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Tema: Marcus Pelegrimas - Skinners (en Ingles)

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    Our world is inhabited by beasts that thrive on terror and feed on blood. Knowledge of their presence--so close and so hungry--would drive any ordinary human insane. Cole Warnecki gets a hard lesson in the truth when he is nearly torn apart by a werewolf and pursued by a power-hungry vampire. Luckily, he is also introduced to the ones who stand against the darkness.

    For centuries these hunters have kept the monsters at bay, preventing them from breaking through the fragile barriers protecting our mortal realm.

    They are called SKINNERS.

    But beware. . . for there are very few of them left.
    Book 01

    Book 02

    Book 03

    Book 04

    Book 05

    Book 06

    the good

    slasher horror and urban fantasy

    the bad

    The Skinners novels get no respect, I tell ya, no respect at all...

    want another format? go to
    & convert it!
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    Not bad

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