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  • Hi doowong, first i wat to thank you for your contribution to l9d

    I have a question: you know where i can dowload the lord of the rings calendar for 2016, it will be a great gf for a person i know

    Thaks for your attention and help

    Sincerely: Pieman
    Hola amigo. Me preguntaba de donde descargas los cómics en inglés semanales, para después subirlos a los servidores de descarga. Pregunto porque me gustaría apoyar a la novena de este medio. Gracias
    Hello Doowong:
    I want to thanks for the huge job to birng all comics to the novena.
    I want to report an "error" on Superboy 02 (2011) (Minutemen-DTs&Saxon). The join of pages 3-4 are not too well. If you can contact with the group, fine. If not, well, I'll just wait until somedy else note it.
    Oye, puedes linkearme al tema de donde consigues los comics de caballeros de la la mesa del comedor en ingles? Es que desde que dejaron de salir en español los ando buscando como loco para seguir la historia.
    thanks for your magnificent work dude!!!
    please keep it up!
    Hello Doowong, i dont know if you remember me but we met in a forum called ip mart, i guess that you share in so many forums that you dont really keep track of everyone, i just wanted to thank you for sharing with us the comics everyweek, if i can do anything for you please let me know.
    oe. disculpa una pregunta rapida, en que semana se pusieron los anteriores comics de Doctor Who Ongoing (Matthew Smith Regular Cover), ya que no los encuentro.
    hello...Are you one of the MINUTEMEN, if so, do you know if Komics LIVE is going to be back online anytime soon?
    IF you are not one of the MINUTEMEN TEAM..mate CONGRATULATIONS for the amazing work of sharing those scans.
    Thank you very much. I do my share in BR and some other Forums too.
    Well..have a terrific day mate!!!!
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