The story follows the life of Azoth (later Kylar Stern) as he struggles as a guild rat to become the ultimate wetboy (an assassin with magical talent, such as the ability to muffle sound or to hide in shadows)

Book 01

Book 02

Book 03

the good

coming-of-age stories have always been my favorite kind and this series truly delivers in every way. Mainly, you can't wait for when Kylar comes into his own and boy, does he! I love the characters, I love how so many of them grow and change. I ache for each of them that has to learn something the hard way. There are swords and magic, tragedy and triumph, what more can you ask for?

the bad

Despite Kylar's random mood swings, he was an overall enjoyable main character, There are plenty of times I'd be reading, start a new chapter, and then wonder if I had skipped a part somewhere along the line. Random people in random locations get thrown out often.

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