces with Powerline and Doctor Zero to defeat the madman.

    21. Star Brand, Earth-148611 (New Universe)
    Star Brand

    When the former wielder of the Star Brand attempted to rid himself of his powers, he transferred the sigil to Kenneth Connell, a smart, underachieving, woman-chasing mechanic. With his new powers of flight, invulnerability, strength, and energy blasts, he tried to help those in need, though he constantly failed in his efforts due to his own shortcomings. After meeting a young boy dying of a terminal illness, Ken begins having bad dreams and is helped by Nightmask. Motivated by his girlfriend and his therapist, Star Brand tries to be a real super hero, but after the birth of his son (Star Child) and his accidental destruction of a city when trying to transfer the Star Brand to an inanimate object (the Black Event), he is temporarily driven insane. After being reunited with the rest of his consciousness, he left Earth.

    22. Classic Wasp, Earth-616 (Main Marvel Universe)

    Janet van Dyne was a founding member of the Avengers and longtime romantic partner of Hank Pym, Ant-Man/Giant-Man. She has the ability to shrink her size and release electrical force bursts.

    23. Captain America, Earth-616 (Main Marvel Universe)

    Sam Wilson, formerly the super-hero Falcon and longtime partner of Steve Rogers, has taken over the mantle of Captain America after Rogers loses his super soldier serum and rapidly ages. He is currently a member of the Avengers.

    24. Doctor Zero, Earth-88194 (Shadowline/Epic)
    Doctor Zero

    As a powerful Shadow, Doctor Zero had super strength, energy blasts, shield generation, energy draining, and telepathic powers. He is also nearly immortal, having first come into existence billions of years ago. The Order of St. George was formed to combat him and he used his right-hand man, Shreck, to do a lot of his dirty work. When Dr. Zero found out about Professor Henry Clerk’s plans to destroy all life on Earth, he joined forces with some of his long-time enemies to defeat the genocidal maniac.

    25. Steelbow, Earth-9997 (Earth X)

    After the Avengers were killed by the powered-up Absorbing Man, the surviving Iron Man created robot duplicates of his fallen friends. Steelbow was essentially a robot with Clint Barton’s (Hawkeye) personality and rocket boots.

    26. Superior Iron Man, Earth-616 (Main Marvel Universe)
    Superior Iron Man

    This is Tony Stark, the regular Iron Man, in the current day in the main Marvel universe. During the events of the current crossover, Axis, Tony goes back to his old womanizing, arrogant, self-obsessed behaviors and dons this white armor.

    27. Obnoxio the Clown, Earth-80360 (Crazy Magazine characters)

    Obnoxio is, well, a dirty, disgruntled, evil, obnoxious clown. Simple as that, right? He was featured alongside Teen-Hulk in Crazy Magazine and was the magazine’s host and mascot. He later battled the X-Men (maybe his universe’s version of them, maybe he crossed over to the main 616 universe, maybe this was an alternate version of Obnoxio, who knows let’s not think too hard on this).

    28. Iron Man 2020, Earth-8410
    Iron Man 2020

    Arno Stark is the son of Tony Stark’s (AKA Iron Man) cousin who, after Tony’s disappearance, inherited Stark Industries along with the Iron Man suits. Instead of fighting evil, Arno used his new power to commit acts of corporate espionage and warfare. He eventually was convinced by an elderly Tony Stark in disguise to become a hero, though this has happened with only mixed success. He most recently was seen recruited by Kang as a part of his inter-dimensional team against the Apocalypse Twins in the main 616 universe.

    29. Mainframe, Earth-982 (MC2)

    After Tony Stark retired from super heroics, he created the android, Mainframe, based off his Iron Man armor. He is an original member of his world’s Avengers alongside Kevin Masterson (#33) and Stinger (#37). When American Dream joined the team, he shared leader duties with her.

    30. Matthew Murdoch AKA The Bard, Earth-311 (1602 Universe)

    While exploring a cave as a child, Matthew Murdoch tasted some green substance, causing him to lose his sight but enhance his other senses. Under the guise of a blind balladeer yet really an adventurer-for-hire, Murdoch was dispatched by the Queen of England’s spymaster, Nicholas Fury, to find and protect Donal (his reality’s version of Thor). After surviving an attack by Natasha (his reality’s Black Widow), Murdoch is captured by Otto von Doom and later rescued by the combined forces of Carlos Xavier (Professor X) and his reality’s Fantastic Four.

    31. Ultimate Spider-Man, Earth-1610 (Ultimate Universe)
    Ultimate Spider-Man

    Miles Morales was a normal high school student until his uncle, the Prowler, stole from Osborne Industries. Without his knowledge, a genetically enhanced spider crawled into his bag and later bit Miles, giving him powers of increased agility, camouflage, and a stinger blast. After the death of Peter Parker at the hands of Norman Osborne, Miles was convinced by Aunt May to take up the mantle of Spider-Man. He is currently a member of his universe’s New Ultimates.

    32. Darkdevil, Earth-982 (MC2)

    Reilly Tyne, the son of Ben Reilly (the Spider-Man clone), began developing spider-powers when he was a child, yet also started the clone degenerative process. He was rescued by another Spider-clone, Kaine, by attempting to have the demon Zarathos save him. Zarathos tried to possess Reilly, but was saved by the spirit of the deceased Daredevil. The demon was defeated, but a piece of him and a part of Daredevil’s soul was left inside Reilly. Now with a demonic appearance and other otherworldly powers (teleportation and summoning of flaming constructs), plus looking much older than he actually was, Darkdevil trained with Kaine and studied to become a lawyer. He was a member of his universe’s New Warriors.

    33. Thunderstrike, Earth-982 (MC2)

    Kevin Masterson, the son of the original Thunderstrike, was gifted his father’s mace by Jarvis, the Avengers’ butler. After getting caught in a spell by Loki, the mace is absorbed into himself, giving him the powers of super strength, sonic blasts, and the ability to shatter things by touching them. He was a founding member of his universe’s new version of the Avengers.

    34. Spitfire, Earth-148611 (New Universe)
    maxarmor1 spitfire

    After her father was killed, Jennifer Swensen, a professor at M.I.T., discovered the M.A.X. (Man-Amplified eXperiment) Armor in his lab and stole it with the help of a group of her students, the Troubleshooters. Naming the armor Spitfire, Jenny went on find her father’s murderer. She later would ditch the armor (and Spitfire codename) after she mutated and gained shiny, super-durable skin, taking the name Chrome.

    35. Thor, Earth-616 (Main Marvel Universe)

    After Thor was deemed unworthy to life Mjolnir at the conclusion of the crossover event Original Sin, a so-far-unidentified woman was able to lift the hammer, becoming the new Thor. Her story is currently being told in the pages of, well, “Thor”.

    36. Sting, Earth-9997 (Earth X)

    After the Avengers were killed by the powered-up Absorbing Man, the surviving Iron Man created robot duplicates of his fallen friends. Sting was essentially a robot with Janet van Dyne’s (Wasp) personality and energy blasts.

    37. Stinger, Earth-982 (MC2)

    Cassandra Lang, daughter of Scott Lang (the second Ant Man), after stealing Pym Particles, obtained the ability to shrink her size, fly, communicate with insects, and fire Wasp-like stinger blasts. Though she became a doctor, she became a founding member of the new Avengers. Her father, despite his own history in superheroics, continued to be very worried about her well being.

    Nuevas portadas de combates y participantes

    Mundo/mapa de combate de realidades alternativas


    Capitan America Earth X con Rogue House of M Y Spiderman 2099

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    Predeterminado Re: Tierra X El Plan Celestial vs Galactus

    Ahora que ha acabado las Secret Wars en los que ha participado Earth X gracias a las portadas de Alex Ross, he decidido crear una nueva version del tema actualizada, reutilizando y completando la informacion del tema principal y de esta pagina (he visto no funcionan las imagenes; espero arreglar en los proximos dias) creando un index y una estructura mejor al tema
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    Predeterminado Re: Tierra X El Plan Celestial vs Galactus

    Earth X nueva version 2018


    1) El Universo Anterior

    2) El Plan Celestial

    3) Mefisto "El Sr del Mal"

    4) La Plaga X (años 1979-1999)

    5) Capitan Marvel Vs Mefisto/Thanos y la Muerte (año 2002)

    6) Paraiso X y Planet X

    7) Secret Wars

    Linea Temporal de Earth X (Realidad 9997)(Ingles)

    Linea Temporal de Earth X Version 2 (Español) distinta a la anterior/Complementa

    X-Men de Earth X

    Mitologia Celestial de Earth X (realidad 9997 Universo Marvel)

    Legado de Earth X

    Trailer oficiales de Earth X

    Trailer de Tierra x

    Saga de Tierra x Video Alex Ross

    X-51 Trailer

    EL Equipo Creativo de Tierra X

    Entrevista al Equipo Creativo

    Dibujando Earth X

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    Predeterminado Re: Tierra X El Plan Celestial vs Galactus

    2019 20 aniversario y la mitologia Origen Celestial hoy dia

    El proximo año se cumplen 20 años de la publicacion de la trilogia y su Teoria unificadora del universo Marvel, Algunas explicaciones han sido rechazadas por otras siendo incluso mejores que las originales, en algunos casos incluso las unicas dadas para algunas cosas pero no tenidas en cuenta y en algunos casos readaptadas y tomadas para otros medios

    Solo hace falta ver la influencia como Ego siendo Celestial en Guardianes de la Galaxia Vol 2, el lanzamiento de la nube Terrigena a la atmosfera en el universo 616 (aunque consecuencias distintas) o la llegada de la huested final en el actual volumen de los vengadores formada en este caso por Dark Celestiales, Trilogia se narro hace 20 años

    Mitologia Celestial 616- 9997 (2018)

    1. 1 Firmamento crea a los Aspirantes (Dark Celestiales) y Multicolor rebeldes (Celestiales)
    2. Celestial War
    3. Creacion de Eternidad (contradice X-Men Forever 2001) y 2 Multiverso
    4. Fulcrumconcepto olvidado (sirven los celestiales)
    5. 6 Firmamento Multiverso Universo Perfecto realidad 9997 infestacion Celestial
    6. 7 Firmamento Multiverso realidad 9997 Galactus Anticelestial vs Celestial Reproducion vs Primigenios Universo planes reconstruccion
    7. Incursiones fin Realidad 9997 año 2033
    8. 8 Firmamento pos Secret War nuevo lugar residencia de Realidad 9997 Universo Marvel y su mitologia Celestial

    Teoria Celestial 2018 sin Fulcrum

    1 Firmamento/ Aspirantes/Celestiales/Celestial War/Eternidad/Incursiones/8 Multiverso

    Al comienzo de la creación misma, hace miles de millones de años, antes del Orden Cósmico actual, la creación estaba compuesta por un único universo consciente cuya inteligencia omnipotente se denominaba El Primer Firmamento. Durante innumerables edades, el Primer Firma fue el único ser en la creación, hasta que su soledad se hizo insoportable. Decidió crear la primera vida en la Creación para darle compañeros y sirvientes, un acto del que luego se arrepintió. Estos sirvientes eran seres cósmicos de un orden menor de poder y eran de dos tipos: criados humanoides negros y multicolores. Los sirvientes negros obedientemente obedecieron y adoraron a su creador. Incluso crearon sus propios servidores e intentaron preservar el orden simple que su creador había hecho completo e inmutable para siempre. El Firmamento nombró a estos seres leales Aspirantes y estaba muy complacido por sus objetivos y deseo de mantener el status quo de su reinado. Sin embargo, los multicolores tenían valores y deseos completamente diferentes de los Aspirantes. Considerados "rebeldes" por el Firmamento, querían una realidad dinámica, diversa y en constante evolución en la que los seres vivieran, aprendieran, se reprodujeran, envejecieran y murieran con el fin de mejorarse lentamente a través de la evolución. Los rebeldes querían esto con el objetivo final a largo plazo de producir seres cósmicos superiores con el poder de crear universos propios y para que el universo evolucione con ellos a medida que avanzan hacia ese estado. Estos fueron los seres a los que un día se llamarían formas de vida menores, "Los Celestiales"

    Las dos facciones opuestas de los hijos del Primer Firmamento no podían coexistir pacíficamente y la guerra posterior casi destruyó el primer universo. En algún momento durante la guerra, los Aspirantes crearon una hiper arma perdida ahora llamada Godkiller, un robot humanoide de 7,600 mtall llevado por el espacio que empequeñeció incluso a los Celestiales mismos. Fue impulsado por un artefacto cósmico más tarde llamado el Corazón de Voldi (llamado así por la especie que lo adoptaría) y operado por pilotos con ingeniería genética. Durante la guerra, el Godkiller destruyó incontables billones de Celestiales y los llevó al borde de la extinción . En este punto, por razones desconocidas, estalló una guerra civil entre los Aspirantes que condujo al Destructor de Dios a ser despojado de partes críticas para las armas. Esta división dentro de los Aspirantes les dio a los Celestiales la oportunidad de recuperarse y hacer su última resistencia. En la batalla final contra los Aspirantes, los Celestiales detonaron sus últimas armas que destrozaron el Firmament y casi lo mataron. En un acto desesperado de autoconservación, la esencia central del Primer Firma tomó a los Aspirantes sobrevivientes y huyó de la Realidad. A raíz de su casi destrucción, los principales fragmentos del Primer Universo que fueron arrancados se unieron en un nuevo ser cósmico, uno con múltiples realidades que lo componen: la Eternidad. Este fue el nacimiento del segundo Universo y el Primer Multiverso. Después del nacimiento de la primera Eternidad, los "rebeldes" se asentaron dentro de él, se multiplicaron y comenzaron su vasto plan para crear y alimentar la vida transitoria pero en evolución en los mundos recién nacidos del interior.

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    La nueva era comienza con la caida de la Oscuridad

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    La nueva explicacion de la intervencion celestial de la tierra 2018

    La nueva era comienza con la caida de la Oscuridad

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    explica que este Celestial, a quien llama el Progenitor, es la única entidad detrás de la propensión de los humanos a desarrollar superpoderes.Como sucede, este Celestial fue el primero de su tipo en infectarse con langostas espaciales llamadas la Horda. Esta infección hizo mella en el gigante cósmico, que cayó en la Tierra cuando el planeta todavía estaba en su infancia, nada más que un remolino de lava fundida. Allí, el Celestial sucumbió al ataque de la Horda, donde sangró y vomitó su propio lodo radiactivo negro. Esta negrura se mezcló con la lava que se convertiría en la Tierra tal como la conocemos, durante millones de años. Esto, junto con la presencia del cadáver celestial, es lo que alteraría el curso evolutivo del planeta y lo que, en última instancia, conduciría a la capacidad de los humanos para mejorarse.Esto es lo que ha separado a la Tierra de todos los demás en el cosmos del Universo Marvel, durante millones de años, la razón por la cual tiene poderosos defensores e individuos mejorados por cientos. No había un propósito detrás de esto. Fue solo el resultado de un accidente cósmico que vio morir a un Celestial en una Tierra joven.

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